Friday, June 3, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 9

  The final battle had begun, it was the moment that they had been waiting for. Unfortunately, they didn't plan the strategy that much. So they had to do everything that they could to kill the monster. They looked at each other, eagerly, wanting for this final battle to be ended sooner. They couldn't be possibly waiting even for a minute anymore, they couldn't waste any time. Now it was the time, to finish the evil.
  "Hide! You go there! And I will hide behind that forklift," commanded Flint.
  "Okay," said Ellie while running to the boxes.
  "And Ellie?"
  "Good luck..."
  "...You too Flint"
  Flint nodded. He ran and hid behind the forklift. There was a sound of footsteps outside. The demon must be on foot before started climbing again and leaping like a frog. They must be ready for this.

  The footsteps were closing in. They could hear that the footsteps were getting closer, and louder, and finally, stopped in front of the door where they went through before. Ellie was scared to see the demon's face again. At first, she noticed that she didn't breathe right. She must calm down and be brave. Like Flint told her in her dream. Wait a minute, Flint! She remembered that she shouldn't be afraid. She HAD to be brave. She had nothing to be scared of, knowing that Flint would always be there for her. And now, look at him, risking his own life to kill the demon with her. She shouldn't be afraid. Not now, and never again. She saw his determination to protect her from anything. That was why, she fell in love with him, her one true love. Remembering that made her fear to be flown away. She was no longer afraid of the demon.

  The front door creaked, something was going inside. Suddenly, Ellie stood up and walked away from her hiding spot and went in front of the door, just some feet away. "Ellie! What the hell are you doing!?" hissed Flint. Ellie ignored him. She was determined to kill the demon, not wanting to let it live even for a second. She knew that they were lacking of strategy and she knew she was doing something that was plain stupid, but she didn't care. She wanted it to stop. Flint, her father, and Judith had protected her. Now it was the time for her to protect herself and others.

  The door was slowly opened, making Ellie feeling so nervous because of the suspense. "Come on, bitch! Show yourself!" hissed Ellie. Flint was feeling worried about Ellie and he was confused, wondering what she was doing over there? Was she trying to kill herself? Or was she giving up already? By the look of her face, she wasn't surrendering. She was being brave and determined to kill the demon. He had to join her. He couldn't just sit there and let his girlfriend being killed. The door was fully opened, it was dark outside, they didn't see anything outside, leaving a great suspense in that warehouse. Suddenly, a man showed up with his gun was being drawn, followed by his woman partner. It was Det.Stone and Det.Woods.
  "DAD!? What the hell are you doing here!?" exclaimed Ellie.
  "ELLIE!? What the hell are YOU doing here!?" yelled Det.Stone.
  "I was going to fight a demon, which is probably on its way here right now, and I was expecting IT not YOU!"
  "A demon? What the crap are you talking about?"
  "See? See?? This is why I go alone with Flint, because we believe that there is something out there chasing us! But you didn't! You didn't believe even though I told you since Mr.William's incident!"
  Leaving Det.Stone and her daughter to quarrel, Det.Woods went to Flint to examine his status. "Are you okay?" said Det.Woods. Flint was focusing on their debate but was startled when Det.Woods asked him a question.
  "Um? I'm okay," replied Flint.
  "Are you hurt? What about your hand there?"
  "Yes, it's okay. I'm fine. Thank you"
  Det.Stone and Ellie were still quarreling. Seemed like none of them was giving up. Both of them wanted to win the debate.
  "Do you know that you are in a biggest trouble?" said Det.Stone.
  "The biggest trouble about this is that people don't believe in us! They should have seen it by themselves! But no, they think they are matured enough to believe at something crappy like this just like you did to me! I was almost murdered by it and now you're saying that you still don't believe me?" explained Ellie.
  "I'm struggling to save you from all those charges but you still pissing off with me? Well thank you Miss Appreciate!"
  "Ah! You should appreciate me more 'cause I am now going to stop that demon from murdering innocent people again! And now you're saying that I'm not appreciating what you're doing to me?"
  "Yes! You don't! I've been investigating about this whole massive carnage and I, myself, don't believe that it was a wolf which could do all this terrible thing!" Det.Stone took out some pictures in his jacket "See? I told you I'm investigating to save you!"
  Ellie observed one of the pictures thoroughly. She seemed interested with the picture. It was a picture of a body in a pub. However, she wasn't interested with the body, she was interested with what lay next to the body. It was shiny and made from pure steel. It was a necklace, which had emerald letters attached to it. The letters were 'JM'. She recognized that necklace instantly.
  "This... necklace... I know this necklace," whispered Ellie to herself.
  "I beg your pardon?" said Det.Stone.
  She had realized something. She knew instantly who was the human form of the demon. However, she couldn't believe with what she was seeing and thinking. However, she had to believe it because there was no time of denying.

