Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 8

  Nurse Carson was a male nurse and was checking on a patient's status at the reception post. He examined it thoroughly and was on his way to the patient's ward. According to the status, the patient was recovering and didn't have to stay in the hospital any longer. He was going to announce it to the patient. However when he arrived at ward A-114, there was no one there. The bed had been made and it was tidy. "What the hell? Where is this Flint Gordon?". He entered the room to observe it and check if the patient was in the toilet.
  Tap! Tap! Tap!
  "Mr.Flint Gordon? Are you in there?" said the nurse. There was no answer. The toilet's door was not locked so he opened it and saw the toilet was still squeaky clean. He felt so strange. There was a cafeteria at the ground level but no one could ever go out from that level without a nurse's permission and supervision. He was a head nurse on that floor so he should know where the patient's whereabout.
  "Nurse Carson," a voice startled him from behind. He turned around and saw a girl with brown hair and green eyes. She had a bandage on her head and both of her palms. She was looking at him blankly.
  "Oh! Ellie Stone! Um? Do you know where Flint Gordon is? Your friend?" said Nurse Carson.
  "He must be wandering around, finding some fresh air"
  "But he needs to tell me first. If not I'll be dead!" said Nurse Carson.
  "That's okay. Flint wont leave me alone," said Ellie while closing the ward's door.
  Nurse Carson was confused to see Ellie's act. Was it necessarily to close the door? "Um? Why are you closing the door?" he asked.
  Ellie was closing in while strutting seductively towards Nurse Carson. "Oh, nothing important. Just want have a private time with you," said Ellie while getting her hand into Nurse Carson's uniform, touching his bare chest.
  "What are you doing?" asked Nurse Carson nervously.
  "Nothing. I'm just wanna smell your perfume," replied Ellie flirtatiously while digging her nose into Nurse Carson's neck.
  Nurse Carson felt the warmth of Ellie's breath. The he realized he couldn't go on with a patient. That would make him living on a street with a bowl in his hands. So he grabbed Ellie's hand and tossed it away from his chest.
  "Look you can't do this. I have something important to do. Now tell me again, where is Flint Gordon?" said Nurse Carson angrily.
  "Aww. Nurse Carson doesn't want to play with me? That's too bad"
  "You're wasting my time. I'll search for him by myself" He was approaching the door and was about to leave the ward. Suddenly, he felt that he was bound to something. Something was pulling him away from the door. It was a tongue and it had wrapped thickly around his neck. He couldn't breathe and barely had a voice to scream for help. The tongue forced him to look around and he saw Ellie Stone with a grim face while letting her tongue out to wrap his neck. Ellie lifted him into the air with her own tongue. Nurse Carson's mouth was widely opened, desperate for air, dying for help. For the last time, Nurse Carson saw that Ellie's eyes were changing colour into evil yellow.
  CRACK ! !
  His neck bone had been twisted and killed him immediately. Then, Ellie slammed his body onto the ground, making his other bones to snap like twigs. The tongue that had wrapped his neck was returning into her mouth. "I had so much fun playing with you, Nurse Carson. See you in Hell," said Ellie grimly.

  Detective Stone and Detective Woods were in the car, on their way to the hospital. Det.Stone was holding a  bag of Big Macs and French fries to give to Ellie and Flint in the hospital. Ellie loved Big Mac since she was little. Det.Stone remembered when Ellie cried because a dog stole her Big Mac and he had to buy another one for her. That was when Ellie was at age 7.
  "Harold? Is there something on your mind?" asked Det.Woods.
  "Oh, nothing. I just remembered that Ellie cried to me just because a dog stole her sandwich. She was 7," said Det.Stone.
  "Look at her now. Grown up and beautiful. You've done a great job raising her without Sherry, Harold. You're a great father"
  "She looks a lot like Sherry, Olivia. When I look at her face... I don't know. I think I'm looking at Sherry and I don't want to lose her. Never"
  "Don't worry Harold. We'll take care of her okay?"
  "Yeah, we better do. Oh God now I'm hating the chief. How could he?"
  "Don't worry about him. We'll take care of him. After all, we've been a great team since you and Sherry were dating back in the 90's. Such a..." she stopped as soon as she saw 2 police cars in front of the hospital and some of the men were wearing FBI jackets. "FBI? What the hell?" said Det.Woods.

