Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 10 (Season Finale)

  After the gruesome incident at McKinley warehouse, Ellie and Flint had been rained by questions, interviews and tabloids. They couldn't live in peace. Everyone was asking them preposterous questions about the vicious murders and making defamations about them. The news were telling stories about them, every single thing was absolutely bashing them.
  "...gruesome murders that had been reported lately..."
  "...involving two students of McKinley High..."
  "...only suspects..."
  "...telling such a fairytale story about a demon..."
  "...a monster that murdered everybody..."
  "...assumed that they are on drugs..."
  "...absurd hallucination about a monster..."
  "..insolent children telling horrific story..."
  They couldn't live with it anymore. Those were just the news flash. Everyday they could see their names in local newspaper, making false conclusions about them. "DEMON HUNTERS ON DRUGS""STUDENTS MURDERED PRINCIPAL""AN UNBELIEVABLY FOOLISH FACT". Why couldn't they let Ellie and Flint live in peace? They had been through a lot of things and were saving the town, but was this how they repay for what Ellie and Flint had done? People were being cruel to them. So they had to move on.

  Ellie sat on the sofa, watching a news about her. She was feeling massively disappointed with the citizens of McKinley. For what she had accomplished, this was the prize for her. She knew that her life wouldn't be the same again. People would keep on ambushing her with absurd questions. That would take her sanity away, she could become crazy. When she returned to school, everyone was looking at her like she was a corrupted child who had use so many drugs and was hallucinating about the demon. She knew she was sober, even the blood test had proven that she was squeaky clean from drugs. She never touched them before. But what could she do? No one believed in her anymore. For them, Ellie was an unfortunate child.

  Flint thought it was time for him to move on. He had to protect Ellie from the citizens of McKinley. For all he cared about, Ellie must live in happiness. However, he knew that he wasn't doing a great job. Ellie always on the phone with him, almost everyday, crying about her new life. Flint couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to live with Ellie in happiness. Ellie had always been mocked and insulted by the bullies at school, and for the sake of Ellie, he fought with them, but he was the one that brought bruises back home. Ellie was touched to see Flint was willing to sacrifice himself for her. However, SHE couldn't watch him being tortured everyday.

  Detective Stone and Flint's grandparents had discuss about their problem and they had decided to move them away from McKinley, where it would be safe and peaceful. However, Ellie and Flint didn't agree with the plan. Ellie fought with her father because she didn't want to move away from Flint. She knew that she would be separated from Flint and only God knows when they would be meeting again. It was the same for Flint. His grandparents decided to give him away to a priest who they knew very well in New York. His late adopted mother was a nun, so they thought it would be better if Flint lived with a priest. At first, Flint refused, but to think again, Flint knew if they were separated, Ellie would get her life back and she would be happy. He knew that Ellie wouldn't have the heart to leave him and probably would be miserable without him, but he wanted her to be in peace from the people of McKinley. He decided to go on with his grandparents's plan.
  "You can't just go away, and act like this never happened before!" yelled Ellie at Flint.
  "Ellie! Listen! I can't stand from hearing and watching you cry almost everyday! And I can't let you be in sorrow! So I had to, Ellie! It is the only way that we can escape this," said Flint.
  "What? You think I'm not gonna suffer when you're gone? Like I'm not gonna be in sorrow when you're not there with me?"
  "At least you can live in peace! There's no other people who look at you like a crazy person! I don't want that to happen to you and I don't want this 'thing' to continue! We have to move away, Ellie. That's the best solution"
  "Then what happen if we don't see each other again? Sit there and live in peace?"
  "We will. We need to be patient until the day we'll see each other again. And I promise to you, I will wait for that day"
  Ellie couldn't hold her sadness. She hugged Flint and cried sorrowfully. She didn't have a heart to leave Flint. She needed Flint to be with her. "Don't worry, Ellie. We'll be together again, and I'm very sure after we do, we'll be happy again. But right now we have to sacrifice for each other. And I don't want to see you cry again. Promise to me that you wont cry again, okay?" said Flint coaxingly. Ellie nodded but her face was soaked in tears. Flint was right. They would be seeing each other again. All they need to do was to wait for that day.

  At the railway station, Det.Woods, Det.Stone, Ellie and Flint was waiting for the train patiently. The station was crowded with people, some of them were going to work and maybe some of them were going on a trip, but she doubt any of those people were escaping from tabloids except her and Flint. Suddenly, Det.Stone and Det.Woods took out a present for each of them. It was wrapped in a shiny wrapper and was dark blue and was kind of small as a size of a purse or a wallet. They thought it was a purse or a wallet.
  "Here, we have something for you before you go," said Det.Woods.
  "We thought you might need it now," said Det.Stone.
  "Thank you," said Ellie and Flint together.
  Ellie and Flint took their presents and were about to put it inside their travelling bags, but suddenly were stopped by both of the detectives.
  "Wait! Don't you want to know what's inside?" said Det.Stone.
  "We can open it when we have arrived," said Flint.
  "No! You have to get it opened now! You'll regret it if you don't," said Det.Woods.
  Ellie and Flint unwrapped the wrapper and produced a box which had a picture of a digital camera on it. It was a digital camera, obviously. They were surprised to see it and took out the camera from the box immediately. Ellie's was silver coloured and Flint's was dark blue. They were right, they needed it right at that moment.
  "We thought that you might want to take pictures of each other, so we bought you these," said Det.Woods.
  "Thank you! Thank you Olivia! Thank you dad!" said Ellie cheerfully.
  "How are we going to make it up to you?" said Flint merrily.
  "Get that thing fired up and keep on taking pictures!" said Det.Stone happily. "It has been loaded with batteries so you don't have to trouble yourself from buying the batteries here," he continued.
  Ellie and Flint turned on their cameras and viewed the surrounding on the LCD screen of the camera. It was absolutely clear and very sharp. Must be very expensive, they thought.
  "Hey Flint! Smile!" said Ellie. Flint stood stationary while pointing at his new camera and smiled sweetly. Ellie clicked on the button as soon as she got a better view of Flint.
  "Your turn," said Flint. Just like Flint, Ellie posed cutely with her new camera and smiled beautifully.
  Det.Stone and Det.Woods giggled as they watched the kids's act. Suddenly, an announcement was made, saying that a train to New York was arriving. Flint heard the announcement and suddenly, his mood changed.
  "Um? Ellie... That's my ride. I have to get across that bridge," said Flint.
  "Uh? Yeah sure. I'll see you later, okay Flint?" said Ellie calmly.
  "Yeah. You too Ellie. Good luck with your life"
  Ellie nodded. Every single cell in her body was telling her to not let Flint go off from her sight. However, she fought it. She had to let him go on with his life. She was confused, her heart beat was beating faster and she couldn't control her emotion, but she promised to Flint that she wouldn't cry again. She was biting her nail nervously. Flint was about to step on the stair of the bridge to get across. She stood there stationary and watched him from afar. "Flint!" screamed Ellie. Flint turned around and saw Ellie was running towards him. As soon as she reached him, she hugged him tightly and kissed him on the lips. Flint held her cheeks and locked his lips on Ellie's. It was both beautiful and saddest moment of their lives.

