Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 10 (Season Finale)

  After the gruesome incident at McKinley warehouse, Ellie and Flint had been rained by questions, interviews and tabloids. They couldn't live in peace. Everyone was asking them preposterous questions about the vicious murders and making defamations about them. The news were telling stories about them, every single thing was absolutely bashing them.
  "...gruesome murders that had been reported lately..."
  "...involving two students of McKinley High..."
  "...only suspects..."
  "...telling such a fairytale story about a demon..."
  "...a monster that murdered everybody..."
  "...assumed that they are on drugs..."
  "...absurd hallucination about a monster..."
  "..insolent children telling horrific story..."
  They couldn't live with it anymore. Those were just the news flash. Everyday they could see their names in local newspaper, making false conclusions about them. "DEMON HUNTERS ON DRUGS""STUDENTS MURDERED PRINCIPAL""AN UNBELIEVABLY FOOLISH FACT". Why couldn't they let Ellie and Flint live in peace? They had been through a lot of things and were saving the town, but was this how they repay for what Ellie and Flint had done? People were being cruel to them. So they had to move on.

  Ellie sat on the sofa, watching a news about her. She was feeling massively disappointed with the citizens of McKinley. For what she had accomplished, this was the prize for her. She knew that her life wouldn't be the same again. People would keep on ambushing her with absurd questions. That would take her sanity away, she could become crazy. When she returned to school, everyone was looking at her like she was a corrupted child who had use so many drugs and was hallucinating about the demon. She knew she was sober, even the blood test had proven that she was squeaky clean from drugs. She never touched them before. But what could she do? No one believed in her anymore. For them, Ellie was an unfortunate child.

  Flint thought it was time for him to move on. He had to protect Ellie from the citizens of McKinley. For all he cared about, Ellie must live in happiness. However, he knew that he wasn't doing a great job. Ellie always on the phone with him, almost everyday, crying about her new life. Flint couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to live with Ellie in happiness. Ellie had always been mocked and insulted by the bullies at school, and for the sake of Ellie, he fought with them, but he was the one that brought bruises back home. Ellie was touched to see Flint was willing to sacrifice himself for her. However, SHE couldn't watch him being tortured everyday.

  Detective Stone and Flint's grandparents had discuss about their problem and they had decided to move them away from McKinley, where it would be safe and peaceful. However, Ellie and Flint didn't agree with the plan. Ellie fought with her father because she didn't want to move away from Flint. She knew that she would be separated from Flint and only God knows when they would be meeting again. It was the same for Flint. His grandparents decided to give him away to a priest who they knew very well in New York. His late adopted mother was a nun, so they thought it would be better if Flint lived with a priest. At first, Flint refused, but to think again, Flint knew if they were separated, Ellie would get her life back and she would be happy. He knew that Ellie wouldn't have the heart to leave him and probably would be miserable without him, but he wanted her to be in peace from the people of McKinley. He decided to go on with his grandparents's plan.
  "You can't just go away, and act like this never happened before!" yelled Ellie at Flint.
  "Ellie! Listen! I can't stand from hearing and watching you cry almost everyday! And I can't let you be in sorrow! So I had to, Ellie! It is the only way that we can escape this," said Flint.
  "What? You think I'm not gonna suffer when you're gone? Like I'm not gonna be in sorrow when you're not there with me?"
  "At least you can live in peace! There's no other people who look at you like a crazy person! I don't want that to happen to you and I don't want this 'thing' to continue! We have to move away, Ellie. That's the best solution"
  "Then what happen if we don't see each other again? Sit there and live in peace?"
  "We will. We need to be patient until the day we'll see each other again. And I promise to you, I will wait for that day"
  Ellie couldn't hold her sadness. She hugged Flint and cried sorrowfully. She didn't have a heart to leave Flint. She needed Flint to be with her. "Don't worry, Ellie. We'll be together again, and I'm very sure after we do, we'll be happy again. But right now we have to sacrifice for each other. And I don't want to see you cry again. Promise to me that you wont cry again, okay?" said Flint coaxingly. Ellie nodded but her face was soaked in tears. Flint was right. They would be seeing each other again. All they need to do was to wait for that day.

  At the railway station, Det.Woods, Det.Stone, Ellie and Flint was waiting for the train patiently. The station was crowded with people, some of them were going to work and maybe some of them were going on a trip, but she doubt any of those people were escaping from tabloids except her and Flint. Suddenly, Det.Stone and Det.Woods took out a present for each of them. It was wrapped in a shiny wrapper and was dark blue and was kind of small as a size of a purse or a wallet. They thought it was a purse or a wallet.
  "Here, we have something for you before you go," said Det.Woods.
  "We thought you might need it now," said Det.Stone.
  "Thank you," said Ellie and Flint together.
  Ellie and Flint took their presents and were about to put it inside their travelling bags, but suddenly were stopped by both of the detectives.
  "Wait! Don't you want to know what's inside?" said Det.Stone.
  "We can open it when we have arrived," said Flint.
  "No! You have to get it opened now! You'll regret it if you don't," said Det.Woods.
  Ellie and Flint unwrapped the wrapper and produced a box which had a picture of a digital camera on it. It was a digital camera, obviously. They were surprised to see it and took out the camera from the box immediately. Ellie's was silver coloured and Flint's was dark blue. They were right, they needed it right at that moment.
  "We thought that you might want to take pictures of each other, so we bought you these," said Det.Woods.
  "Thank you! Thank you Olivia! Thank you dad!" said Ellie cheerfully.
  "How are we going to make it up to you?" said Flint merrily.
  "Get that thing fired up and keep on taking pictures!" said Det.Stone happily. "It has been loaded with batteries so you don't have to trouble yourself from buying the batteries here," he continued.
  Ellie and Flint turned on their cameras and viewed the surrounding on the LCD screen of the camera. It was absolutely clear and very sharp. Must be very expensive, they thought.
  "Hey Flint! Smile!" said Ellie. Flint stood stationary while pointing at his new camera and smiled sweetly. Ellie clicked on the button as soon as she got a better view of Flint.
  "Your turn," said Flint. Just like Flint, Ellie posed cutely with her new camera and smiled beautifully.
  Det.Stone and Det.Woods giggled as they watched the kids's act. Suddenly, an announcement was made, saying that a train to New York was arriving. Flint heard the announcement and suddenly, his mood changed.
  "Um? Ellie... That's my ride. I have to get across that bridge," said Flint.
  "Uh? Yeah sure. I'll see you later, okay Flint?" said Ellie calmly.
  "Yeah. You too Ellie. Good luck with your life"
  Ellie nodded. Every single cell in her body was telling her to not let Flint go off from her sight. However, she fought it. She had to let him go on with his life. She was confused, her heart beat was beating faster and she couldn't control her emotion, but she promised to Flint that she wouldn't cry again. She was biting her nail nervously. Flint was about to step on the stair of the bridge to get across. She stood there stationary and watched him from afar. "Flint!" screamed Ellie. Flint turned around and saw Ellie was running towards him. As soon as she reached him, she hugged him tightly and kissed him on the lips. Flint held her cheeks and locked his lips on Ellie's. It was both beautiful and saddest moment of their lives.