  "STONE!!" screamed Det.Woods. Det.Stone and Ellie looked at Det.Woods. She seemed amazed by something because her eyes were bulging and her mouth was partially opened. Flint was pulling her hand just to take her away from there. She was pointing outside of the warehouse. And there it was. The demon was standing gallantly outside of the door with its tongue sticking out of its mouth. Det.Stone slowly put his hand on the holster, to take out his gun. He did that slowly just to make sure that he wouldn't astonish the monster. But the monster had crouched. It was getting ready to leap, maybe would take Det.Stone down first.
  "Run, Ellie," whispered Det.Stone.
  "What? I can't...!" said Ellie.
  "Run, Ellie! Run now!" screamed Det.Stone.
  All four of them started running. The demon was leaping faster than before, its movement made it almost invisible. It was too fast. Ellie knew what she had to do, but she was waiting for the right moment. The monster knocked down Det.Stone, forced him to be thrown on the wall. The monster had spread its claws and leapt toward him. With all the agility and skills, Det.Stone evaded and performed a counter-attack. He had kicked the monster out of his way and the monster was barely moved because its body was harden and heavy. Det.Stone couldn't believe that his kick couldn't hurt the monster. If the demon was a human, it would be smiling at him now. The demon used its huge paw to bash Det.Stone on his head, throwing him again into one of the boxes. It was about to finish him but suddenly there was a gun shot. Det.Woods shot the monster at the back of its shoulder. The monster turned around and stared at her. She continued to shoot at the demon which was twice her height and her size. It seemed that the monster couldn't be weaken by shooting at it. It was approaching Det.Woods with its spreading claws.

  Suddenly, the monster stopped, glaring at Det.Woods eyes which were filled with fears. Det.Woods couldn't move at that moment. The only thing she could do was staring at the demon. The demon raised its claw to kill Det.Woods. "Woohoo!! Yippekayyay!" It was Flint. He was driving a forklift with a single hand and was speeding towards the demon. He ran over the demon and slammed the demon into the wall. The demon was stuck and suddenly remained silenced. Flint immediately ran away after he ran over the demon. Det.Woods went to Det.Stone and helped him to get him on his feet. He was kind of dizzy from the hit.
  "Are you okay?"
  "Yeah, quite woozy," said Det.Stone while shaking his head.
  "Come on. We better make up of something to stop it"
  She brought him away from the demon, hoping that they would have time before the demon hunts them again.

  Ellie was inside a file room which had so many racks. She walked around to find something that could burn those alcohols in the boxes. Suddenly she heard a cry. A cry for help. "Help! Help I'm hurt!" the voice was coming from behind the rack. She searched for the voice and found Flint was bleeding badly on his stomach.
  "Oh my God, Flint! Are you alright!?" said Ellie.
  "Please! It hurts Ellie!"
  "Don't worry Flint! I'll get you out of here!"
  Ellie brought Flint out from the file room and head towards the storage room. She could use alcohols as pain killer for Flint. However as soon as she arrived at the storage room, she was terribly in shock to see Flint was running towards her. "Ellie! That's not me!" yelled Flint from afar. Then who was the one she was holding? She looked at the other Flint, and that was not Flint at all. It transformed once again into a demon. She dropped it and it was creaking and snapping like it was having a hard time to re-transform into a demon.
  "Come on! I know what to do!" said Ellie.
  "Get on those boxes!" commanded Flint.
  They climbed on those boxes until they reached the top. She knew what to do. And it was her only chance to kill the demon before the demon undergoes another metamorphosis. She remembered what the article said. Once the demon had grown a pair of wings, it would be too late to kill it. She must hurry before it's too late.

