Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 7

  Detective Stone was back from the hospital. However, he couldn't his mind off of Ellie. He was still worried. Why did she traveled all the way to the forest with Flint? Whose bike did Flint ride with Ellie? And who did break into the house from the window of his kitchen? He had a lot of work to do now, searching for the answers. Meanwhile, he was being haunted by mysteries.
  "Detective Stone!" called a voice from an office.
  Det.Stone responded immediately. "Yes Detective Woods?" said Det.Stone.
  "I need you to step into my office after this. The sooner the better"
  "Priority level?"
  "... It's about your daughter"
  Det.Woods was a female detective. Blonde and skinny. Det.Stone went into Det.Woods's office. It was small but quite comfortable. However, Det.Stone wanted to know what she was going to tell him about Ellie. He was curious, and worried.
  "What is it Det.Woods?" said Det.Stone.
  "Det.Stone, I am very, truly sorry about what happened to Ellie but right now we can't deny the fact that she might be one of our suspect," explained Det.Woods.
  Suspect? Ellie was a suspect in this chaotic incident? How could that be?
  "A suspect? What do you mean by 'a suspect'?" asked Det.Stone.
  "We believe that Ellie has something to do with these homicides," said Det.Woods while handing over several pictures to Det.Stone.
  Det.Stone browsed those pictures carefully. Garrett, Mr.William and some bikers were brutally killed in that pictures. How could Ellie kill all these people?  She couldn't have the strength to rip off flesh with her own hands!
  "This is preposterous. My daughter wouldn't do such a horrible thing!" exclaimed Det.Stone.
  "I know and I know Ellie and I know she wouldn't do such thing. But right now, we must investigate. Prove it to the chief that she has nothing to do with this"
  "Det.Woods, I invited you over to celebrate Ellie's every birthday! And I invited you to see her talent show in her school! And you gave her your $400 Rolex wristwatch on her 14th Christmas and she is still wearing it! How could NOT you prove it to the chief yourself!?" yelled Det.Stone while slamming Det.Woods's table.
  "Det.Stone... Harold... I understand how are you feeling right now. And I know and know it VERY well that Ellie is innocent. But right now, order is an order. We must do as the chief asks us to do before he throws us on the street. Okay? Just calm down and we'll go through this" coaxed Det.Woods.
  Det.Stone remained silenced. He didn't know what to say, thinking why was this happening to his daughter. She was the only thing that was important to him. He continued to browse through the pictures. Suddenly he saw something new in that pictures. Death of Bikers. He never knew this before. Or he was too busy with Ellie to know about this.
  "This is new. Where did it happen?" asked Det.Stone.
  "That happened on the night we filed Ellie's disappearance. According to one of the survivors, who is currently staying in our supervision and has a terrible shock, he saw Ellie walked into the pub that night, searching for helps. According to him, he remembered that a boy who was with Ellie, Flint Gordon was mentioning about a monster, a maniac was pursuing them," explained Det.Woods.
  "Does he remember who killed the bikers?"
  "He couldn't remember very well. He said it was chaotic. All of the sudden, everybody was screaming and running away from something"
  Wait a minute. He remembered something. He remembered when he arrived at McKinley High to investigate Mr.William's body. "It was the monster! It killed Mr.William! And now it is coming after me!" Ellie was crying and yelling at him. Was it really a 'monster' which had caused this chaotic incident?
  "Det.Stone? Is there something on your mind right now?" said Det.Woods.
  "How about if you and I become monster hunters?"
  Det.Woods was confused. She stared at Det.Stone blankly, really had no idea what was Det.Stone was talking about. Or he had lost it?

