Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 6

  A light, streaming at the end of a hollow and dark space. She saw it and wondered, was she already dead? There were noises, but it was unclear. It was like someone was shouting and yelling and crying. And she felt someone was controlling her body and she was helpless and immobile. "El... lie... El... lie... Ellie!" she heard someone was calling her name but God, it was so unclear! She couldn't make out whose voice was it. Suddenly, she could move her hand and somehow, she could feel that she was touching a leather. Slowly, she regained her vision. Blurry. She couldn't really see so well. Then, she heard "Aiyayayayay!" it was a laugh. She recognized it. It was Spongebob's laugh. However it was, she was home. She was lying on the sofa in front of the TV. Spongebob's DVD was still playing, but she couldn't be more care less about the show. She wanted to know what did happen to her and how did she get home? Did someone carry her here? She put her feet down to the ground but suddenly she stepped on something, gooey and slimy. She didn't notice what it was. However as soon as she regained full consciousness. She knew what did she step on.

  "FLIIIIINNNNNTTTT!!!" she screamed at the top of her long when she knew she was stepping on Flint's intestines. His stomach was ripped open, showing his colons and his kidneys. His jaw were forcedly opened and his eyes were bulging. Blood pooled on top of her. She was so scared! Her hero was dead, killed viciously. Now, she didn't have someone to help her. She was on her own. She didn't really know what to do next but as soon she saw the door, she rushed to it and went outside, however, she didn't make it outside because she bumped into someone who was standing outside the door. He was fat and smartly dressed.
  "Take it easy, Ms.Stone! Where are you going?" said the man.
  "Mr.William, help me please! Flint Gordon is dead and his body is in my living...!" she stopped as soon she realized who she was talking to. Mr.William? He was alive? In one piece? How could that be? "Mr.William... You're... Alive?"
  "Of course I am! I'm here to hunt you down and I want to bathe in your blood and eat your whole flesh! Hahahaha!" said Mr.William grimly. Suddenly, his face turned ugly and his tongue was sticking out of his mouth. It was the monster and now it knew how to shape shift. Ellie was screaming hysterically, and quickly closed the door and locked it. Wait. Something was not right. Where was Flint? He was gone! There was no blood, no body, and the TV had silenced. She was confused. Where was she? Was she already in Hell? She didn't know what to do and she was absolutely confused. She wanted to cry but she knew it wasn't the right time. She must know where she was right now. Bravely, she peeked through the window and saw the street in front of her house. However, the monster had disappeared, no longer on her door step. She thought it would be the right moment to go out and search for help.

  She burst out of her house and went outside and suddenly, she realized that wasn't 'outside' at all. Well, it was 'outside' but not 'outside' that she knew and was expecting. She was at a graveyard. She saw a huge church in front of the graveyard but that didn't catch her attention at all. She saw a nun, praying on a grave and weeping. She walked toward her to ask question but suddenly something stopped her intention. A cry. Baby's cry. She turned around to search for the cry but she couldn't trace it. All of a sudden, she felt something was walking through her. It was the nun, searching for that dear cry. Was she dead? Someone could walk through her! Was she a spirit? 

  The nun gasped loudly. "Oh my Lord! Who could have done this? Such a beautiful baby!" she cried as soon as she held the baby. The baby was found inside a bush. The baby finally stopped crying as soon as the nun held him. "Oh, who could have a heart to throw you away like this? Poor little child" she said in tears. She then looked around for clues. She didn't expected to see a sign which had a name on it. 'Flint Road'. For her, it was a sign from God to name that child. "I know what to call you! Flint! A little knight who survived" she looked at the child merrily. The baby giggled when the nun touched his cheeks. "Flint. What a beautiful name for you" It was Flint Gordon when he was still a baby. She couldn't believe her eyes and she was so happy to see the nun was holding Flint. She dropped tears of joy to see him in the hand of a nice nun.

  "Mary Gordon" a voice startled her from behind. As soon as she turned around, she wasn't at the graveyard anymore. She was at a place more beautiful. She was at a garden. Flower garden. However, the sky was dark, covered with dark clouds. But the voice was coming from a man. Fair hair, flawless face and a pair of brown eyes. Flint Gordon was standing in front of her.
  "Mary Gordon was the one who saved me and adopted me. She was the one who raised me and gave her knowledge to me. I loved her," said Flint again.
  "Flint! You're alive!" said Ellie while running toward him. She hugged him as tight as she could and so was Flint. The sky became brighter and the sun was shining gallantly as soon as they hugged. Petals were floating in the air and the air was more rejuvenating than before.
  "Ellie. You're a strong girl. I know it. You can beat the demon yourself. Even though without me, Ellie," said Flint romantically.
  "Flint! What are you talking about? I was a weak person and you've made me strong! You were the one who saved me. You're my hero. I never met a person like you before. You are possessing my heart, Flint" replied Ellie.
  "Did you feel the same way when you looked at me? You've caught my eyes when we first met. I knew you are a special person. And now, I'm not regretting my thought. I was right. You are a special person. If I die, I want you to hold my hand for the last time. I love it when the first time you held my hand. Do you remember when was it?"
  "The first time that you asked me out. I remember Flint and always do. I know we just met. And I know it is too early for it, but Flint Gordon! Oh how much I love you!"
  "Mary Gordon once said, even how terrible the situation is, you'll find a beautiful part of it. She was right. I love you too Ellie Stone. You'll be forever my life"
  Once again, their heads were closing with each other. They felt the connection, eventhough they were at a place they didn't even know where it was. Their lips had sealed to each other. They kissed. For them, it was the most beautiful moment in their life. How did they find their true love. They were both 16, but somehow, love didn't care. Love works on any age. Love is mysterious. Love is beautiful. Love can be found, only with the person who is meant to be with you.

  Suddenly, a roar could be heard behind them. They found where did the roar come from. It was the monster, sticking out its long tongue. Ellie and Flint glared at it. They weren't feeling afraid anymore. It was time to finish the monster. Once and for all. "Ellie, listen to me. This demon can be weaken by calling out its name. If you know its name, you will defeat it. Say it out loud and that demon will return to its original form, which means the host that it's possessing. And Ellie, don't be afraid. I will fight with you 'til the end of it," said Flint bravely.

  Flint disappeared into thin air. However, Ellie wasn't afraid to fight with the demon. She knew that Flint would always be in her heart. "It's time to put an end here, bitch!" said Ellie.

