Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Kept Me Captivated (Part 3 - Marcia's Diary)

  I couldn't figure out on what to do. All I could do was screaming and crying. I knew that it wouldn't help my best friend, Annette, who was being dragged by a thug into his car. I was panicking and I couldn't think straight. People in the mall were just staring at me and thought that I was going mad. I felt like the ground was spinning underneath my feet, making me confused. Tears were soaking my face. And seriously, I looked like a crazy girl. Until a noble man came across me and asked me what was going on and asked me to calm down.
  "Miss! Miss! Please calm down and tell me what happen!" said the man.
  "Please! Please, someone help Annette!" I shouted.
  "Who's Annette. And what had happened to her?" He asked me.
  "Annette is being kidnapped by a man! Please you gotta help her!"
  The man's eyes were bulging as soon as he found out what was going on. He took out his phone and dialed '911'. He put his hand around me, just to calm me down. However, it wasn't helping at all. He spoke to the operator and briefly explained what had happened. "Calm down okay miss? The policemen are on their way here," said the man as soon as he hung up. He caressed my hair and waited for the policemen with me.

  Ten or fifteen minutes later, the policemen had arrived and interrogated me on the spot. They asked me for the man's appearances and what kind of car that he was using. I couldn't remember a thing about the man. What I'd seen that he was tall and was Caucasian. About the car, maybe it was Volvo or Toyota? Obviously, I was being useless at the moment.
  "We're wasting time here! I need to tell her mother about this!" I exclaimed.
  "Okay, do you have a vehicle? Can you take us there?" asked one of the policemen.
  I went to my car and started the engine and drove away from the mall. In my mind, I was scared to see her mother, wondering what to tell her about this, or would she be mad, or my relationship with the family would be ruined. Anything could happen. I didn't care. As long as Annette returns safely to her family. The policemen were following me from behind. I needed to be more helpful than I was earlier. What I remembered that the guy was tall and had scruffy hair. And I was quite sure that he was driving a Volvo.

  We had arrived to the Frederick's residence and I saw Annette's mother was watering the flowers in her yard. She seemed amused and happy with her flowers. However, I would deliver an unpleasant message to her. I went out of the car and called her name. She turned around and smiled at me. I couldn't help it, I cried as soon as she looked at me. Her expression had changed. I went closer to her and gave her a hug and she was confused, plus worried too. "What's wrong Marcia? Is everything alright? Where's Annette?" she asked me a question that I could barely answer. The policemen were approaching us and Anneliese were getting more concerned about the situation.
  "What is going on officer? Where's my daughter?" asked Anneliese.
  "Ma'am, we believe that your daughter has been kidnapped," explained one of the officers.
  I held on to Anneliese as strong as I could. I could feel that she was collapsing. Her knees went weak and suddenly, she was embracing me tightly and cried. "Oh my God, Annette!" she was whimpering. Her heart was totally fragmented.

  Three hours of disappointment, I couldn't help them. We were in the living room and a sketch artist was sitting in front of me while holding a sketch book and a pencil. And currently, the book was clear as if it was untouched, because I couldn't give any description on the man. Anneliese and Harrison were standing beside the fireplace and Anneliese was biting her nail impatiently. She must be disappointed in me. "This seems useless," I said to the sketch artist. I knew that I wasn't doing any help. Anneliese was covering her eyes and sighed in distress. "Okay, it's alright. We can figure out another way to help your friend. My team is working on the posters, so you have nothing to worry about it. We'll find her soon," explained the sketch artist. Anneliese was glaring at the sketch artist in disbelief. She was about to explode. I could see that from her eyes.
  "'You have nothing to worry about it'? What are you talking about? My daughter is with a psychopath and you're telling us there is nothing to worry about? How could you say that?" said Anneliese irritatingly.
  "Ma'am, we're doing our best to help your daughter. We are doing posters and examining the CCTV of the mall. We are also searching for her outside of the town. So all you have to do is calmly wait for the results," he explained.
  "No, I cannot be calmed until my daughter returns to me! Right now, you better make sure that every members of your team are doing their jobs perfectly!" shouted Anneliese.
  The sketch artist was staring at Anneliese, he couldn't say anything by now. "Yes ma'am. I'll make sure of that," he said approvingly.

  Suddenly, I remembered something. Annette had her phone with her. What if we made the call and negotiated with the kidnapper to let Annette go?
  "... She has a phone..." I whispered to myself.
  "I beg your pardon?" the sketch artist responded.
  "She has her phone with her! Maybe we could talk to the kidnapper and negotiate with him?"
  "So that the kidnapper will state the ransom and we'll pay him and he'll let Annette go!" said Anneliese in excitement.
  "No we can't do that! You will alert the kidnapper and force him to do something that you don't want him to do!" debated the sketch artist.
  "Like your team has done something that can be proud of! I'll call her this instance!" said Anneliese.
  "No! Don't do that! Stop her!" But it was too late. Anneliese had already dialed Annette's number and waited impatiently for the kidnapper to answer the phone. Suddenly, the call had been terminated and Anneliese wanted to try again, but this time, her phone had already been switched off. "No! No! No! Please don't do this!" yelled Anneliese. She was calling Annette over and over again which probably seemed impossible for the kidnapper to answer it. She was devastated. Harrison went closer to her and hugged her. He knew that they must rely on the authority from now on. There was nothing much they could do.

  Not long after that, Annette's brother and sister, Andrew and Annabelle, had arrived home. Andrew was anxious to know the progress of the investigation, and was disappointed when the policemen said they hadn't found anything yet. And suddenly, someone knocked the door. Annabelle opened the door and found two detectives and they flashed their FBI badges at her. "Good evening. I'm Detective Wong and this is my partner Detective Butler. We are here to help you with the finding. And hopefully you'll cooperate with us," explained Detective Wong. She was a detective with red-blood leather jacket and was Chinese oriented with short hair, and the other one was tall and muscular with a canvas coat.
  "Oh yes, we'll cooperate with you. Any information about my sister yet?" said Annabelle patiently.
  "We are still investigating..." suddenly, Detective Wong's phone rang and she picked it up. "Detective Wong," she said. She was nodding and focusing on the caller. Her eyes squinted and obviously she was having a good news. "Okay. Thanks for the information," she said and hung up "Good news, there was a call from a diner outside of town which is probably an hour and a half away from here and they mentioned that they have seen your sister with a man. They were having their meal there," explained Detective Wong. Annabelle's eyes were bulging in excitement. Finally we had received a news which we were waiting for a long time.

                                                             -TO BE CONTINUED-

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