  Ellie was feeding porridge to Flint since Flint's right arm was currently 'unavailable'. She wiped off the remaining porridge on Flint's lips with her bare fingers. It seemed like Flint was thinking about something. He was eating slowly. "Flint? Is there something wrong?" said Ellie. However, Flint just shook his head. She knew that something was wrong. Ellie continued to feed Flint. She found it cute when she fed Flint and wiped Flint's mouth.
  "Ellie?" Flint finally spoke.
  "Yes Flint?"
  "What did you mean by 'saying its name will weaken the demon'?"
  Ellie remembered that line when she was in her dream world. Was she the one who told Flint that? All she remembered that Flint was the one who told her.
  "What do you mean?" asked Ellie.
  "Before I woke up, I had a dream, where I saw you. You said 'saying its name will weaken the demon'. Did I say it wrong?"
  "Flint... Where were you in that dream?"
  "... In a flower garden"
  Ellie remembered the garden when Flint told her something about a demon. Was it a clue? That was it? By saying its name would defeat the monster? She remembered that she saw Flint's past. She wondered if Flint saw hers too.
  "Did you remember anything else? Like my past life?" asked Ellie eagerly.
  "I saw your mother"
  "My mother?"
  "She fought with Death for you. I saw her in the labour room, fighting so hard for you. She died when you've made it, if I'm not mistaken"
  It was true. Her mother had sacrificed her life for Ellie. Ellie looked down. She was missing her mother. However, she thought that that wasn't important. Right now she had to ask him what did she say in his dream world.
  "Forget about that Flint. Do you remember what I said in your dream?" said Ellie.
  "You told me not to be scared because you'll always be with me and you'll fight with the monster with me until the end. And you told me that by saying the monster's name will weaken it," said Flint.
  "Flint, I had the same dream. You told me that too. I think it is a clue on how to defeat the monster"
  Flint wasn't sure if he was following but he was trying. "Meaning? We can't defeat the monster?"
  "Yes, if we found out its host's name. That 'thing' we encountered is a demon. It is possessing someone. If we scream its host's name, it can be exorcised. That's it! That's the clue! We have to find out its host's name!"
  "But how? We don't know anything about that demon. Yes it will be WEAKENED by saying the host's name but we don't know on how to KILL it," explained Flint.
  "Hmm..." Then she thought of something. "Can you walk?" said Ellie cynically.

  They walked out of the hospital and headed towards the parking lot. They were sneaking out and Ellie didn't feel freaked out or scared. But Flint? "Ellie are you out of your mind? They'll be contacting the police to search for us!" He didn't feel the same way. Ellie ignored him and continued walking and search for the right car. "Cover me, Flint!" commanded Ellie. She approached a 1994 Honda Civic and tried to infiltrate the car using her hair clips. "Are you crazy!? The police will bust us after this!" exclaimed Flint. Ellie was kind of annoyed but she had to be patient when she was doing something.
  "Ellie!" said Flint.
  "Flint! Can you at least be a little bit calmer? So I can do my job here?" explained Ellie.
  Flint gave up. He had no idea what Ellie was going to do. "There! Get in Flint!" commanded Ellie. Flint did what she asked him to do. In the car, by using the hair clips, she wanted to get the car fired up.
  "Ellie, I'm not feeling good about this," said Flint.
  "Well I'm not feeling too but what choice do we have?"
  "Uh? I dunno? Tell your dad about the monster and try to finish it all together?" said Flint sarcastically.
  "Oh yeah! Like he's going to believe us anyway. People don't trust us, Flint. If we say something that makes them think 'It's a bullshit', they'll assume that we are on drugs or weeds or pots, since we are teenagers. If we're going to end this, we have to do it in our way, or get locked up in that hospital, doing nothing until that monster comes to us and rips our guts off. Do you want that to happen? No, 'cause I don't. Now if you excuse me, I want to get this car on," explained Ellie.
  Flint once again gave up. She was right though. Before the police get them locked up inside the ward just for an observation. They have been involved in a massacre in the pub so the police will get them first.

  The car roared. Ellie had made it! She felt so relieved that the car had started. 
  "How in the world you did that, Ellie? Have you ever done this before?" asked Flint.
  "No. I watched it on TV so I gave it a shot"
  "You gave it a shot?"
  Ellie smiled, satisfied that she was bailing out from the hospital. She didn't want anyone to be the victim anymore. She wanted it to stop. In the city, she was finding a hidden place to hide the car before someone reported it missing. A motel could be a great place to hide this old machine.
  "Where are we going?" asked Flint.
  "I'm searching for a place to hide this car. Then, we'll get something nicer to wear. Then, we'll search for a local cyber cafe to find out more about this demon"
  Then, she saw a motel 'Midnight Light' to park the car and probably steal some clothes to wear. Her luck was on her side. She saw some clothes hanging on a piece of thick rope. Boy that place had no class at all!