  She woke up in a bed. There was a bandage on her forehead and on her hand. She was in patient's costumes. She knew that she was in a hospital. She saw her father was sleeping in a chair and woke up as soon as he found out that Ellie had regained her consciousness.
  "Ellie, my daughter!" said Det.Stone merrily. He rushed to Ellie and hugged her tightly.
  "Dad. I'm sorry I've burdened you dad," said Ellie in tears.
  "No! No! No! You never burden me, kid!" said Det.Stone.
  She remembered something. She knew it was a dream, but she had to find Flint. "Dad, where's Flint? I gotta talk to him"
  "Oh Flint! Yeah I was about to tell you that! He's in a ward next to yours," explained Det.Stone.
  "Dad I must see him"
  "Yeah sure, but be careful kid 'cause you're still weak"
  "No, I'm strong. I can do it"

  She walked out of her ward and went to next door. There, she saw Flint was still unconscious, with a bandage on his forehead, just like hers, and a sling to support his right hand. He must have a broken arm. Ellie went closer to him and smiled. She knew that Flint would never leave her alone. As soon as she reached Flint, she caressed his hair and held his left hand. She knew that that wasn't a dream at all. She met him at some place and it was real that she had kissed him and had told him how she felt about him. Flint Gordon. A name of a person that she loved very much. Suddenly, and slowly, Flint was opening his eyelids. Ellie couldn't be more happier!
  "Flint..." she whispered.
  Flint looked at her and smiled weakly. "Ellie..." said Flint.
  "I... I love you"
  "I love you too..."

                                                        -TO BE CONTINUED-

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 5

  Horror. The only word that Ellie could describe the incident that she had experienced. Mr. William’s body was being investigated by the CSI unit in the restroom. Truthfully, the CSI unit had never seen such a crime like this. It was totally a vicious one. It was almost dark. Dusk. Ellie was wrapped around a thick cotton blanket. She was sitting inside an ambulance with Flint. She had just finished her checkup. A medic told Flint that she didn’t suffer from any injuries; she was only in shock and needed some time to rest and clear her mind. Ellie was petrified. For her, this was the most traumatic experience that she ever had.
  “Ellie, the medic said that you have nothing to worry about,” said Flint.
  “… Can u feel it?”
  Flint couldn’t feel anything, and apparently, he was in shock too. But not as serious as Ellie.
  “Can you feel how inhuman it was?” asked Ellie again.
  “… Yes. I do,” answered Flint.
  “Am I next, Flint? Am I the next person to be murdered?” asked Ellie.
  Flint looked into her eyes. Her terrified eyes, marinated with her tears. He knew that she was so scared.
  “What do you mean by ‘next’?” said Flint confusedly.
  “I saw… I saw the monster… It stared me in the eyes. And I looked at it,” said Ellie.
  “No… You’re not next. Nobody is next. The monster is long gone. It will not be chasing you again,” Flint was trying to comfort Ellie. However, he knew that would be a difficult task. Even though he wasn’t the one who saw the monster, but he knew that the monster killed Mr.William. Ellie continued to cry. There was no other way, except to wrap his hands around Ellie to soothe her.

  Detective Stone saw his daughter was being embraced by a guy. He used to be protective, but seeing her being soothed by a guy, he knew that was the precise act to calm her down. He approached both of them to see what he could do as a father.
  “Ellie, how are you?” asked Det. Stone.
  “Dad, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t give much information about this. I didn’t know what to say,” said Ellie in tears.
  “It’s okay girl. You have to calm down. There is nothing to be afraid of,” he replied. Then, he talked to Flint. “You”
  “I’m Flint, sir. Flint Gordon,” introduced Flint.
  “Yeah, Flint. Take my daughter home and turn on some cartoons to calm her down. I’ve some cartoons in the drawer, but don’t say any words about this anymore. Alright, son?” said Det.Stone.
  “Yes, sir. Will do sir”
  “This is the key to the house. Take her home now. I don’t want her to be involved in this case anymore” he turned around and shouted at a policeman “Powell!” The policeman ran towards Det.Stone.
  “Yes, sir?” said Powell.
  “Give these guys a ride to my house, immediately.”
  “Yes, sir. Come on kids”
  Ellie and Flint followed the policeman to the patrol car. Less than a minute, Det. Stone watched the patrol car disappeared into the dark road. He sighed. “God, why are you doing this to my daughter,” whispered Det.Stone.

  At the porch of the house, Flint was choosing the correct key to enter the house. It was already dark, so he couldn’t see very well. Finally, he could open the door with a golden key. However, before they could enter the house, someone called Ellie in the dark. It was Judith. Ellie could recognize her ponytail.
  “Ellie!” yelled Judith.
  “Judith!” said Ellie with a sulky voice. She cried again.
  Judith hugged Ellie as tight as she could, trying to calm her down. She tapped her hand on Ellie’s head. “It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s over” said Judith. But before she could go on, Flint interrupted “Girls I think we should go inside now. It’s dark out here” Flint was right. It was totally dark outside, but visible because of the moonlight and the street lamp not far from there. Flint flicked on the light switch on the wall. The living room was quite huge, with an L-shaped sofa in front of the LCD plasma television, coffee table which made from 100% invulnerable glass, and there was a crystal-like chandelier above the finely made dining table. Ellie was rich, but the way she dressed,pink long-sleeved cotton shirt and black skirt, she didn't look like one. Maybe she didn't like to brag.

  Flint went to the wooden drawer under the TV to look for the cartoons. Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Spongebob Squarepants and other cartoons that he didn't recognize. Ellie was a fan of cartoon, he guessed. He pushed Spongebob Squarepants's DVD into the disc slot and as soon the TV was turned on, the show started.
  "It was awful, Judith! I saw it with my own eyes! It was vicious! It was cruel!" exclaimed Ellie.
  "I know, I know. It's over, don't you worry about it okay?" said Judith.
  Flint remembered about Det.Stone's warning. "Judith, can I talk to you?" said Flint. Judith looked at Flint, knowing that it was important by looking at his expression. "Yes, sure," replied Judith. Leaving Ellie alone to watch Spongebob, they went into the kitchen and talked about the warning.
  "Judith, Det.Stone said do not let Ellie talks about this incident. So please, I beg you, stop her before she tells about it," said Flint.
  "Yeah, I know. But I couldn't say 'no' if she wants to talk to me," said Judith.
  "I know it's hard. But try, okay? She's in terrible shock from seeing Mr.William body like that. It was horrible"
  "Hm.. I'll try"
  "Thanks. It's just..." he stopped and started to sniff. He smelled something. He couldn't remember where did he smell it before, but he recognize it.
  "Are you okay?" said Judith.
  "Yeah... It's just that... Do you smell something?" asked Flint.
  "No. What is it?"
  "I smell... Blood..."
  "I don't smell anything"
  He ended the conversation and went to the kitchen window and looked outside. However, there was nothing there. It was dark and he saw nothing but trees. He didn't feel good about the stench. "Let's go back to the living room. I don't feel good about this. Come on," said Flint. 