  Ellie let go of his face and stared at him in the eyes, so was Flint. Her heart beat was suddenly slowing down and she had fulfilled her wish. She smiled and continued to hug Flint tightly. "I love you, Flint, and I always do," said Ellie emotionally. Flint caressed her hair and touched her fluffy cheeks again. "I love you too, Ellie, and I always do," replied Flint romantically. They let go off each other. Flint gave Ellie a quick and final smooch and stared into her beautiful eyes once again. It was time for him to leave her. He went up the bridge and had crossed to the other side of the station. He waved at Ellie and Ellie replied him with a swift wave.

  Suddenly, her mind was playing all of her memories with Flint like videos on YouTube. The time she looked at Flint at the first time they met, the time she put her hand on Flint's hand in the cafe, the time he hugged her, the time he calmed her down at her house, the time he carried her on his back and much much more. It was absolutely beautiful and the most happiest moment in her life. She had found her one true love. Flint's train had arrived and he entered the train and sat near the window to look at Ellie for the final time. He put his hand on the window, and Ellie could see his sorrow. She wanted to faint, she wanted to die. She couldn't live without Flint. But she had to, for Flint and for herself. A minute had passed and the train had moved, inches by inches and finally sped up. Her eyes followed the train, looking at Flint until the train had disappeared from her sight. She dropped a single tear but she couldn't cry, feeling sad was enough. There was no need to cry. It was not the end, it was more like an ending of an episode. Another episode was awaiting and she hoped that one of them was an episode which she would be meeting Flint again. Flint had gone, but not forever. They would see each other again. They'd promised.

  4 years later, Ellie was 20 and was walking in her 5-inches heels on the street of New York. She worked there now. She was working as a secretary in a modelling agency. She was on the phone with her boss, asking her about the progress of the new upcoming modelling show in Los Angeles. She had given so many ideas to her boss, and her boss was impressed with her enthusiastic ideas. She then went into a yellow taxi, which was waiting for passenger. "6th Avenue please?" said Ellie to the taxi driver. The taxi driver nodded and started driving. "Okay, Mr.Luther. Okay, okay, I'll see what I can do sir. Okay sir. Good day sir," said Ellie. She then lay her head on the window, looking outside. Then, she looked into her Gucci handbag and produced a camera. She switched it on and looked at the picture of someone she loved so much. Flint Gordon, 4 years ago. She smiled alone and wished that she would meet him again.

  Flint was eating his sandwich in Beau goût, a French cafe. He was wearing a hooded jacket and a pair of light blue jeans. His hair was long and a face that hadn't been shaved for a while. Even though he sounded messy, he was loaded with money. If he wasn't he wouldn't be sitting in a French cafe. He looked into his jacket's pocket and took out a camera. He turned it on and browsed through pictures and finally stared at Ellie's picture. He smiled and hoped that they would meet again someday. He glanced at his wristwatch and it showed 3pm. "My God! I'm late!" he said. He went to the cashier and paid for his quick lunch. He then waited for a taxi but strangely, there was no taxi in sight. Suddenly, there was a taxi showed up from the corner and was approaching him. "Taxi!" he summoned. He noticed that there was a lady in the taxi, and he knew that the taxi wouldn't stop. Unexpectedly, it stopped, and the lady went out from the taxi while looking at her camera. Quickly, he held the door and accidentally knocked the lady's camera off from her grip. The camera made a snapping sound from the fall. Without looking, he apologized.
  "I'm so sorry! I'm very late!" said Flint.
  "It's okay. It's okay" said the lady.
  Flint went into the taxi and asked the driver to take him to the Central Park. They went off as soon as he told the driver his destination.

  Ellie was picking up her camera because a guy just knocked it off as soon as she dismounted from the taxi. She examined her camera, worried that it might be busted from the fall. She noticed that the camera accidentally snapped a picture of the guy who had ran into her. At first, she wanted to delete that anonymous picture, but suddenly... She recognized the man. She looked for the taxi, but it was no longer in sight. It had disappeared. "Flint..." she said slowly. It was Flint. She had bumped into him. So close for them to see each other again. However, she wasn't feeling worried. They might see each other again. Both of them lived in New York. They will meet again. One day...

                                                                   -THE END-

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 9

  The final battle had begun, it was the moment that they had been waiting for. Unfortunately, they didn't plan the strategy that much. So they had to do everything that they could to kill the monster. They looked at each other, eagerly, wanting for this final battle to be ended sooner. They couldn't be possibly waiting even for a minute anymore, they couldn't waste any time. Now it was the time, to finish the evil.
  "Hide! You go there! And I will hide behind that forklift," commanded Flint.
  "Okay," said Ellie while running to the boxes.
  "And Ellie?"
  "Good luck..."
  "...You too Flint"
  Flint nodded. He ran and hid behind the forklift. There was a sound of footsteps outside. The demon must be on foot before started climbing again and leaping like a frog. They must be ready for this.