  Det.Stone and Det.Woods were waiting for the demon to show up again. This time they had their guns loaded. Maybe it didn't work before because only Det.Woods was shooting it alone. Now, they wanted to try shooting it together. The demon was searching for Ellie and Flint after finishing its transformation. It cancelled its plan after seeing Det.Stone and Det.Woods were waiting for it. It was coming closer to them. "Now!" yelled Det.Stone. Both of them started firing and those gun shots had echoed all over the place. However, it seemed that their plan didn't work. The demon kept on approaching and it couldn't be weaken by shooting it. "Damn it, Stone! It didn't work!" yelled Det.Woods while shooting. Up ahead, Ellie and Flint was waiting for the right moment for the monster to stand on the right spot. "Dad! Save a bullet! I need to use it!" yelled Ellie from above. Her father nodded. Flint and Ellie looked at each other and nodded to give a signal that it was time to drop off the load. "Push!" said Flint. They pushed the alcohol boxes from above and hit the monster below. They pushed another boxes which contained stuffed animals and electronic devices and crashed onto the monster once again. They climbed off the boxes and Ellie asked for his father's gun. "I know what to do dad. And it's time to finish all of this madness," said Ellie. Her father gave her his gun, putting Faith on his daughter.

  Ellie went closer to the rubble, which the demon lay underneath it. Alcohol sprayed and flowed on the floor, stuffed animals all over the place and electronic devices crushed and busted on the floor. Suddenly, the rubble moved, the monster re-appeared and had hurt badly from the damage. It was soaked in alcohol. The demon glared at Ellie angrily, like it was so desperate to kill her. Ellie glared at it too with a vicious expression. She pointed the gun at the demon. She must end this once and for all. "I know who you are. You have deceived me, lied to me, and made my life like hell. I know where did you come from, son of The Unnamed Demon. Now, it's time for you to go back to Hell," said Ellie. Suddenly she burst into tears "How could you!? I trusted you! I was there when you had problems! And as a payment, you make me feel miserable!?" The demon was speechless, it didn't make any roar or growl. Everyone was confused. Ellie could talk nicely to a demon? It was like she was motivating it. Ellie wiped her tears off of her face. "I'm so sorry. But I have to do this. For the sake of innocent people. And the ones you had killed. You must pay for what you've done" Silence, there was nothing to be heard. The demon had stopped from moving and Ellie was shaking and was nervous. "Judith Merriman!" screamed Ellie at the top of her lung. The demon roared and held its head after hearing its human's name. So it was Judith! To think back, it was rational. Judith knew about Mr.William's death while the other students knew about it a day later. And her body was never found when the demon had entered Ellie's house. Finally, her necklace was lying next to a dead body in the pub where Ellie and Flint was seeking for help. It was no coincidence.
  BANG ! ! !
  She had pulled the trigger. Once the bullet had hit the demon, flame was engulfing it. Everyone could smell the burning flesh. The demon roared and was struggling to get the fire extinguished. However, there was nothing it could do. It kept on burning until it lay still and died. It was over. It was finally over. Ellie closed her eyes and felt relieved. Flint went to Ellie and hugged her. Ellie cried on his chest and he watched the demon burned. He couldn't believe that demon was Judith too. But it was too late for denial. All of their hardwork, had finally paid off.

                                                          -TO BE CONTINUED-

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