  In the living room, Ellie was still watching the show. She looked cute when she was watching the cartoon, Flint thought. He was feeling happy to see that Ellie was recovering. He felt relieved. He came close to Ellie and put his hand around her. She smiled, meaning she had put those terrible memory behind her. He smiled too. Both of them were smiling and looking into each other's eyes. Ellie found out that Flint was absolutely innocent. He helped her. He was her hero. If it wasn't for him, she would be like Mr.William. She was so grateful that she had a friend like Flint. Was 'friend' the correct word? Was it beyond 'friendship'? She thought, it was time to upgrade their relationship.
  "Enjoying the show?" asked Flint.
  "Yeah," said Ellie. She remembered that she had something to do. Something important. "Flint. I'm really, terribly..." Before she could finish her saying. Flint interrupted.
  "Don't worry about it. I don't blame you at all. I forgive you," said Flint. He caressed Ellie's silky hair.
  Judith was watching them from the dining table. She felt like she was watching Titanic. She was so touched to see how Flint took care of Ellie. She thought, Flint was the best for Ellie. But wait, it was inappropriate for her to stay there. They probably wanted some privacy together.
  "Um? Guys? I should probably look for food in the refrigerator," lied Judith.
  "Uh? Okay. Um? Judith?" said Ellie.
  "Can you make me a peanut butter sandwich for me? I'm hungry," explained Ellie.
  "Yeah, sure. You guys have fun watching Spongebob okay?"
  Judith disappeared into the kitchen, leaving them alone in the living room.

  Smiling. That was their trademarks in this relationship. Somehow, right now, Ellie found that Flint's lips were irresistible. His smile really calmed her down. Flint looked so charming and she couldn't turn her head, even for a millisecond. Her heart beat was beating faster. Was she nervous? Or was she feeling confused?
  "Flint, thank you," said Ellie.
  "It was nothing Ellie. A friend helps his friend, right? It was my job to take care of you," replied Flint.
  "You risked your life... For me"
  "I will do anything for you Ellie. As long as you happy and safe"
  Their heads were approaching to each other. Closer and closer. Their lips were connecting, almost in contact. Just a bit more, a centimeter more.
  Glass shattering. They were astonished to hear that racket. They stood up quickly and Ellie held Flint's hand tightly, just like she did before. Their eyes went wild, observing cautiously. 
  It was Judith. Something was not right. Something went wrong in the kitchen. Flint couldn't just stand there like a fool. He must examine the kitchen and save Judith.
  "Judith!" screamed Ellie.
  "Ellie let me go! I have to save her!" said Flint bravely.
  "But what if..."
  "Hide yourself!"
  Ellie let go of Flint's hand. Flint, slowly, went into the kitchen to search for Judith. But as soon as he arrived at the kitchen, there was no one and nothing there. Except broken glasses. The kitchen window had been smashed by something. Suddenly, there was something hideous crept into the kitchen from the broken window. It was the monster that Ellie mentioned about. He stood there stationary, astonished. He couldn't move a single muscle because he was too scared. His eyes bulged to see the monster. The monster crept up to the ceiling while glaring at Flint. It let its long tongue out, hanging from its mouth, Its claws was covered in blood. From that moment, Flint knew that Judith was killed by the monster. "Flint!" screamed Ellie from the living room. "Run, Flint run!" If he stood there, the monster would easily kill him and probably kill Ellie, he thought. With nothing to lose, he ran towards Ellie and grabbed her hand and burst out from the house.

  They ran into the forest. Flint was still new at this place so he wasn't really sure where he was going. The forest was pitch dark and it was misty beneath them. "Keep running forward! There's a biker pub at the end of the forest! We can ask for their help. Here! Follow me!" said Ellie. Now she was the one leading Flint. They were sprinting as if they didn't understand the word exhausted. They weren't holding hands anymore. Whether they were confused or holding hands were slowing them down. They didn't care. As long as both of them would be safe. 

  Suddenly, Ellie felt like she was running alone. She was right as she looked back, Flint was gone. The mist was thick and she couldn't find Flint anywhere. "Ellie!" She heard Flint screaming her name. However, it sounded so far away. "Flint! I'm right here!" There was no answer. "Flint!" Silence. Wait. What was that noise? It sounded squishy and she could hear that it was above her. She kept on running, afraid that the monster would get her if she stayed so long. She suddenly felt tired and she leaned on a tree to catch her breath. She felt that her left shoulder was wet, soaked with slimy liquid. She touched it and it was sticky and stinky. It was coming from above. She looked up and there it was, crawling down the tree. She moved but didn't move far. The monster was very fast. And now, she was trapped between the big rocks. She was cornered. The monster crept closer and sticked its tongue out gallantly. "Please don't hurt me!" begged Ellie. The monster didn't care. It leaped at her, just like a hungry wolf. WHAAMM! Suddenly, the monster fell on the ground and lay still. It wasn't dead but it fell unconscious, giving her time to run. But why did the monster fall? It was Flint! He struck the monster's head with a piece of tree trunk. Ellie was so glee to see Flint. He saved her again! "Come on! We better hurry before that monster wakes up!" said Flint while offering his hand to Ellie. Ellie took his hand and stood up. They continued to flee away from the monster.

  Bikers were glaring at them in the pub. They didn't like to see anyone burst into their pub freely. They must be well known bikers or they would be casted out from the pub. However, it was strange to see dirty teenagers, panting at the door. "What are yer doing here kids?" said the bar tender. He was kind of fat with tattoos on his both arm. He had a long beard and long brown hair and a patched eye.
  "We need help! Our friend has been killed by a monster!" said Ellie.
  "Ey monster? Are yer trying to make fun of us kids?" said the bartender.
  "By monster she meant someone ya fool!" said one of the bikers.
  The bar tender grinned. "Yer think this is ey police station kids? We no helpers! But we do have guns if yer like," said the bartender grimly.
  "We just thought if we stay here, we will be safe. We need your help! Some maniac is after us! To kill us!" said Flint.
  "I'll see what I can do lad. But if yer willing to give the girl to me"
  Some of the bikers stood up while grinning at them. Flint knew that coming here was a very bad idea. He'd rather confront the monster than these 'monsters'.
  "Look guys. We are trying to find help. We don't want another problem," said Flint.
  "Are yer scared kids? You should be lad"
  While Flint was talking to them to protect Ellie, Ellie heard something outside. Just like the sound she heard in the woods. She turned her head, slowly. There was it again! Outside! It saw Ellie looking at it through the pub's door. It took its position to start leaping again. "Flint! Look out!" screamed Ellie while pushing Flint to the floor. The monster leapt while spreading its claws, It burst into the pub and clawed one of the bikers neck. It had decapitated one of the bikers. Blood sprayed on the bartender's face. "What the fuck is that!?" screamed the bartender. The monster leapt everywhere and killed anyone who got in its way. The pub had become a slaughter house. It was a total havoc. The bartender returned to the bar to get his shotgun. He shot continuously but none of it hit the monster. The monster was still out loose. The monster kept killing all the people in the bar. Decapitation, neck ravaging, impaling and more leaping. It was a massacre.