  The footsteps were closing in. They could hear that the footsteps were getting closer, and louder, and finally, stopped in front of the door where they went through before. Ellie was scared to see the demon's face again. At first, she noticed that she didn't breathe right. She must calm down and be brave. Like Flint told her in her dream. Wait a minute, Flint! She remembered that she shouldn't be afraid. She HAD to be brave. She had nothing to be scared of, knowing that Flint would always be there for her. And now, look at him, risking his own life to kill the demon with her. She shouldn't be afraid. Not now, and never again. She saw his determination to protect her from anything. That was why, she fell in love with him, her one true love. Remembering that made her fear to be flown away. She was no longer afraid of the demon.

  The front door creaked, something was going inside. Suddenly, Ellie stood up and walked away from her hiding spot and went in front of the door, just some feet away. "Ellie! What the hell are you doing!?" hissed Flint. Ellie ignored him. She was determined to kill the demon, not wanting to let it live even for a second. She knew that they were lacking of strategy and she knew she was doing something that was plain stupid, but she didn't care. She wanted it to stop. Flint, her father, and Judith had protected her. Now it was the time for her to protect herself and others.

  The door was slowly opened, making Ellie feeling so nervous because of the suspense. "Come on, bitch! Show yourself!" hissed Ellie. Flint was feeling worried about Ellie and he was confused, wondering what she was doing over there? Was she trying to kill herself? Or was she giving up already? By the look of her face, she wasn't surrendering. She was being brave and determined to kill the demon. He had to join her. He couldn't just sit there and let his girlfriend being killed. The door was fully opened, it was dark outside, they didn't see anything outside, leaving a great suspense in that warehouse. Suddenly, a man showed up with his gun was being drawn, followed by his woman partner. It was Det.Stone and Det.Woods.
  "DAD!? What the hell are you doing here!?" exclaimed Ellie.
  "ELLIE!? What the hell are YOU doing here!?" yelled Det.Stone.
  "I was going to fight a demon, which is probably on its way here right now, and I was expecting IT not YOU!"
  "A demon? What the crap are you talking about?"
  "See? See?? This is why I go alone with Flint, because we believe that there is something out there chasing us! But you didn't! You didn't believe even though I told you since Mr.William's incident!"
  Leaving Det.Stone and her daughter to quarrel, Det.Woods went to Flint to examine his status. "Are you okay?" said Det.Woods. Flint was focusing on their debate but was startled when Det.Woods asked him a question.
  "Um? I'm okay," replied Flint.
  "Are you hurt? What about your hand there?"
  "Yes, it's okay. I'm fine. Thank you"
  Det.Stone and Ellie were still quarreling. Seemed like none of them was giving up. Both of them wanted to win the debate.
  "Do you know that you are in a biggest trouble?" said Det.Stone.
  "The biggest trouble about this is that people don't believe in us! They should have seen it by themselves! But no, they think they are matured enough to believe at something crappy like this just like you did to me! I was almost murdered by it and now you're saying that you still don't believe me?" explained Ellie.
  "I'm struggling to save you from all those charges but you still pissing off with me? Well thank you Miss Appreciate!"
  "Ah! You should appreciate me more 'cause I am now going to stop that demon from murdering innocent people again! And now you're saying that I'm not appreciating what you're doing to me?"
  "Yes! You don't! I've been investigating about this whole massive carnage and I, myself, don't believe that it was a wolf which could do all this terrible thing!" Det.Stone took out some pictures in his jacket "See? I told you I'm investigating to save you!"
  Ellie observed one of the pictures thoroughly. She seemed interested with the picture. It was a picture of a body in a pub. However, she wasn't interested with the body, she was interested with what lay next to the body. It was shiny and made from pure steel. It was a necklace, which had emerald letters attached to it. The letters were 'JM'. She recognized that necklace instantly.
  "This... necklace... I know this necklace," whispered Ellie to herself.
  "I beg your pardon?" said Det.Stone.
  She had realized something. She knew instantly who was the human form of the demon. However, she couldn't believe with what she was seeing and thinking. However, she had to believe it because there was no time of denying.

  "STONE!!" screamed Det.Woods. Det.Stone and Ellie looked at Det.Woods. She seemed amazed by something because her eyes were bulging and her mouth was partially opened. Flint was pulling her hand just to take her away from there. She was pointing outside of the warehouse. And there it was. The demon was standing gallantly outside of the door with its tongue sticking out of its mouth. Det.Stone slowly put his hand on the holster, to take out his gun. He did that slowly just to make sure that he wouldn't astonish the monster. But the monster had crouched. It was getting ready to leap, maybe would take Det.Stone down first.
  "Run, Ellie," whispered Det.Stone.
  "What? I can't...!" said Ellie.
  "Run, Ellie! Run now!" screamed Det.Stone.
  All four of them started running. The demon was leaping faster than before, its movement made it almost invisible. It was too fast. Ellie knew what she had to do, but she was waiting for the right moment. The monster knocked down Det.Stone, forced him to be thrown on the wall. The monster had spread its claws and leapt toward him. With all the agility and skills, Det.Stone evaded and performed a counter-attack. He had kicked the monster out of his way and the monster was barely moved because its body was harden and heavy. Det.Stone couldn't believe that his kick couldn't hurt the monster. If the demon was a human, it would be smiling at him now. The demon used its huge paw to bash Det.Stone on his head, throwing him again into one of the boxes. It was about to finish him but suddenly there was a gun shot. Det.Woods shot the monster at the back of its shoulder. The monster turned around and stared at her. She continued to shoot at the demon which was twice her height and her size. It seemed that the monster couldn't be weaken by shooting at it. It was approaching Det.Woods with its spreading claws.

  Suddenly, the monster stopped, glaring at Det.Woods eyes which were filled with fears. Det.Woods couldn't move at that moment. The only thing she could do was staring at the demon. The demon raised its claw to kill Det.Woods. "Woohoo!! Yippekayyay!" It was Flint. He was driving a forklift with a single hand and was speeding towards the demon. He ran over the demon and slammed the demon into the wall. The demon was stuck and suddenly remained silenced. Flint immediately ran away after he ran over the demon. Det.Woods went to Det.Stone and helped him to get him on his feet. He was kind of dizzy from the hit.
  "Are you okay?"
  "Yeah, quite woozy," said Det.Stone while shaking his head.
  "Come on. We better make up of something to stop it"
  She brought him away from the demon, hoping that they would have time before the demon hunts them again.