  After getting changed, they went to the street to search for the cyber cafe. Instead of wearing a light blue shirt, Flint was wearing a Paramore T-Shirt and Ellie was wearing a Mickey Mouse buttoned up shirt. They were walking on a street which had stores next to it. The street was not crowded. There were people who looked at them in weird ways. I mean, they had bandages on their heads and Flint had a sling on his right arm.  The street had so many shops. But none of them was a cyber cafe. There was a bakery, boutiques, cafes, and a public library. Wait. A library! They could use a PC there.
  "There's no cyber cafe but we can use a PC in this library. They're free too," explained Ellie.
  "Come on, let's go before someone is suspecting us," said Flint.
  They entered the public library and it wasn't as huge as Flint thought. It was very similar with the school library. They sat in front of the PC and opened a browser to search for the information about the demon.
  "Right, here we are. What should I type?" said Ellie.
  "Try 'demons'," said Flint.
  Ellie typed the word 'demons' but nothing useful came out. It just said 'demons are a malevolent creature to corrupt a human's Faith towards God'. That was it. Nothing more.
  "This is useless, Flint. There are many types of demons which have different names. We can't find it if there are thousands of demons out there," said Ellie.
  "Don't give up! We have come this far! We almost reach the end. Try demon+long tongue+flesh eater+yellow eyes,"
  She found that useless, of what Flint had suggested her to do. But she tried it just to make Flint felt satisfy and appreciated. However she was wrong. There was a hit of the search. The Unnamed Demon. She clicked on the link and started to read the information. There lies a demon without a name, hunting for the truth, a name that could differ it from others. Six wings of evil, and yellow eyes to deceive human beings, four arms that let it crawls, a long tongue to feed on flesh, and thirsty for dear blood. That was what it said on the page. There was a picture of it too, similar with what they saw before. However... Six wings and four arms? The demon they saw had no wings at all and only had 2 arms.
  "Flint! This is it! But the only problem is, the monster we saw doesn't have wings and 4 arms. What does that mean?" said Ellie helplessly.
  "I don't know. The characteristic is almost the same, but the appearance is not similar at all"
  "Let's check on how to weaken it. Then, we'll read on how to kill it"
  Its only weakness is when a person shouts its name. There was a legend saying that The Unnamed Demon couldn't listen to its name because it hated it. Even though it is searching for a name but it can't accept the fact that it has a terrible name. It cannot possess a human but can only deceive them. It feeds on blood and flesh but it will bury the body after finishing it...
  "Wait, this doesn't make any sense. Bury the body after finishing it? Cannot possess a human? This is nonsense!" said Flint.
  "Flint, is this the demon we've been searching for? It sounds like it," said Ellie.
  "I don't really know Ellie"
  Ellie didn't know what to say. Her instinct told her not to give up and read more about this demon.
  It cannot be killed for it is invulnerable. It will only deceive people to come to it only when it is feeling hungry. Usually it lives in a thick jungle and comes out when only, and only to hunt. It cannot breed for it is male and doesn't have a mate. It uses a female human as a surrogate mother. Its child will be human during infancy and adolescence stage but will undergo metamorphosis when the human form has become matured.
  "Wait. A child? Breeding? It can breed?" said Ellie confusedly.
  "Click on the 'child'," said Flint, hoping that they'll get an answer after this.
  The Unnamed Demon's Child (A Demon's Child)
  It is created after The Unnamed Demon has released its seeds inside the surrogate mother. The seeds will be created once in a hundred years. The child will be human during infancy and adolescence but will undergo metamorphosis when it(human form) has become matured. No matter what gender the human is, when the metamorphosis is in process, it will turn into a male demon. The child is messier than the father but it will learn for itself as it grew older. During the first stage, the child does not look like the father. It has a pair of arms and a long tongue. It can be killed when it is burned. However, it will be too late to kill when it has grown a pair of wings on its back. Usually it can be weaken when someone calls its human name and will be instantly transformed into its human form again. It is fully vulnerable when it has become a human again, and I suggest you to kill it quickly because in a matter of time it will re-transform into a demon again. Once it has become matured, it will be invulnerable like its father.

  There was a picture below the article and it absolutely looked like the one that had been chasing them before. Ellie and Flint felt so satisfied. Finally, they had found what they were looking for. They looked at each other and smiled. At last, they knew how to weaken the demon and how to kill that demon. Now, they need a plan. A plan to end this once and for all. 
  "Ellie, we have found it" said Flint.
  "Yes. Yes, we almost there. We can stop it Flint. We can stop it, I know we can. But we must hurry before it's too late"
  "We need a lot of fire. Lots of, lots of fire!"
  "We can beat this! We can kill it! We'll save a lot of people in this town!"
  They were so rejuvenated when they knew they could kill it. But they must be hurry before it would be too late. It was a race against time. 

  Will they make it? Will they survive? Will the town be safe from the demon? Hopefully they will save the town. They must make a strategy for the final battle. A final battle between Humans and A Demon's Child.
                                                          -TO BE CONTINUED-

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