  Flint and Ellie were still on the floor, taking cover. Then, in the madness, Flint saw a key on the table. He stood up and quickly grabbed the key and ran out of there with Ellie. He tried the key on every bike that had parked outside the pub. Some didn't fit the keyhole. Some did fit but he couldn't turn the engine on. At last, the key worked on one of the bike, painted in black with flaming shape. "Hop on!" yelled Flint in hurry. The bike roared as he pressed the engine. They left without thinking about the bikers's safety.

  The road was dark, the only light that could assist them was the bike's light. "There! Go into the forest! You'll find a small road that will lead us to the police station! It's a shortcut!" explained Ellie. Flint did what she asked him to do. She was right. There was a small road in the forest. But he had to be careful. He might hit the trees. Suddenly, something jumped out of the darkness and stood proudly in front of them. Not again! It was the monster! Flint dodged the monster by turning the handle. And he rushed into the woods. He heard that Ellie was screaming from behind, worried that they might hit a tree. But they didn't expecting a huge log in front of them. "Look out!" Flint accidentally hit it and the bike's front tyre disintegrated. The bike was like a catapult, throwing Flint and Ellie into the air, Ellie fell hard on her back. She didn't know where Flint was now. Was she dying? Her vision was blurry. Everything was so unclear. She couldn't see very much. She couldn't move, or scream. She lay still on the cold ground, waiting for Death to come and take her. All of a sudden, but she wasn't really sure, an entity was right above her, looking at her. She knew it was the monster. She didn't want to feel the pain of her death. She closed her eyes, tightly and had given up. It was time to put an end here.

                                                               -TO BE CONTINUED-

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 4

  It was forbidden for a student to hold another student's profile. Because of her curiosity, she decided to make an acceptable excuse to get her hands on Flint's profile. She went into Mr.William's office to ask for Flint's profile. Mr.William was sitting in his seat while doing some paper works which were scrambled on his desk. Mr.William didn't look so pleased when he saw Ellie was in front of his door.
  "What is your business here, Ms.Stone?" asked Mr.William.
  "Sir, it is an emergency. I must possess Flint Gordon's profile to make a report about him," explained Ellie.
  "A report? About Mr.Gordon? What report?"
  "Damn it!" She said in her head. What should she tell him? A report about what? She was not the head student of the school. If she was, she could lie that Flint had broken a rule. She got an idea.
  "It is for my Social Studies report. I must make a report about Mr.Gordon's history," she said.
  "Um? Why don't you interview him? That is more easier than getting your hands on his file," said Mr.William.
  She was expecting that. "I could but his story wont be so detailed. So I need the file for a detailed one"
  Mr.William looked down for a second. He was thinking. "I'm sorry Ms.Stone. But student's profile is prohibited for a student to possess. Even teachers cannot ask for a file freely. They must have an acceptable excuse for getting one" explained Mr.William.
  "But sir!"
  "Good day Ms.Stone" he ended his explanation by continuing his paper works.
  Ellie was admitting her defeat. She couldn't do anything to get that file. She was a student for crying out loud! 

  However, it didn't mean that she was giving up. She would do anything to get that file. She had an idea. She called upon a pair of 14-year-old twins to work with her. She gave them $15 each for their payment. She whispered to them. And they smiled. They agreed.
  "Mr.William! Mr.William!" one of the twins burst into Mr.William's office. Seemed like he was in trouble.
  "Good Heaven! Haven't you heard of knocking?" exclaimed Mr.William.
  "Mr.William! My twin brother has fainted in the hallway! Please go check on him!"
  "What!? Please! Show me the way!"
  As soon as Mr.William had left his office, Ellie quickly sneaked into his office. Bursting ever files inside the drawers, searching for the name "Flint Gordon". But it was nowhere to be found. However, she never heard of the word 'giving up'. She kept on searching for Flint's file. And finally, she found it! "Aha! There you are!" She browsed every paper in that file. Adopted parents death report, foster house, his grandparents' house. And a couple of his pictures. Nothing was interesting, nothing could tell her anything about him. This was useless.

  Oh no! Mr.William was outside! She could hear him from the office. What to do? Jumped out from the window? Hide under his desk? She could hear her heart beat, beating louder and louder as Mr.William was twisting the door knob. She had no choice but to hide under the desk. The principal had finally arrived. "Man! Kids these days! So many problems!" he babbled. He returned to his seat, unaware that Ellie was just beneath him. Suddenly, the principal noticed that one of his drawers was widely opened. "What the? Who went into my office?" He suddenly stood up, and walk towards the door. Ellie was still under the table, holding her mouth with her hands. As soon as she heard that the door was being closed, she crawled out from under the table and stood up.
  "It was you..."
  "Waaarrrgghh!!! You scared the Hell out of me! Huh!" yelled Ellie in shock.
  "What are you doing with the file when I clearly told you that you are forbidden from possessing it!?" exclaimed Mr.William.
  "I need to know about him! I just need to!" said Ellie.
  "Well Mr.Gordon needs to know that you are violating his privacy!"
  He went to his desk and grabbed his microphone and announced "This is the principal. Mr Flint Gordon, you must report yourself to my office this instant"

  Flint was studying in the cafeteria and was startled to hear his name was summoned. "What did I do wrong?" he whispered to himself.

  Mr.William glared at Ellie fiercely. He was totally disappointed in her. "You should be ashamed of yourself! How could you have a gut to breaking and entering a principal's office!?" Ellie remained quiet as she was feeling guilty. She shouldn't have been so obsessed about knowing someone. She could ask him herself. Someone was knocking the door. It was Flint.
  "Yes sir? You called me sir?" asked Flint.
  "Yes Mr.Gordon. Both of you! Please have a seat," offered Mr.William.
  Flint realized that Ellie was standing by the book rack with her head bowed. "Ellie?" asked Flint. But Ellie remained quiet. However, she did what Mr.William asked her to. She sat down in front of Mr.William's desk.
  "Did u notice that there is a stalker who has been stalking you, Mr.Gordon?" said Mr.William.
  "Who? Ellie?" Flint was confused.
  "Yes, she has been caught while she was sneaking into my office and searching for your profile, Mr.Gordon"
  "What!? Ellie!?"
  "Yes, I believe she has read your file Mr.Gordon. But don't worry, she'll be punished for what she had done"
  "Ellie, what part of me that you want to know? Why didn't you just asked me?" asked Flint in disappointment.
  "Ms.Stone, you have received 3 days of detention and for breaking and entering, you have to clean my office after school session before your detention class," explained Mr.William.
  "Yes... Sir..." she had finally spoken.
  "Now off you go!" exclaimed Mr.William.