  Ellie was inside a file room which had so many racks. She walked around to find something that could burn those alcohols in the boxes. Suddenly she heard a cry. A cry for help. "Help! Help I'm hurt!" the voice was coming from behind the rack. She searched for the voice and found Flint was bleeding badly on his stomach.
  "Oh my God, Flint! Are you alright!?" said Ellie.
  "Please! It hurts Ellie!"
  "Don't worry Flint! I'll get you out of here!"
  Ellie brought Flint out from the file room and head towards the storage room. She could use alcohols as pain killer for Flint. However as soon as she arrived at the storage room, she was terribly in shock to see Flint was running towards her. "Ellie! That's not me!" yelled Flint from afar. Then who was the one she was holding? She looked at the other Flint, and that was not Flint at all. It transformed once again into a demon. She dropped it and it was creaking and snapping like it was having a hard time to re-transform into a demon.
  "Come on! I know what to do!" said Ellie.
  "Get on those boxes!" commanded Flint.
  They climbed on those boxes until they reached the top. She knew what to do. And it was her only chance to kill the demon before the demon undergoes another metamorphosis. She remembered what the article said. Once the demon had grown a pair of wings, it would be too late to kill it. She must hurry before it's too late.

  Det.Stone and Det.Woods were waiting for the demon to show up again. This time they had their guns loaded. Maybe it didn't work before because only Det.Woods was shooting it alone. Now, they wanted to try shooting it together. The demon was searching for Ellie and Flint after finishing its transformation. It cancelled its plan after seeing Det.Stone and Det.Woods were waiting for it. It was coming closer to them. "Now!" yelled Det.Stone. Both of them started firing and those gun shots had echoed all over the place. However, it seemed that their plan didn't work. The demon kept on approaching and it couldn't be weaken by shooting it. "Damn it, Stone! It didn't work!" yelled Det.Woods while shooting. Up ahead, Ellie and Flint was waiting for the right moment for the monster to stand on the right spot. "Dad! Save a bullet! I need to use it!" yelled Ellie from above. Her father nodded. Flint and Ellie looked at each other and nodded to give a signal that it was time to drop off the load. "Push!" said Flint. They pushed the alcohol boxes from above and hit the monster below. They pushed another boxes which contained stuffed animals and electronic devices and crashed onto the monster once again. They climbed off the boxes and Ellie asked for his father's gun. "I know what to do dad. And it's time to finish all of this madness," said Ellie. Her father gave her his gun, putting Faith on his daughter.

  Ellie went closer to the rubble, which the demon lay underneath it. Alcohol sprayed and flowed on the floor, stuffed animals all over the place and electronic devices crushed and busted on the floor. Suddenly, the rubble moved, the monster re-appeared and had hurt badly from the damage. It was soaked in alcohol. The demon glared at Ellie angrily, like it was so desperate to kill her. Ellie glared at it too with a vicious expression. She pointed the gun at the demon. She must end this once and for all. "I know who you are. You have deceived me, lied to me, and made my life like hell. I know where did you come from, son of The Unnamed Demon. Now, it's time for you to go back to Hell," said Ellie. Suddenly she burst into tears "How could you!? I trusted you! I was there when you had problems! And as a payment, you make me feel miserable!?" The demon was speechless, it didn't make any roar or growl. Everyone was confused. Ellie could talk nicely to a demon? It was like she was motivating it. Ellie wiped her tears off of her face. "I'm so sorry. But I have to do this. For the sake of innocent people. And the ones you had killed. You must pay for what you've done" Silence, there was nothing to be heard. The demon had stopped from moving and Ellie was shaking and was nervous. "Judith Merriman!" screamed Ellie at the top of her lung. The demon roared and held its head after hearing its human's name. So it was Judith! To think back, it was rational. Judith knew about Mr.William's death while the other students knew about it a day later. And her body was never found when the demon had entered Ellie's house. Finally, her necklace was lying next to a dead body in the pub where Ellie and Flint was seeking for help. It was no coincidence.
  BANG ! ! !
  She had pulled the trigger. Once the bullet had hit the demon, flame was engulfing it. Everyone could smell the burning flesh. The demon roared and was struggling to get the fire extinguished. However, there was nothing it could do. It kept on burning until it lay still and died. It was over. It was finally over. Ellie closed her eyes and felt relieved. Flint went to Ellie and hugged her. Ellie cried on his chest and he watched the demon burned. He couldn't believe that demon was Judith too. But it was too late for denial. All of their hardwork, had finally paid off.

                                                          -TO BE CONTINUED-

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 8

  Nurse Carson was a male nurse and was checking on a patient's status at the reception post. He examined it thoroughly and was on his way to the patient's ward. According to the status, the patient was recovering and didn't have to stay in the hospital any longer. He was going to announce it to the patient. However when he arrived at ward A-114, there was no one there. The bed had been made and it was tidy. "What the hell? Where is this Flint Gordon?". He entered the room to observe it and check if the patient was in the toilet.
  Tap! Tap! Tap!
  "Mr.Flint Gordon? Are you in there?" said the nurse. There was no answer. The toilet's door was not locked so he opened it and saw the toilet was still squeaky clean. He felt so strange. There was a cafeteria at the ground level but no one could ever go out from that level without a nurse's permission and supervision. He was a head nurse on that floor so he should know where the patient's whereabout.
  "Nurse Carson," a voice startled him from behind. He turned around and saw a girl with brown hair and green eyes. She had a bandage on her head and both of her palms. She was looking at him blankly.
  "Oh! Ellie Stone! Um? Do you know where Flint Gordon is? Your friend?" said Nurse Carson.
  "He must be wandering around, finding some fresh air"
  "But he needs to tell me first. If not I'll be dead!" said Nurse Carson.
  "That's okay. Flint wont leave me alone," said Ellie while closing the ward's door.
  Nurse Carson was confused to see Ellie's act. Was it necessarily to close the door? "Um? Why are you closing the door?" he asked.
  Ellie was closing in while strutting seductively towards Nurse Carson. "Oh, nothing important. Just want have a private time with you," said Ellie while getting her hand into Nurse Carson's uniform, touching his bare chest.
  "What are you doing?" asked Nurse Carson nervously.
  "Nothing. I'm just wanna smell your perfume," replied Ellie flirtatiously while digging her nose into Nurse Carson's neck.
  Nurse Carson felt the warmth of Ellie's breath. The he realized he couldn't go on with a patient. That would make him living on a street with a bowl in his hands. So he grabbed Ellie's hand and tossed it away from his chest.
  "Look you can't do this. I have something important to do. Now tell me again, where is Flint Gordon?" said Nurse Carson angrily.
  "Aww. Nurse Carson doesn't want to play with me? That's too bad"
  "You're wasting my time. I'll search for him by myself" He was approaching the door and was about to leave the ward. Suddenly, he felt that he was bound to something. Something was pulling him away from the door. It was a tongue and it had wrapped thickly around his neck. He couldn't breathe and barely had a voice to scream for help. The tongue forced him to look around and he saw Ellie Stone with a grim face while letting her tongue out to wrap his neck. Ellie lifted him into the air with her own tongue. Nurse Carson's mouth was widely opened, desperate for air, dying for help. For the last time, Nurse Carson saw that Ellie's eyes were changing colour into evil yellow.
  CRACK ! !
  His neck bone had been twisted and killed him immediately. Then, Ellie slammed his body onto the ground, making his other bones to snap like twigs. The tongue that had wrapped his neck was returning into her mouth. "I had so much fun playing with you, Nurse Carson. See you in Hell," said Ellie grimly.