  As soon as Det.Woods and Det.Stone arrived at the parking, they went out from the car and walked towards the FBI to ask why they were there.
  "I'm Detective Stone and this is Detective Woods. What the hell happened here?" said Det.Stone while flashing his card.
  "I'm not quite sure. They said one of the nurse has been killed in a ward. His neck was twisted. And there is a report saying that 2 of the patients had escaped from the hospital," said one of the FBI.
  "What!? Where is the location that the body was found?"
  "In ward A-114. We believe that the patient killed the nurse to escape. They had escaped by a 1994 Honda Civic which had been reported missing"
  "Ward A-114!?" That was where Flint was treated! And next to it was A-113, Ellie's ward!
  Det.Stone and Det.Woods rushed into the hospital and went to the reception post and met a nurse.
  "Det.Stone and Det.Woods. Can you show us the visual of the patients who had escaped?" said Det.Stone.
  "Yes, sure. Here you go," said the nurse kindly.
  Det.Stone observed the visual which showing the parking lot and he saw a 1994 Honda Civic was parked near the bushes. A minute after that, Ellie and Flint showed up on the screen. That was their biggest mistake ever. They forgot about the CCTV. "Oh Ellie. What have you done?"

  Ellie and Flint had just got out from the library and was on their way back to the Midnight Light Motel to get the car to run away again. They were discussing the plan to get the monster killed but somehow none of it was making a sense. The only problem was, they didn't know who was the demon's child. If they could get the name, it'd be easier. To burn the demon it would be so difficult because the demon was so agile. They could be killed before burning the demon. So they had to get the name to slow it down and burn it afterwards. They walked next to the electronic shop where TVs were displayed behind the glass. Suddenly, Ellie noticed that the TV was broadcasting a news.
  "Flint, wait," said Ellie.
  "What is it?" asked Flint.
  ...two of the McKinley Hospital patients have killed a nurse and escaped from the building. It is believed that they have escaped by using a 1994 Honda Civic. They are Ellie Stone and Flint Gordon, which are also the students of McKinley High. They were also spotted when their headmaster, Doug William had been killed brutally that evening...
  "Oh my God, Flint! That's us! We didn't kill that nurse!?" exclaimed Ellie.
  "We didn't! The demon did! It had tracked us down! That's great!" said Flint in excitement.
  "What do you mean by 'great'!? We are in the most wanted list right now!"
  "No! That will make our job easy now! But we must make a plan. That demon is coming to us now. In any time it will appear again. We must get ready for the final battle Ellie! It's our final hope to save all the people in this town!" explained Flint.
  "There's no 'but' Ellie. We almost there! Whether kill or be killed. But we have to go on foot by now. They have known about the car. The article said that the demon loves to live in a jungle. Do you know a jungle nearby here?"
  "Yes I do and I think I know where is the demon's nest is. There is an abandoned warehouse in that jungle. If it is not, then it is okay. The demon will soon track us and find us. That will give us time to make a plan to kill it"
  "Great! Show me the way and we'll make a plan on the way there, okay?" said Flint.
  They started walking and continued to plan a strategy. As soon as the walked by, the cashier from that electronic shop had peeked on them and made a call.
  "911 Emergency. How may I help you?"
  "I think I found the escapees of McKinley Hospital. They were standing right in front of my store"