  Ellie went outside with Flint. Flint couldn't believe that Ellie would do such a thing. He couldn't be more disappointed. "Ellie!" he screeched. But Ellie kept on walking, ignoring Flint. "Ellie!" Flint had to grab her arm and forced her to look at him. He gripped both of Ellie's shoulders and shook her.
  "Why did you do that Ellie? What part of me that you're so eager to know?"
  "I'm... Sorry..." said Ellie. She had dropped a tear. She couldn't believe that she had crushed Flint's heart. But she couldn't look at Flint. She was scared.
  "Please! I've suffered enough! Why are you doing this to me? Is this how a friend should treat a friend?"
  Ellie had enough. She was tired of being the victim. Now, it was her turn.
  "Because! Because you are strange! I saw a tattoo on your back! But when I checked, it was gone! And you grinned when you saw Garrett's body was being taken away! You knew about Judith before I told you about her! Why do you think I did that for if it wasn't for you!" yelled Ellie while crying. "I've been wanting to know you more but the more I know something about you the more I know that you are a strange guy!"
  "So that's it? Just because I was acting a little strange? That tattoo you had seen on my back, it wasn't a tattoo at all! It was a bandage because my back was killing me! Why did my back was killing me? Because Garrett, that fucking bully threw me on the floor! And I was kind of satisfied when I knew that I don't have to meet him anymore! But yeah! I did feel guilty because I felt satisfied! And Judith? I met her in the library when she was borrowing a book. I was there because I was lost and I needed to find the teacher's lounge! She told her name to that librarian so I overheard her. And then, when she returned to her seat, I saw you sitting in front of her. I thought 'oh wow! That girl is cute! I'll find her after this.'. And then I met you so I thought 'what if I surprise her by mentioning her best friend's name'? So that's it! That's my story. And I'm really sorry that I made you to think that I was acting so strange. I wish that we were never met. So goodbye. I wont be seeing you anymore. So I'm hoping that you are happy because there's no strange guy in your life anymore," explained Flint.
  Listening to Flint's explanation, Ellie was defeated. She knew that she was wrong. She made the biggest mistake in her high school life. Oh she wished that she had never done such a foolish act!

  She thought about what Flint had said that morning. To think back, it was all her fault. Flint had nothing to do with Garrett's death and those weirds things that she had imagined. He was innocent. She remembered that she was praying to God so that God would show her that Flint was innocent. And now, He had granted her wish. She was cleaning the principal's office with the principal observing her.
  "I hope that you have learned your lesson Ms.Stone," said Mr.William.
  "I did Mr.William. And I promise to myself and God that I will never do that again. It was such an embarrassment," said Ellie.
  "It was indeed. Now finish your work. I'll be waiting for you in detention"
  Mr.William was gone, leaving Ellie alone in his office. As soon as she finished her spring cleaning, she went out from the office and walked to detention class. However, when she arrived at the class, there was nobody there. Mr.William was not there yet. Or he went to the restroom.

  Suddenly, she heard a thudding sound, echoing through the hallway. It was not so loud, but audible. She could swear that she heard a roar too. She went out to investigate. Where did that noise come from? "Hello? Mr.William?" There was no answer. It was kind of creepy when there was no one in the hallway. It was like a ghost town.
  There was it again! But this time it was a sound of scratching. What could be scratching the wall? It was coming from the Men's Restroom. Should she open the door? Maybe it was just Mr.William. She could get another strike if she found Mr.William in the restroom. But it was so quiet. Like there was no one else except her. She had to open the door. Before she could even reach the door, there was red liquid flowing out from beneath the door. She assumed that would be the disinfectant, but it didn't smell like disinfectant. It was blood. She was about to throw up but she held it and bravely, she opened the door. The door was opened, showing the corpse of Mr.William with his neck twisted and his eye balls popping out from the socket and his mouth was widely gaped. His intestines had been dug out from him and his ribcage was opened, showing his bloody lungs and his heart was on the floor, soaked in blood. "Aaaaarrgggghhhh!!!!!" screamed Ellie hysterically. Suddenly, a hand fell off from the ceiling. It was Mr.William's. That was not all. A monster was crawling on the ceiling, showing its long tongue, scabby skin and its freaky yellow eyes. It had sharp claws, three on each hands and its backbone was popping. It was indeed a scary monster. Without any further thinking, Ellie ran as fast as she could towards the exit. That monster was pursuing her from behind, leaping like a frog, from wall to wall, from ceiling to floor and crawling like a spider. She couldn't believe of what she had seen. But running was the best action before thinking in this situation.
  She had finally reached outdoor before the monster. Suddenly, she ran into someone that she knew. It was Flint. He was wearing his sports gear. "Woah! Woah! Ellie! Calm down!" said Flint. Ellie was shaking as if she had been staying in a freezer for too long. And she couldn't breathe normally. She was very scared.
  "Ellie! What happened in there!?" asked Flint.
  "Th.. Th.. Th.. There w.. w.. was a monster! It k.. ki.. killed Mr.William!" stuttered Ellie.
  "What? What are you saying?"
  "I... I... In th.. th.. there! M.. M... Monster!"
  "Okay you stay here, I'll go check"
  "No! No! It w.. will kill y.. you!"
  "Please let me go! I've gotta check if you said that Mr.William is in trouble!"
  "I.. I'll f.. follow! I'll follow! I'll follow you! I'll follow.. I'll follow"
  "Alright but stay calm. It's okay. There's nothing will hurt you"

  They entered the school to search for Mr.William. Ellie was embracing Flint's hand tightly and her eyes went wild. She was so scared to see that monster and she hoped she would never see it again.
  "Where is he again?" asked Flint.
  "In th.. the restroom. He's d.. dead. I s.. s.. saw him"
  "Okay, okay. Stay calm. We'll find him okay?" Flint thought she was imagining it. He thought that there was no monster in this world.
  They kept on walking to the restroom. Flint didn't believe that Mr.William was dead. He thought that Ellie was so tired so that she was hallucinating. But he started to believe her as he saw a pool of blood outside the restroom. "I.. In th.. th.. there!" said Ellie. They were getting closer to the door and Flint could smell the horrible stench of the flesh. "What could have done this?" whispered Flint. As soon as he opened the door, he saw the bloody corpse, which had been torn apart. This time, the lower torso was hanging on a sink. It had changed the body's position. Flint closed his mouth with his hand. Ellie was right. Mr.William was dead, brutally killed by something. A monster...