  Detective Stone and Detective Woods were in the car, on their way to the hospital. Det.Stone was holding a  bag of Big Macs and French fries to give to Ellie and Flint in the hospital. Ellie loved Big Mac since she was little. Det.Stone remembered when Ellie cried because a dog stole her Big Mac and he had to buy another one for her. That was when Ellie was at age 7.
  "Harold? Is there something on your mind?" asked Det.Woods.
  "Oh, nothing. I just remembered that Ellie cried to me just because a dog stole her sandwich. She was 7," said Det.Stone.
  "Look at her now. Grown up and beautiful. You've done a great job raising her without Sherry, Harold. You're a great father"
  "She looks a lot like Sherry, Olivia. When I look at her face... I don't know. I think I'm looking at Sherry and I don't want to lose her. Never"
  "Don't worry Harold. We'll take care of her okay?"
  "Yeah, we better do. Oh God now I'm hating the chief. How could he?"
  "Don't worry about him. We'll take care of him. After all, we've been a great team since you and Sherry were dating back in the 90's. Such a..." she stopped as soon as she saw 2 police cars in front of the hospital and some of the men were wearing FBI jackets. "FBI? What the hell?" said Det.Woods.

  As soon as Det.Woods and Det.Stone arrived at the parking, they went out from the car and walked towards the FBI to ask why they were there.
  "I'm Detective Stone and this is Detective Woods. What the hell happened here?" said Det.Stone while flashing his card.
  "I'm not quite sure. They said one of the nurse has been killed in a ward. His neck was twisted. And there is a report saying that 2 of the patients had escaped from the hospital," said one of the FBI.
  "What!? Where is the location that the body was found?"
  "In ward A-114. We believe that the patient killed the nurse to escape. They had escaped by a 1994 Honda Civic which had been reported missing"
  "Ward A-114!?" That was where Flint was treated! And next to it was A-113, Ellie's ward!
  Det.Stone and Det.Woods rushed into the hospital and went to the reception post and met a nurse.
  "Det.Stone and Det.Woods. Can you show us the visual of the patients who had escaped?" said Det.Stone.
  "Yes, sure. Here you go," said the nurse kindly.
  Det.Stone observed the visual which showing the parking lot and he saw a 1994 Honda Civic was parked near the bushes. A minute after that, Ellie and Flint showed up on the screen. That was their biggest mistake ever. They forgot about the CCTV. "Oh Ellie. What have you done?"

  Ellie and Flint had just got out from the library and was on their way back to the Midnight Light Motel to get the car to run away again. They were discussing the plan to get the monster killed but somehow none of it was making a sense. The only problem was, they didn't know who was the demon's child. If they could get the name, it'd be easier. To burn the demon it would be so difficult because the demon was so agile. They could be killed before burning the demon. So they had to get the name to slow it down and burn it afterwards. They walked next to the electronic shop where TVs were displayed behind the glass. Suddenly, Ellie noticed that the TV was broadcasting a news.
  "Flint, wait," said Ellie.
  "What is it?" asked Flint.
  ...two of the McKinley Hospital patients have killed a nurse and escaped from the building. It is believed that they have escaped by using a 1994 Honda Civic. They are Ellie Stone and Flint Gordon, which are also the students of McKinley High. They were also spotted when their headmaster, Doug William had been killed brutally that evening...
  "Oh my God, Flint! That's us! We didn't kill that nurse!?" exclaimed Ellie.
  "We didn't! The demon did! It had tracked us down! That's great!" said Flint in excitement.
  "What do you mean by 'great'!? We are in the most wanted list right now!"
  "No! That will make our job easy now! But we must make a plan. That demon is coming to us now. In any time it will appear again. We must get ready for the final battle Ellie! It's our final hope to save all the people in this town!" explained Flint.
  "There's no 'but' Ellie. We almost there! Whether kill or be killed. But we have to go on foot by now. They have known about the car. The article said that the demon loves to live in a jungle. Do you know a jungle nearby here?"
  "Yes I do and I think I know where is the demon's nest is. There is an abandoned warehouse in that jungle. If it is not, then it is okay. The demon will soon track us and find us. That will give us time to make a plan to kill it"
  "Great! Show me the way and we'll make a plan on the way there, okay?" said Flint.
  They started walking and continued to plan a strategy. As soon as the walked by, the cashier from that electronic shop had peeked on them and made a call.
  "911 Emergency. How may I help you?"
  "I think I found the escapees of McKinley Hospital. They were standing right in front of my store"

