Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Kept Me Captivated (Part 2)

  I knew that I was in a moving vehicle. However, my head was spinning around and I felt like I had just been hit by a car. I felt so dizzy, and my eyes were blurry. I swore to God that I could smell a roasted chicken. And God I was starving to death! Then, I realized that my right hand was cuffed on the grab handle. Slowly, I regained my consciousness and looked at the road outside the window. I was at a highway but I couldn't figure which one was it. I slowly turned my head to the driver, the one who kidnapped me. He was pale blonde and had scruffy hair with hazel green eyes and hadn't shaved. He was wearing a stained white singlet and a pair of thorny jeans. He seemed like a homeless guy who had been in the streets for the rest of his life.

  "You have awaken," he said to me without even looking at me. His voice was manly but young, and seemed like he was twenty or above. "Who are you? And what do you want from me?" I spoke with a weak voice because I was hungry and had no energy for talking. He silenced and didn't respond to my question. He kept on driving without saying any word. I smelled the stench of a roasted chicken and my stomach was grumbling because of it. Maybe the guy had lunch while I was unconscious. He took a quick glance at me and touched my tummy. I was scared that he would do something painful to me, but I had no strength to fight back or even to cry. "Are you hungry?" he asked me with a low voice. Of course I was.

  There was a bag underneath his legs. He took out a plastic bag which flashed 'K-Mart' on it. He had been shopping too. Inside, there were three vanilla creamed bun which covers were colorful and had a picture of an animated elephant on it. I didn't care about the cuteness of the cover. I tore off the cover with my teeth since I didn't have enough hand to use. I wolfed down a bun in seconds because I was so hungry. Once more he searched into his bag and took out a bottle of water. I didn't really need it until the second bun. I coughed in pain because I was choking on it. "Whoa. Slow down there. Eat it slowly," he spoke again while I was drinking. I continued on eating the bun except this time, I took his advice on eating it slowly.
  "Please send me home. I don't want to be with you. I just got a job and my life is almost starting and I don't want you to end it. Please just let me go and I swear to God that I won't tell," I begged while having a mouth full.
  "No. I can't do that," for the first time, he replied. "I'm taking you with me"
  "I don't even know you! Sooner or later, the police will find you and take you to jail! Is that what you want, huh!?" I exclaimed.
  Once again, he silenced himself and kept on driving. That was the first time I yelled on a criminal and didn't get punched or slapped. Usually on TV, they do that to the victim if she's pissing him off. I was angry and scared at the same time. I was thinking a way of escaping which was almost impossible because I didn't know where to go. I wasn't familiar with this highway. He might had brought me away from the town.

  "Please let me go. I won't tell. I promise," I begged to him again. I knew that it would be the same answer, but I couldn't give up on this.
  "I'm sorry?" might be his name. I knew that he was trying to change the subject.
  "I'm Scott. How about you?"
  "What? Do you think that this is Dr.Phil's show? You're kidnapping me! Don't you realize that!? This is not Barney and Friends!"
  Once again I'd yelled at him, but it seemed like he was a calm man. He didn't even try to get me mad, but I was feeling furious at him for taking me away. He tried to touch my hair and I slapped his hand away. "Don't touch me!" I exclaimed. He looked at me in disappointment and continued on driving.
  "I don't know what difference does it make or whether it will please you or not, but I'm Annette," I introduced myself.
  "Annette," he said. He was starting to be more creepier than before.
  "Scott? Why are you doing this to me?"
  "You will find out soon," he said. Suddenly, I got goosebumps all over my body. Was he trying to kill me? Or trying to rape me?
  "Where are we going then? May I know?"
  "Not now. Not yet"
  Suddenly, my phone rang. It was inside my pocket all the time. Scott looked at me as if he was worried about it. And I looked at him and my pocket, trying to figure out on how to answer the call. He shockingly stopped the car and pulled over at the sideways. Quickly, I took out my phone (thankfully he didn't cuff my left hand, and the phone was inside my left pocket), and he swiftly snatched my hand, and both of us were struggling to have the phone. "Let go off me!" I yelled at him, and continued to fight for the phone. "Give me the phone!" he yelled back at me. I'd seen a chance of punching him and I took it before I lost it. I punched him right in the face and he recovered so quickly and grabbed my hand again. Unfortunately, he won the fight and snatched my phone from my hand. I was panting and glared at him in anger.

  He looked at my phone and read the name of the person who was calling me. It was from my house. Someone, whether Dad or Mum had found out that I was being kidnapped. Marcia, you did a really good job! "Home," he said to me. "Maybe it is your mother, Annette," he continued. I didn't say a thing, hopefully he wouldn't throw my phone out of the window. He switched off the phone and squeezed it, unpleasantly. He threw my phone into his bag and started to drive again. "Fuck you, Scott!" I couldn't withstand my anger any longer. "You're going to the fucking Hell, and I will be fucking happy! Son of a bitch like you don't deserve to live in happiness! You fucking bastard!" And suddenly, I made a wrong decision which was pulling his hair. "Aaarrggh!" I screamed and shouted furiously. The car was going out of control as if it was being driven by a drunk man. Scott was screaming in pain and was trying to take control of his car again. The vehicles behind us were honking madly at us and the situation was completely chaotic. The car hit the steel divider and produced sparkling embers as the car was scratched by the divider.