                                                           -TO BE CONTINUED-

A Demon's Child - Part 3

  The sky was dark, it was about to rain. But they didn't care. A news that had surprised everyone in McKinley High. All of the students, gathering around with their cameras to take pictures of Garrett's body. Ellie and Flint were there, watching Garrett's body was being carried away on a stretcher. His body had been covered by a black plastic. But his hand popped out from the cover. His hand was bloody as if had been dipped into a pool of blood. There were several medics shouting commands on each other. The atmosphere was quite uncomfortable for her. It was like watching a horror movie but more horrific than the movie itself.

  She saw a man standing outside the school's door while talking on his walkie-talkie. He had a slim body with a square face and quite a scary looking man. "Dad!" yelled Ellie. It was her father, Detective Stone.
  "Ellie! What in the world are you doing here?" said Det.Stone.
  "I heard the news and I rushed here. I can't believe he's gone!" exclaimed Ellie.
  "It was beyond outrageous! I've never seen such thing before!"
  "What happened?" asked Ellie curiously.
  "His neck has been bitten by something! I assumed it was a wolf. We had contacted the Animal Control. They will take it from here"
  "A wolf? There's a wolf on the loose in this town!?" exclaimed Ellie.
  "Shh! Shh! Don't scream it out loud! We don't know yet. We are just assuming that it is. If it is true, that wolf would be gone by now"
  Ellie thought that her father may be right. She turned around to look at Flint. But there was something on his face. Guilt. He was looking at the ambulance with a guilty look. Somehow it did look like he was satisfied. Was it her or she just saw that Flint was grinning? He was such a mysterious boy.

  "I am very sure that he was grinning! Ugh! Why is it so hard for you to believe me?" yelled Ellie on the telephone.
  "Ellie, look. He is new and he doesn't know anything or anyone in that school yet. How come he could be satisfied when he found out that Garrett is dead?" said Judith.
  "Judith! Ugh! I'm feeling like slapping you right now!"
  "It is relevant, isn't it? Ellie, don't be mad at me. I'm just thinking what is rational and what is preposterous. That's all"
  "... You're right. Maybe I shouldn't be too hard on him" Then, Ellie felt that her phone was vibrating. It was a call from Flint. She wondered what did he want at the time like this. "Hold on. I got a call," she said to Judith. She accepted the call.
  "Hey Flint," said Ellie.
  "Um? Hey Ellie. I'm going to ask you something," explained Flint.
  "Yes? Carry on"
  "Err? Um? Never mind. I'll see you at school" He hung up.
  That was strange. She was starting to feel that Flint was a very strange person. But her feelings toward Flint were still there. She always felt that talking to Flint could calm her down. And he mentioned that he liked it when she held his hand. This weird feeling... Was overwhelming Ellie... Was Flint a person who could be trusted? But he was innocent. He looked innocent. He acted innocent. Should she trust him? She didn't want a broken heart. Maybe Flint would do something that could wreck her heart. She didn't understand this feeling. This peculiar feeling...

  3 days after Garrett's death, everyone returned to their daily routine in school. Some maybe had forgotten about the incident. Some maybe not. It was raining outside. Ellie could see the raindrops hit the window like needles. She didn't pay attention what was the teacher was talking about. She saw Judith was jotting down every single word that came out from the teacher's mouth. She looked at Flint. He was flicking every page of his book, trying to be ensured that the teacher was speaking the truth. Seemed like it. "Huh?" she said. What was that? She was confused. Was that really what she thought it was? Yes. She saw a weird looking tattoo on Flint's deltoid. It looked like a star. A black star. How come she didn't realize it before? Suddenly, Flint turned his head around and looked at her. He smiled. However, this time she didn't feel what she felt when she saw his smile at the first time. It looked like a grin. The same grin she saw when Garrett's body was being carried away. She was praying to God that Flint wasn't the one who responsible for Garrett's death. But how could he? He was with her at Starbucks. He didn't have the time to return to school just to kill Garrett. "Oh God. Please tell me that I'm wrong about Flint. He's innocent. I know it. But somehow..." she whispered to herself.

  Flint was exchanging his book at his locker.  His locker was normal, nothing peculiar that would make people wonder. "Flint!" Suddenly, a voice called him. It was Ellie. He smiled again.
  "Ellie! What brings you here?" he asked.
  "Um? I just want to see what my friend is up to. So what are you up to?" asked Ellie.
  "I'm just exchanging my books for the next class. Hehe.. So do you have plan after school?"
  "No not really, I'm kinda...Oh!" she suddenly slapped on Flint's deltoid.
  "Argh! What was.."
  "There! Gotcha! It was a big ant. I was afraid it was going to bite you. Let me see if you got bitten or not"
  Ellie examined on his deltoid, just to search for that tattoo. Her eyes bulged as she couldn't find the tattoo on his deltoid. How could that possibly be? It was impossible! He couldn't remove it in a short time!
  "Is there any bite mark?" asked Flint.
  "... No... Nothing at all. There's nothing there"
  Flint could see the confusion in Ellie's face. He just couldn't understand why.
  "Ellie? Are you okay?" asked Flint.
  "Huh? Yeah! I'm okay. Just feeling a little bit dizzy"
  "Hey take it easy okay? Here.." he searched into his locker and produced a tablet of Paracetamol. "Take this. It will make you feel better"
  She grabbed it. "Thanks. I gotta go now"

  Leaving Flint behind, she was still thinking about the tattoo. "You're welcome!" yelled Flint from behind. That was too crazy! Or she was going crazy? That was insane! Or she was losing her sanity! That was out of her mind! Or she was losing her mind. She couldn't understand. Where did that tattoo go? She swore to God that she saw a tattoo on Flint. But now, it disappeared. Maybe she was imagining it? Or maybe she was too tired replying messages on her Facebook. No. She never felt that way. Her father always said that "The only thing that can make things straight, is to investigate about it" That was her plan. She was going to investigate about Flint Gordon. It was the time to get things straight.

                                                            -TO BE CONTINUED- 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 2

  Ellie saw Judith was playing with her pencil while digging her face into her opened book. She knew that Judith was tired. Judith was the most hardworking girl in her school. She used to study 24/7 and finished her assignments at the first day of summer. On top of that, she didn't really spend much time on summer. Her books were her life. Ellie knew that her friend never had time for shopping, gossiping, or chatting on Facebook. Once she coaxed her to do so, but Judith refused. Judith was not a boring girl. She made people wonder ; how did she live with all her books that she was carrying.
  Ellie sat next to Judith, waking her up because the class was almost starting. Then, Ellie found out that she wasn't sleeping at all. Judith was memorizing every point that she had read in that book. Quite an amazing girl.
  "Oh Ellie. Did you find anything at the cafeteria?" asked Judith.
  "Sorry, no. I was kind of busy with the principal," said Ellie.
  "Mr.William? What for?"
  "Nothing. It was not my business and either yours. I was guiding Flint to him"
  "Oh okay. Wait, who's this Flint?"
  Ellie was surprised by Judith's question. Then, how did Flint know about her?
  "Flint? Flint Gordon? Don't you know him?" explained Ellie.
  "No, I don't think so. Is he new here?"
  "Yeah, but? I thought you knew him. He said... Never mind"
  Ellie was confused. "Oh and tell Judith I said Hi, okay?" Flint's line was starting to confuse her. Or maybe Flint knew Judith from Facebook. After all, he did choose to join her class. But wait a second, Judith had NO Facebook.