  It was already night and Ellie was so hungry and tired from walking. She knew that they couldn't arrive in time if they walked. They need a transport. Ellie was squeezing her stomach with her hand. Flint was hungry too but he didn't show it in front of Ellie. He was shy. Both of them were exhausted but they couldn't waste a minute because they knew if they were a minute late, it'll be over for them and the citizens of McKinley. They had to get going.
  "Flint, I'm hungry. I've never been this starving before. My stomach hurts," said Ellie.
  "Hold on Ellie. I'm hungry too," persuaded Flint while putting his hand around Ellie.
  They kept on walking, exhaustedly. They couldn't do anything about it. They were in the middle of nowhere. However, they could see a jungle not from there. They just need to walk a little bit more, and probably hold on a little longer.
  "Ergh! I can't hold on Flint! My stomach hurts so badly!"
  Flint didn't know what to do. He couldn't let Ellie in pain. He felt sorry for her. She had gone through a lot of things. Just like him. He had an idea but he must withstand his pain.
  "Here, hop on my back," said Flint while ducking in front of Ellie.
  "What? No! Your hand! It'll be painful!" said Ellie worriedly.
  "You don't have to worry. I don't feel pain anymore. Not with you. Come on! Hop on! It'll be fun, Ellie!"
  Ellie was worried about his hand. But seeing him offering her to hop on his back was kind of sweet, she thought. For her, Flint was her true love, sacrificing himself for her happiness. "O... Okay." She climbed on his back and he continued to walk. "I can only hold your left leg 'cause, you know? My other hand is busted. Haha!" he said while laughing. Ellie smiled when she heard that Flint was laughing. He had a funny laugh. Ellie put her head on Flint's shoulder and whispered to him "Thank you Flint". Flint was so happy to hear that. At least that was what he could do to help Ellie at the moment. "Anything for you," said Flint. Ellie fell asleep on his shoulder. "Ellie?" whispered Flint. Ellie didn't answer as she were already asleep. Flint knew that she was exhausted. He smiled and whispered "Sleep well Ellie." He could feel her heart beat from his back. Slow and steady. He thanked to God that He had introduced him to Ellie. He remembered when he was asking her out, then Ellie held his hand, when they almost kissed at Ellie's house. It was a remarkable moment.

  He stared into the jungle. Dark and scary. There was a road in the jungle. It must be leading to the warehouse, just like Ellie told him. He went into the jungle, not knowing the danger that was awaiting him in there. He could hear the sound of an owl and crickets. It was pitch dark, the only thing that shone in the darkness was moonlight and fireflies. So he could see the road, but it was unclear. He could see a huge figure ahead of him, a building. Must be the warehouse. He kept on walking but slowly because he afraid that Ellie might be slipping off of him. However, it was a little too late to be worried. She had already awaken.
  "Flint, where are we?" asked Ellie sleepily.
  "Oh Ellie, you're awake. I'm in the jungle. Do you see the huge shadow there?" said Flint.
  Ellie was scrubbing her eyes, then she looked at the shadow that Flint had mentioned about. "What is that?"
  "We're here Ellie. That's the warehouse"
  "What? Drop me off here"
  "Why? Just a bit more"
  "No. You've been carrying me for so long. It's okay. I can walk from now on"
  Flint bowed down and Ellie dismounted from his back and repaired the crumples on her shirt. They continued to walk towards the warehouse. It was not far. Just a couple of steps left.

  It was huge. They stared at the warehouse for a minute. Not knowing what should they do now. Ellie tried to open the warehouse's door but it was locked from inside. Flint assumed that the door must be rusty. So maybe he could help with the door. "Ellie, stay back," said Flint. Then, he kicked on the door and the banging sound echoed through the forest. He kicked it continuously and the door produced a cracking sound. Suddenly, it was widely opened with a bang as the door hit the wall. Dust rained down on the floor and the warehouse was pitch dark. They couldn't see anything in there. So how they could find a switch to switch on the light? "Should we get in?" said Ellie. Should they?

  Flint looked around for power box and he saw one on the right. "Ellie! Follow me," said Flint. He went to the power box and opened it. There was a lever inside the box. He assumed that the lever was for the light. He lowered down the lever and he was right. The warehouse seemed to be alive and roaring for power. The light had shone the darkness inside the warehouse. "It worked!" said Ellie. "Lets go inside," she continued. Inside was huger than they thought, but filled with boxes and barrels. They went inside and observe the place thoroughly. The boxes are 10 years older than them, containing alcohol bottle and toys and electronic devices which were very old. She was wondering, how could the power can be turned on when the place was much older than they thought? It must be the power saver, she thought. Suddenly, they heard a roar outside. But it sounded different than before. It was coming from outside the jungle, the road which they had gone through before entering the jungle.
  "Did you hear that?" said Flint.
  "Clearly. Flint? I'm scared," said Ellie. Flint grabbed Ellie's hand and squeezed it just to make her feel calm.
  "It's okay. We'll make through this"
  They were awaiting for the monster to enter the warehouse, praying to God that He would give them strength to fight this demon. They were scared but they must withstand it. It was up to them now. The fate of mankind is in their hands.

  The final battle has begun. Who will win this battle? It was a battle between Humans and a Demon.