  It was already night and Ellie was so hungry and tired from walking. She knew that they couldn't arrive in time if they walked. They need a transport. Ellie was squeezing her stomach with her hand. Flint was hungry too but he didn't show it in front of Ellie. He was shy. Both of them were exhausted but they couldn't waste a minute because they knew if they were a minute late, it'll be over for them and the citizens of McKinley. They had to get going.
  "Flint, I'm hungry. I've never been this starving before. My stomach hurts," said Ellie.
  "Hold on Ellie. I'm hungry too," persuaded Flint while putting his hand around Ellie.
  They kept on walking, exhaustedly. They couldn't do anything about it. They were in the middle of nowhere. However, they could see a jungle not from there. They just need to walk a little bit more, and probably hold on a little longer.
  "Ergh! I can't hold on Flint! My stomach hurts so badly!"
  Flint didn't know what to do. He couldn't let Ellie in pain. He felt sorry for her. She had gone through a lot of things. Just like him. He had an idea but he must withstand his pain.
  "Here, hop on my back," said Flint while ducking in front of Ellie.
  "What? No! Your hand! It'll be painful!" said Ellie worriedly.
  "You don't have to worry. I don't feel pain anymore. Not with you. Come on! Hop on! It'll be fun, Ellie!"
  Ellie was worried about his hand. But seeing him offering her to hop on his back was kind of sweet, she thought. For her, Flint was her true love, sacrificing himself for her happiness. "O... Okay." She climbed on his back and he continued to walk. "I can only hold your left leg 'cause, you know? My other hand is busted. Haha!" he said while laughing. Ellie smiled when she heard that Flint was laughing. He had a funny laugh. Ellie put her head on Flint's shoulder and whispered to him "Thank you Flint". Flint was so happy to hear that. At least that was what he could do to help Ellie at the moment. "Anything for you," said Flint. Ellie fell asleep on his shoulder. "Ellie?" whispered Flint. Ellie didn't answer as she were already asleep. Flint knew that she was exhausted. He smiled and whispered "Sleep well Ellie." He could feel her heart beat from his back. Slow and steady. He thanked to God that He had introduced him to Ellie. He remembered when he was asking her out, then Ellie held his hand, when they almost kissed at Ellie's house. It was a remarkable moment.

  He stared into the jungle. Dark and scary. There was a road in the jungle. It must be leading to the warehouse, just like Ellie told him. He went into the jungle, not knowing the danger that was awaiting him in there. He could hear the sound of an owl and crickets. It was pitch dark, the only thing that shone in the darkness was moonlight and fireflies. So he could see the road, but it was unclear. He could see a huge figure ahead of him, a building. Must be the warehouse. He kept on walking but slowly because he afraid that Ellie might be slipping off of him. However, it was a little too late to be worried. She had already awaken.
  "Flint, where are we?" asked Ellie sleepily.
  "Oh Ellie, you're awake. I'm in the jungle. Do you see the huge shadow there?" said Flint.
  Ellie was scrubbing her eyes, then she looked at the shadow that Flint had mentioned about. "What is that?"
  "We're here Ellie. That's the warehouse"
  "What? Drop me off here"
  "Why? Just a bit more"
  "No. You've been carrying me for so long. It's okay. I can walk from now on"
  Flint bowed down and Ellie dismounted from his back and repaired the crumples on her shirt. They continued to walk towards the warehouse. It was not far. Just a couple of steps left.

  It was huge. They stared at the warehouse for a minute. Not knowing what should they do now. Ellie tried to open the warehouse's door but it was locked from inside. Flint assumed that the door must be rusty. So maybe he could help with the door. "Ellie, stay back," said Flint. Then, he kicked on the door and the banging sound echoed through the forest. He kicked it continuously and the door produced a cracking sound. Suddenly, it was widely opened with a bang as the door hit the wall. Dust rained down on the floor and the warehouse was pitch dark. They couldn't see anything in there. So how they could find a switch to switch on the light? "Should we get in?" said Ellie. Should they?

  Flint looked around for power box and he saw one on the right. "Ellie! Follow me," said Flint. He went to the power box and opened it. There was a lever inside the box. He assumed that the lever was for the light. He lowered down the lever and he was right. The warehouse seemed to be alive and roaring for power. The light had shone the darkness inside the warehouse. "It worked!" said Ellie. "Lets go inside," she continued. Inside was huger than they thought, but filled with boxes and barrels. They went inside and observe the place thoroughly. The boxes are 10 years older than them, containing alcohol bottle and toys and electronic devices which were very old. She was wondering, how could the power can be turned on when the place was much older than they thought? It must be the power saver, she thought. Suddenly, they heard a roar outside. But it sounded different than before. It was coming from outside the jungle, the road which they had gone through before entering the jungle.
  "Did you hear that?" said Flint.
  "Clearly. Flint? I'm scared," said Ellie. Flint grabbed Ellie's hand and squeezed it just to make her feel calm.
  "It's okay. We'll make through this"
  They were awaiting for the monster to enter the warehouse, praying to God that He would give them strength to fight this demon. They were scared but they must withstand it. It was up to them now. The fate of mankind is in their hands.

  The final battle has begun. Who will win this battle? It was a battle between Humans and a Demon.

                                                           -TO BE CONTINUED-

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