  Suddenly, Mr.Harvard burst into the classroom and put his books onto his table. He was about to announce a news. However, Ellie was expecting that news. She knew what Mr.Harvard was going to tell the class. He looked pleased and calmer than before. Maybe he was happy that Flint was entering the class, so he could threw chalks at the new student. Maybe he was bored to throw chalks at the old students.
  "Good evening class. I have a news for all of you," announced Mr.Harvard.
  All students remained quiet and curious, wondering what was the wonderful news he was going to tell.
  "Today, we are welcoming a new student. His name is Flint Gordon. He is joining our class, so I hope you, students, can accept him here," continued Mr.Harvard. "Come in please, Mr.Gordon, and take your seat. Your seat is next to the globe"
  Flint was peeking his new classroom from outside. Then, shyly he entered the classroom and search for an empty seat next to the globe that Mr.Harvard was telling him about. Ellie then quickly told Judith that that was Flint she was talking about.
  "See? That's Flint Gordon I was telling you about," said Ellie.
  "I can see that," said Judith sarcastically.
  "Errh! Whatever!"

  At the end of the class, Ellie was heading to her locker. Suddenly, someone called her her by her name. She turned around and saw Flint running toward her. Was it so important until he had to run? He panted as he reached Ellie. Was it her or was there someone turning on 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift? His hair was fair and he had brown eyes and his face was flawless. She thought "Is this what people call 'Love at the first sight'?" She doubted it because she didn't know Flint so much.
  "Yes Flint?" she asked.
  "Err? I was wondering if you can go have a cup of coffee with me?" offered Flint.
  "Uh? Are you asking me out?"
  "Is it that obvious?"
  Ellie nodded. Was he for serious? Or maybe he just wanted to know her better. Or was it a date?
  "Um? I'm sorry if I startled you like this," said Flint shyly. "I'm sorry. I should go now," stuttered Flint.
  He was about to leave but Ellie grabbed his arm and stopped him from leaving her. He stopped and looked at his arm, being grabbed by Ellie. At first, he was shy. But then, he felt....
  "Wait. Maybe I can spend some times with you. I have nothing to do at home anyway," said Ellie.
  "Are you sure? It's okay if you don't feel comfortable about this. It's okay if you want to leave now," replied Flint.
  "No. It's okay. I'll be happy to"
  Flint smiled. Oh how excited Ellie was when she saw his smile. She felt her blood was pumping through her vein and she felt so relived. "Um? Can i have my hand back?" said Flint. Oh that was embarrassing! She didn't realize that she was still holding his hand. She let go of his hand, bashfully. "Um? I should go now. Meet me at 4 at Starbucks, okay?" said Flint again. Ellie nodded and she went away, leaving Flint behind.

  Unfortunately, Flint encountered with the bullies in the school when he was on the way to his locker. They were waiting for him in front of the restrooms. Leaning against their back on the wall, they were obviously up to no good. They confronted him, with a cynical expression.
  "So! This is the new student, huh?" said one of the bullies. His name was Garrett.
  "He looks like a son of a garbage trucker," said Jesse.
  With his bravery, Flint spoke "Look guys, I don't want any trouble. I just started here"
  "Well, well, well. Look who's talking? Newbies should know that we rule here. There's no one could bring us down"
  "The only one who rules this school is Mr.William! And it is degrading Mr.William if you said you are the one who rules the school!"
  Garrett, the big boss, grabbed him by the collar and warned him "You better watch your mouth! Black people shouldn't rule anything in America! It's me who rules this school and you better know it or else!"
  "Watch me!" said Flint bravely.
  Garrett threw him on the floor and stepped on Flint's neck. "You're brave. But not for long," Garrett warned him. They left Flint on the floor. Everyone looked at Flint, trying to help but too scared of Garrett. So they just continued with their routines. "Fuck you!" yelled Flint while punching the floor.

  Garrett was a captain of their school's basketball team. He wondered around the gym while waiting for his teammates. Unfortunately, he wasn't a patient boy. He loved to be waited not waiting for someone. It was quiet. Of course it was. The school session had ended. Suddenly, he heard someone was entering the gym. "Finally!" he yelled. However when he turned around, there was no one in sight. He was alone in the gym. Strange, he swore he heard someone walked through that door. "Hello?" he yelled. "Is anyone there?" But no one answered. But wait, there was someone under the bench. He was staring at Garrett under there. "Hey! Come out here and practice now!" However that guy didn't budge. He stayed under there. Garrett, angrily, strutted toward the bench. However, when he looked behind the bench, there was no one there. It was dark and dirty and dusty under there. "Shit! This guy is fooling around with me!" said Garrett angrily. But as he looked up, there was a monster, looking straight into his eyes. The monster was hideous! It had yellow eyes and a very long tongue! Its face was scabby and it had scruffy hair. Garrett was astonished to see the monster and he was about to run away. Unfortunately, it was too late. The monster had pounced on him and ripped off his flesh from his neck. Garrett was speechless, in agonizing pain. Blood had sprayed everywhere. He was dead, and couldn't give any alarm that he was under attack. His body was soaked with his own blood. The monster leaped away and disappeared.

  Jesse entered the gym while saying his sorry that he was late. He could think that Garrett will give him a flushy after this. But he didn't mind. At least Garrett wouldn't cast him away from the team. But...
  "Garrett, I'm so sorry dude! I have some problems with my girlfriend!" he said. But Garrett couldn't be found. Jesse spotted a pool of blood next to the bench and he was curious whose blood was it. So he went to examined. He was in shock when he saw Garrett's body drowned in his own blood, with his eyes bulged and his mouth widely opened. His neck was ravaged and there was blood everywhere. He was obviously dead. "Oh my God, Garrett!!"