                                                           -TO BE CONTINUED-

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 7

  Detective Stone was back from the hospital. However, he couldn't his mind off of Ellie. He was still worried. Why did she traveled all the way to the forest with Flint? Whose bike did Flint ride with Ellie? And who did break into the house from the window of his kitchen? He had a lot of work to do now, searching for the answers. Meanwhile, he was being haunted by mysteries.
  "Detective Stone!" called a voice from an office.
  Det.Stone responded immediately. "Yes Detective Woods?" said Det.Stone.
  "I need you to step into my office after this. The sooner the better"
  "Priority level?"
  "... It's about your daughter"
  Det.Woods was a female detective. Blonde and skinny. Det.Stone went into Det.Woods's office. It was small but quite comfortable. However, Det.Stone wanted to know what she was going to tell him about Ellie. He was curious, and worried.
  "What is it Det.Woods?" said Det.Stone.
  "Det.Stone, I am very, truly sorry about what happened to Ellie but right now we can't deny the fact that she might be one of our suspect," explained Det.Woods.
  Suspect? Ellie was a suspect in this chaotic incident? How could that be?
  "A suspect? What do you mean by 'a suspect'?" asked Det.Stone.
  "We believe that Ellie has something to do with these homicides," said Det.Woods while handing over several pictures to Det.Stone.
  Det.Stone browsed those pictures carefully. Garrett, Mr.William and some bikers were brutally killed in that pictures. How could Ellie kill all these people?  She couldn't have the strength to rip off flesh with her own hands!
  "This is preposterous. My daughter wouldn't do such a horrible thing!" exclaimed Det.Stone.
  "I know and I know Ellie and I know she wouldn't do such thing. But right now, we must investigate. Prove it to the chief that she has nothing to do with this"
  "Det.Woods, I invited you over to celebrate Ellie's every birthday! And I invited you to see her talent show in her school! And you gave her your $400 Rolex wristwatch on her 14th Christmas and she is still wearing it! How could NOT you prove it to the chief yourself!?" yelled Det.Stone while slamming Det.Woods's table.
  "Det.Stone... Harold... I understand how are you feeling right now. And I know and know it VERY well that Ellie is innocent. But right now, order is an order. We must do as the chief asks us to do before he throws us on the street. Okay? Just calm down and we'll go through this" coaxed Det.Woods.
  Det.Stone remained silenced. He didn't know what to say, thinking why was this happening to his daughter. She was the only thing that was important to him. He continued to browse through the pictures. Suddenly he saw something new in that pictures. Death of Bikers. He never knew this before. Or he was too busy with Ellie to know about this.
  "This is new. Where did it happen?" asked Det.Stone.
  "That happened on the night we filed Ellie's disappearance. According to one of the survivors, who is currently staying in our supervision and has a terrible shock, he saw Ellie walked into the pub that night, searching for helps. According to him, he remembered that a boy who was with Ellie, Flint Gordon was mentioning about a monster, a maniac was pursuing them," explained Det.Woods.
  "Does he remember who killed the bikers?"
  "He couldn't remember very well. He said it was chaotic. All of the sudden, everybody was screaming and running away from something"
  Wait a minute. He remembered something. He remembered when he arrived at McKinley High to investigate Mr.William's body. "It was the monster! It killed Mr.William! And now it is coming after me!" Ellie was crying and yelling at him. Was it really a 'monster' which had caused this chaotic incident?
  "Det.Stone? Is there something on your mind right now?" said Det.Woods.
  "How about if you and I become monster hunters?"
  Det.Woods was confused. She stared at Det.Stone blankly, really had no idea what was Det.Stone was talking about. Or he had lost it?

  Ellie was feeding porridge to Flint since Flint's right arm was currently 'unavailable'. She wiped off the remaining porridge on Flint's lips with her bare fingers. It seemed like Flint was thinking about something. He was eating slowly. "Flint? Is there something wrong?" said Ellie. However, Flint just shook his head. She knew that something was wrong. Ellie continued to feed Flint. She found it cute when she fed Flint and wiped Flint's mouth.
  "Ellie?" Flint finally spoke.
  "Yes Flint?"
  "What did you mean by 'saying its name will weaken the demon'?"
  Ellie remembered that line when she was in her dream world. Was she the one who told Flint that? All she remembered that Flint was the one who told her.
  "What do you mean?" asked Ellie.
  "Before I woke up, I had a dream, where I saw you. You said 'saying its name will weaken the demon'. Did I say it wrong?"
  "Flint... Where were you in that dream?"
  "... In a flower garden"
  Ellie remembered the garden when Flint told her something about a demon. Was it a clue? That was it? By saying its name would defeat the monster? She remembered that she saw Flint's past. She wondered if Flint saw hers too.
  "Did you remember anything else? Like my past life?" asked Ellie eagerly.
  "I saw your mother"
  "My mother?"
  "She fought with Death for you. I saw her in the labour room, fighting so hard for you. She died when you've made it, if I'm not mistaken"
  It was true. Her mother had sacrificed her life for Ellie. Ellie looked down. She was missing her mother. However, she thought that that wasn't important. Right now she had to ask him what did she say in his dream world.
  "Forget about that Flint. Do you remember what I said in your dream?" said Ellie.
  "You told me not to be scared because you'll always be with me and you'll fight with the monster with me until the end. And you told me that by saying the monster's name will weaken it," said Flint.
  "Flint, I had the same dream. You told me that too. I think it is a clue on how to defeat the monster"
  Flint wasn't sure if he was following but he was trying. "Meaning? We can't defeat the monster?"
  "Yes, if we found out its host's name. That 'thing' we encountered is a demon. It is possessing someone. If we scream its host's name, it can be exorcised. That's it! That's the clue! We have to find out its host's name!"
  "But how? We don't know anything about that demon. Yes it will be WEAKENED by saying the host's name but we don't know on how to KILL it," explained Flint.
  "Hmm..." Then she thought of something. "Can you walk?" said Ellie cynically.

  They walked out of the hospital and headed towards the parking lot. They were sneaking out and Ellie didn't feel freaked out or scared. But Flint? "Ellie are you out of your mind? They'll be contacting the police to search for us!" He didn't feel the same way. Ellie ignored him and continued walking and search for the right car. "Cover me, Flint!" commanded Ellie. She approached a 1994 Honda Civic and tried to infiltrate the car using her hair clips. "Are you crazy!? The police will bust us after this!" exclaimed Flint. Ellie was kind of annoyed but she had to be patient when she was doing something.
  "Ellie!" said Flint.
  "Flint! Can you at least be a little bit calmer? So I can do my job here?" explained Ellie.
  Flint gave up. He had no idea what Ellie was going to do. "There! Get in Flint!" commanded Ellie. Flint did what she asked him to do. In the car, by using the hair clips, she wanted to get the car fired up.
  "Ellie, I'm not feeling good about this," said Flint.
  "Well I'm not feeling too but what choice do we have?"
  "Uh? I dunno? Tell your dad about the monster and try to finish it all together?" said Flint sarcastically.
  "Oh yeah! Like he's going to believe us anyway. People don't trust us, Flint. If we say something that makes them think 'It's a bullshit', they'll assume that we are on drugs or weeds or pots, since we are teenagers. If we're going to end this, we have to do it in our way, or get locked up in that hospital, doing nothing until that monster comes to us and rips our guts off. Do you want that to happen? No, 'cause I don't. Now if you excuse me, I want to get this car on," explained Ellie.
  Flint once again gave up. She was right though. Before the police get them locked up inside the ward just for an observation. They have been involved in a massacre in the pub so the police will get them first.