  He managed to escape from my grasp and I tried to do it again. However, I didn't have the chance as he slapped me right in my left cheek and my head spun and landed hard on the window. It was painful but I didn't pass out. That was the most strongest slap I've ever had.
  "Stay there! If you do it again, I'll do something that will hurt you even more!" he threatened me.
  "Oh yeah? You are going to kill me either so what do I care? Huh! I'll fight 'til my last breath!" I was being stubborn.
  "Who said that I'm going to kill you!? Now stay!"
  "Sooner or later, you will! I don't trust you at all!"
  I was about to strike again, but suddenly, he took out his gun and pointed directly at my forehead. "STAY THERE!" he exclaimed. I could see that his hand was shivering. Maybe from the fear of killing me, or the fear of losing control of his car earlier. I was scared too. I mean, I didn't want him to plant a bullet in my brain, so that time, I surrendered. I sat quietly and was still glaring at him furiously. He put his gun down and focused on his driving again while panting for air.

  The sky was getting dark, and the sun was almost set. And I was still wondering where he would take me to. I was feeling a little bit exhausted from the fight, and a bit hungry. I ate only three pieces of bun and it wasn't enough. I needed a whole set of lunch. "I'm sorry for what I did earlier," he apologized to me. I was stunned by his words. He was a kidnapper, he shouldn't be apologizing to his victim? Should he? "I had too okay? You forced me to do it," he continued. Was he having a mental breakdown or something? He was actually apologizing to me! I looked at his face, and I saw a regretful look. Maybe he was regretting for what he did to me. I was confused. I didn't know how to tell him, but I had to before I passed out from hunger.
  "Scott?" he didn't answer me. "Scott, I'm... I'm hungry," I didn't care. He wasn't deaf anyway.
  "Hungry?" he paused. "There's a diner just a couple of miles from here.  But I don't know if I can trust you on this. You might scream for help in that diner"
  Okay, that was I would do too. But I needed to convince him that I wouldn't do such a thing. "Scott, I promise to you that I won't scream. Okay? I'm hungry. And it's killing me. Please?" I said. He looked at me and I made a sympathetic expression so that he could stop for a meal. "Okay. But if you scream, I will kill everyone in that diner. Including you, if I have to," he stated. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be more care less about the people there. As far as I concerned, I wanted to escape.

  We had arrived at the diner, at the parking lot. "Remember, don't scream. Okay?" he mentioned. I nodded. He took off the cuff with a key and I held my right hand as it felt stiff. He got out from the car and took me with him afterwards. I was thinking a way of escaping before we entered the diner. Maybe I should run for it now. After I took my first step into the diner, I saw a mother with her child, and an old man with his old wife. I remembered what Scott said if I escaped, he would kill everyone in the diner. At that moment, I didn't have the heart to let the people in that diner die because of me. I would carry the guilt for my entire life. We sat quietly and waited for the waiter to come and take our orders.

  There was an African-American woman who strode towards us, with pink clothes and white apron. She seemed nice. As soon as she reached us, she took out her pen and her notebook. "Now, what would you like to have?" she asked us. Scott was looking at me, waiting for my order. "I'm not eating," said Scott. Both Scott and the waitress were staring at me.
  "But please bring the newspaper for me," continued Scott.
  "Sure do. Anything you like honey?" the waitress asked me again.
  "I'll have... Um? A cheese burger and a cup of soda please?" finally, I'd ordered.
  The waitress was writing my order while staring confusingly at me. "Are you okay honey?" all of a sudden, she asked me as if she knew what was happening to me. Scott was glaring at me, expecting my answers. I swore to God that I could hear his heart was beating fast, and the sound of him squeezing his hands really tight.
  "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm just starving!" I said with a smile.
  "Really? Are you sure? What's with the bruise on your forehead?" she replied. Damn, she noticed my bruise from the blow earlier.
  "Oh! Silly me. I had an accident in the bathroom. I slipped and knocked my head on the wall. Accident happens you know?" I answered while giggling.
  "Okay, but be careful next time honey. Beautiful face like that doesn't deserve a bruise on it," she said and went to the kitchen to deliver my orders.

  Ten minutes later, my burger had arrived along with the newspaper that Scott asked for earlier. "Um? Can I have some ketchup please?" I ordered again. The waitress smiled at me and went to the cashier and took two sachets of ketchup for me. That gave me a bright idea, but I must be careful around Scott. I ate the burger slowly and only God knows how good it tasted like. And I was enjoying the food as if I had nothing to worry about. I took a sip of the soda and the cold sensation of the drink rejuvenated me. I'd gained a lot of energy from eating the burger. "You really like burger, don't you?" suddenly Scott talked to me. I nodded slowly while engulfing it. He grinned as soon as I'd nodded. Weird. He continued on reading the newspaper.

  I'd finished eating the burger but I didn't tell Scott about it. I had a plan. Hopefully it would work. I tore off the cover of the ketchup and slowly, I transcribed the word 'HELP' on the plate. Scott didn't notice it since he was focusing on reading the news. I covered the plate with a napkin, but carefully so it wouldn't ruin it.
  "Scott?" I called him. He stopped reading and looked at me. "I've finished. So we can go now"
  "Okay. Wait for me here. I'll go pay for the food," he said and stood up and walked to the cashier.
  After that, he returned to me and picked me up by my hand. The waitress went to our table as soon as we walked away from it. Hopefully she would get the message that I wrote on the plate. Outside, I kept on observing at the waitress through the window and suddenly, she looked at me with an unpleasant face, meaning she had read the message. I could read her lips and she was saying "Oh my God". And then she nodded agreeably. She would help me. Help would come soon.

                                                          -TO BE CONTINUED-

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