  Ellie let go of his face and stared at him in the eyes, so was Flint. Her heart beat was suddenly slowing down and she had fulfilled her wish. She smiled and continued to hug Flint tightly. "I love you, Flint, and I always do," said Ellie emotionally. Flint caressed her hair and touched her fluffy cheeks again. "I love you too, Ellie, and I always do," replied Flint romantically. They let go off each other. Flint gave Ellie a quick and final smooch and stared into her beautiful eyes once again. It was time for him to leave her. He went up the bridge and had crossed to the other side of the station. He waved at Ellie and Ellie replied him with a swift wave.

  Suddenly, her mind was playing all of her memories with Flint like videos on YouTube. The time she looked at Flint at the first time they met, the time she put her hand on Flint's hand in the cafe, the time he hugged her, the time he calmed her down at her house, the time he carried her on his back and much much more. It was absolutely beautiful and the most happiest moment in her life. She had found her one true love. Flint's train had arrived and he entered the train and sat near the window to look at Ellie for the final time. He put his hand on the window, and Ellie could see his sorrow. She wanted to faint, she wanted to die. She couldn't live without Flint. But she had to, for Flint and for herself. A minute had passed and the train had moved, inches by inches and finally sped up. Her eyes followed the train, looking at Flint until the train had disappeared from her sight. She dropped a single tear but she couldn't cry, feeling sad was enough. There was no need to cry. It was not the end, it was more like an ending of an episode. Another episode was awaiting and she hoped that one of them was an episode which she would be meeting Flint again. Flint had gone, but not forever. They would see each other again. They'd promised.

  4 years later, Ellie was 20 and was walking in her 5-inches heels on the street of New York. She worked there now. She was working as a secretary in a modelling agency. She was on the phone with her boss, asking her about the progress of the new upcoming modelling show in Los Angeles. She had given so many ideas to her boss, and her boss was impressed with her enthusiastic ideas. She then went into a yellow taxi, which was waiting for passenger. "6th Avenue please?" said Ellie to the taxi driver. The taxi driver nodded and started driving. "Okay, Mr.Luther. Okay, okay, I'll see what I can do sir. Okay sir. Good day sir," said Ellie. She then lay her head on the window, looking outside. Then, she looked into her Gucci handbag and produced a camera. She switched it on and looked at the picture of someone she loved so much. Flint Gordon, 4 years ago. She smiled alone and wished that she would meet him again.

  Flint was eating his sandwich in Beau goût, a French cafe. He was wearing a hooded jacket and a pair of light blue jeans. His hair was long and a face that hadn't been shaved for a while. Even though he sounded messy, he was loaded with money. If he wasn't he wouldn't be sitting in a French cafe. He looked into his jacket's pocket and took out a camera. He turned it on and browsed through pictures and finally stared at Ellie's picture. He smiled and hoped that they would meet again someday. He glanced at his wristwatch and it showed 3pm. "My God! I'm late!" he said. He went to the cashier and paid for his quick lunch. He then waited for a taxi but strangely, there was no taxi in sight. Suddenly, there was a taxi showed up from the corner and was approaching him. "Taxi!" he summoned. He noticed that there was a lady in the taxi, and he knew that the taxi wouldn't stop. Unexpectedly, it stopped, and the lady went out from the taxi while looking at her camera. Quickly, he held the door and accidentally knocked the lady's camera off from her grip. The camera made a snapping sound from the fall. Without looking, he apologized.
  "I'm so sorry! I'm very late!" said Flint.
  "It's okay. It's okay" said the lady.
  Flint went into the taxi and asked the driver to take him to the Central Park. They went off as soon as he told the driver his destination.

  Ellie was picking up her camera because a guy just knocked it off as soon as she dismounted from the taxi. She examined her camera, worried that it might be busted from the fall. She noticed that the camera accidentally snapped a picture of the guy who had ran into her. At first, she wanted to delete that anonymous picture, but suddenly... She recognized the man. She looked for the taxi, but it was no longer in sight. It had disappeared. "Flint..." she said slowly. It was Flint. She had bumped into him. So close for them to see each other again. However, she wasn't feeling worried. They might see each other again. Both of them lived in New York. They will meet again. One day...

                                                                   -THE END-

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