  The car roared. Ellie had made it! She felt so relieved that the car had started. 
  "How in the world you did that, Ellie? Have you ever done this before?" asked Flint.
  "No. I watched it on TV so I gave it a shot"
  "You gave it a shot?"
  Ellie smiled, satisfied that she was bailing out from the hospital. She didn't want anyone to be the victim anymore. She wanted it to stop. In the city, she was finding a hidden place to hide the car before someone reported it missing. A motel could be a great place to hide this old machine.
  "Where are we going?" asked Flint.
  "I'm searching for a place to hide this car. Then, we'll get something nicer to wear. Then, we'll search for a local cyber cafe to find out more about this demon"
  Then, she saw a motel 'Midnight Light' to park the car and probably steal some clothes to wear. Her luck was on her side. She saw some clothes hanging on a piece of thick rope. Boy that place had no class at all!

  After getting changed, they went to the street to search for the cyber cafe. Instead of wearing a light blue shirt, Flint was wearing a Paramore T-Shirt and Ellie was wearing a Mickey Mouse buttoned up shirt. They were walking on a street which had stores next to it. The street was not crowded. There were people who looked at them in weird ways. I mean, they had bandages on their heads and Flint had a sling on his right arm.  The street had so many shops. But none of them was a cyber cafe. There was a bakery, boutiques, cafes, and a public library. Wait. A library! They could use a PC there.
  "There's no cyber cafe but we can use a PC in this library. They're free too," explained Ellie.
  "Come on, let's go before someone is suspecting us," said Flint.
  They entered the public library and it wasn't as huge as Flint thought. It was very similar with the school library. They sat in front of the PC and opened a browser to search for the information about the demon.
  "Right, here we are. What should I type?" said Ellie.
  "Try 'demons'," said Flint.
  Ellie typed the word 'demons' but nothing useful came out. It just said 'demons are a malevolent creature to corrupt a human's Faith towards God'. That was it. Nothing more.
  "This is useless, Flint. There are many types of demons which have different names. We can't find it if there are thousands of demons out there," said Ellie.
  "Don't give up! We have come this far! We almost reach the end. Try demon+long tongue+flesh eater+yellow eyes,"
  She found that useless, of what Flint had suggested her to do. But she tried it just to make Flint felt satisfy and appreciated. However she was wrong. There was a hit of the search. The Unnamed Demon. She clicked on the link and started to read the information. There lies a demon without a name, hunting for the truth, a name that could differ it from others. Six wings of evil, and yellow eyes to deceive human beings, four arms that let it crawls, a long tongue to feed on flesh, and thirsty for dear blood. That was what it said on the page. There was a picture of it too, similar with what they saw before. However... Six wings and four arms? The demon they saw had no wings at all and only had 2 arms.
  "Flint! This is it! But the only problem is, the monster we saw doesn't have wings and 4 arms. What does that mean?" said Ellie helplessly.
  "I don't know. The characteristic is almost the same, but the appearance is not similar at all"
  "Let's check on how to weaken it. Then, we'll read on how to kill it"
  Its only weakness is when a person shouts its name. There was a legend saying that The Unnamed Demon couldn't listen to its name because it hated it. Even though it is searching for a name but it can't accept the fact that it has a terrible name. It cannot possess a human but can only deceive them. It feeds on blood and flesh but it will bury the body after finishing it...
  "Wait, this doesn't make any sense. Bury the body after finishing it? Cannot possess a human? This is nonsense!" said Flint.
  "Flint, is this the demon we've been searching for? It sounds like it," said Ellie.
  "I don't really know Ellie"
  Ellie didn't know what to say. Her instinct told her not to give up and read more about this demon.
  It cannot be killed for it is invulnerable. It will only deceive people to come to it only when it is feeling hungry. Usually it lives in a thick jungle and comes out when only, and only to hunt. It cannot breed for it is male and doesn't have a mate. It uses a female human as a surrogate mother. Its child will be human during infancy and adolescence stage but will undergo metamorphosis when the human form has become matured.
  "Wait. A child? Breeding? It can breed?" said Ellie confusedly.
  "Click on the 'child'," said Flint, hoping that they'll get an answer after this.
  The Unnamed Demon's Child (A Demon's Child)
  It is created after The Unnamed Demon has released its seeds inside the surrogate mother. The seeds will be created once in a hundred years. The child will be human during infancy and adolescence but will undergo metamorphosis when it(human form) has become matured. No matter what gender the human is, when the metamorphosis is in process, it will turn into a male demon. The child is messier than the father but it will learn for itself as it grew older. During the first stage, the child does not look like the father. It has a pair of arms and a long tongue. It can be killed when it is burned. However, it will be too late to kill when it has grown a pair of wings on its back. Usually it can be weaken when someone calls its human name and will be instantly transformed into its human form again. It is fully vulnerable when it has become a human again, and I suggest you to kill it quickly because in a matter of time it will re-transform into a demon again. Once it has become matured, it will be invulnerable like its father.

  There was a picture below the article and it absolutely looked like the one that had been chasing them before. Ellie and Flint felt so satisfied. Finally, they had found what they were looking for. They looked at each other and smiled. At last, they knew how to weaken the demon and how to kill that demon. Now, they need a plan. A plan to end this once and for all. 
  "Ellie, we have found it" said Flint.
  "Yes. Yes, we almost there. We can stop it Flint. We can stop it, I know we can. But we must hurry before it's too late"
  "We need a lot of fire. Lots of, lots of fire!"
  "We can beat this! We can kill it! We'll save a lot of people in this town!"
  They were so rejuvenated when they knew they could kill it. But they must be hurry before it would be too late. It was a race against time. 

  Will they make it? Will they survive? Will the town be safe from the demon? Hopefully they will save the town. They must make a strategy for the final battle. A final battle between Humans and A Demon's Child.
                                                          -TO BE CONTINUED-