  Ellie and Flint was talking inside Starbucks Cafe. They seemed to enjoy themselves, knowing each other. Flint loved to see Ellie's brunette hair and her hazel green eyes. She was totally a beautiful lady.
  "Flint! You're so funny! I can't believe you would make that kind of joke!" said Ellie.
  "You're not bad too, Ellie. I never met a girl like you. You're so different," said Flint.
  "Haha! I'm not who you think I am. Say, where was your previous school?"
  "This is my first time studying in a school. My adopted mother taught me. I lived in a countryside so it was hard to find a school. But thank God my adopted mom was highly educated."
  "Oh. You were adopted?"
  "Yeah. But my adopted parents died in a car accident when I was celebrating my 15th birthday"
  "Oh God! I'm so sorry! I didn't know"
  "It's okay, Ellie. I'm living with my adopted grandparents now. They said that I have to turn over a new leaf"
  "That's amazing!" she was curious. "Can I ask you something? If you don't want to answer it, then it's alright"
  "What is it? Just ask me anything"
  "Do you know your biological parents?"
  Flint's expression had changed. Whether he was uncomfortable with the question or he was sad to review his history.
  "I don't know. I never found them. My adopted parents said that I was found at a graveyard. No one knows who my parents are"
  "Oh. I'm sorry. That's so sad. But it's okay. I'll be your friend okay?" said Ellie while holding Flint's hand. Flint smiled once more and he was happy that he got a new friend, a friend who was as nice as Ellie.
  "I like it when you hold my hand," he said.
  Ellie laughed when she heard that. Suddenly, her phone rang loudly. It was a text message from Judith. She was in shock when she read the text. Flint saw her face and he wanted to know what was wrong.
  "Is there something wrong, Ellie?"
  "Oh my. Garrett is dead!"

                                                         -TO BE CONTINUED-

A Demon's Child - Part 1

  She didn't know what she was doing. All she knew that her problems were behind her. Her name was Ellie. She had a rough time with her assignments last summer. But now, she was finally free from them, except for one assignment. She was in the school library, flicking every pages of her History text book. As far as she concerned, she never liked History lesson. Her only reasons were ; it was boring, her teacher was boring. Her friend was sitting in front her and she knew that Ellie had nothing to accomplish and was totally bored of History.
  "Ellie? If you don't feel like studying History, you can go now," said Judith.
  "What choices do I have? If Mr.Harvard finds out that I never done any of my assignment, I'll be dead by tomorrow," said Ellie.
  "I've been observing you since we got in here. You don't study at all"
  "Yeah, that's because I'm so bored and have nothing else to do! I mean, who cares about History anyway?"
  "I do"
  Ellie glared at Judith. She was upset and bored and annoyed by Judith. She was waiting for the bell eagerly. She could not wait for the recess bell to ring. Actually there was nothing interesting about the cafeteria. She just wanted to escape from learning History. She could do it later, in her bed while sipping lemonade and chatting on her Facebook.
  The bell finally rang. She could not describe how happy she was at that moment. No more History. History was history.
  "Huh! Finally! Want to grab something at the cafeteria?" she asked Judith.
  "Nah! You go ahead. I'll be in class after this. Meet me there, kay?"
  "Sure, cool. I'll meet you there."

  She was on the way to the cafeteria and suddenly she ran into a guy and forced her to drop all of her books. The books scattering on the floor. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" yelled Ellie. That guy quickly collected her books on the floor and gave it back to her. Suddenly, Ellie's intention to be mad at the guy was gone. She was amazed by the guy's looks and his chivalry.
  "I'm so sorry. I'm in a hurry," the guy spoke.
  "Th.. That's okay. Say, I never seen you before. Are you new here?" said Ellie.
  "Umm? Yeah. I was looking for the principal office. Can you show me where it is?"
  "Err.. I'm on my way to the cafeteria but I think I can spare some times for you"
  "Thanks a lot, err?"
  He seemed nice and Ellie started to like his politeness. He was introducing himself but Ellie was still amazed by his looks and left the guy to stare at Ellie. And then, she returned to Earth.
  "Oh! I'm Ellie, Ellie Stone"
  "I'm Flint Gordon"
  "Oh okay. Umm? Can we go now? 'cause I'm kind of rushing right now"
  "Sure, no problem"
  So Ellie lead Flint to the principal office. She wondered what was Flint's business to see the principal. She assumed that he wanted to get the principal's permission to join a classroom.

  And now there she was and Flint in front of the principal's desk. She thought of leaving Flint with the principal, alone but she was curious about Flint. So she stayed with him. The principal was black and fat. He looked like a man who watched football and ate chicken wings every night. His name was Mr.William. He looked at Flint pleasantly.
  "Ahh! Mr.Gordon! I was expecting your presence! Have you found the class you want to join?" said Mr.William.
  "Yes and I've met the class teacher for approval and he said that I must seek for your permission," explained Flint.
  "Very well then. Uh.." Mr.William stopped as he saw that Ellie was standing behind Flint and was doing absolutely nothing. She supposed to be in the cafeteria as he wondered. "Miss Stone, what is your business here?"
  "Oh! Umm? Nothing! Umm? He is new. So.. I'm his guide. So.. Yeah.." explained Ellie.
  Mr.William stared at Ellie, confusingly. Ellie turned her head away to evade any sudden questions from him.
  "Where were we?" asked Mr.William.
  "I was asking for your permission. You need to sign this," said Flint.
  "Oh yes! Hand me that paper please?" Mr.William examined the paper while holding his pen. "Class 10A. You are with Miss Stone here. Miss Stone?"
  "Mm? Yes sir?" said Ellie.
  "Did you or did you not influence Mr.Gordon to join you?"
  Why did he say that? Ellie was wondering if the principal thought that she was the one who dragged Flint to her classroom just to flirt with him. Usually, her principal thought that way.
  "No I didn't! I just met him and he was wandering around to search for your office and I didn't have a clue that he was going into my class," babbled Ellie.
  "Very well then. Mr.Gordon, welcome to McKinley High!" he signed on Flint's approval letter.

  At the hallway, Flint was still with Ellie. Ellie didn't understand her feeling. She felt happy that Flint was going into her class. For some reason, she felt that she knew Flint.
  "So Ellie, congratulation! You just got yourself a new classmate!" said Flint.
  "There's no need to congratulate me but I'm happy that you're going into my class," replied Ellie.
  "Hey, I thought you were rushing to the cafeteria?"
  "It's okay. It's not like I'm getting a new classmate everyday"
  "Haha! Well, it's true. Hey, I'm going to the teacher's lounge to give this to Mr.Harvard. I'll see you in class! Oh and tell Judith I said Hi, okay?"
  "Will do Flint! See you later!"
  Then, Ellie remembered something. Something that she never told Flint about. How did Flint know about Judith? She never told him about her. She turned around to search for Flint. However, Flint was no longer in sight. Rationally, Ellie thought that Flint and Judith had met before. Maybe Judith knew Flint before she did.

                                                          -TO BE CONTINUED-