Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 6

  A light, streaming at the end of a hollow and dark space. She saw it and wondered, was she already dead? There were noises, but it was unclear. It was like someone was shouting and yelling and crying. And she felt someone was controlling her body and she was helpless and immobile. "El... lie... El... lie... Ellie!" she heard someone was calling her name but God, it was so unclear! She couldn't make out whose voice was it. Suddenly, she could move her hand and somehow, she could feel that she was touching a leather. Slowly, she regained her vision. Blurry. She couldn't really see so well. Then, she heard "Aiyayayayay!" it was a laugh. She recognized it. It was Spongebob's laugh. However it was, she was home. She was lying on the sofa in front of the TV. Spongebob's DVD was still playing, but she couldn't be more care less about the show. She wanted to know what did happen to her and how did she get home? Did someone carry her here? She put her feet down to the ground but suddenly she stepped on something, gooey and slimy. She didn't notice what it was. However as soon as she regained full consciousness. She knew what did she step on.

  "FLIIIIINNNNNTTTT!!!" she screamed at the top of her long when she knew she was stepping on Flint's intestines. His stomach was ripped open, showing his colons and his kidneys. His jaw were forcedly opened and his eyes were bulging. Blood pooled on top of her. She was so scared! Her hero was dead, killed viciously. Now, she didn't have someone to help her. She was on her own. She didn't really know what to do next but as soon she saw the door, she rushed to it and went outside, however, she didn't make it outside because she bumped into someone who was standing outside the door. He was fat and smartly dressed.
  "Take it easy, Ms.Stone! Where are you going?" said the man.
  "Mr.William, help me please! Flint Gordon is dead and his body is in my living...!" she stopped as soon she realized who she was talking to. Mr.William? He was alive? In one piece? How could that be? "Mr.William... You're... Alive?"
  "Of course I am! I'm here to hunt you down and I want to bathe in your blood and eat your whole flesh! Hahahaha!" said Mr.William grimly. Suddenly, his face turned ugly and his tongue was sticking out of his mouth. It was the monster and now it knew how to shape shift. Ellie was screaming hysterically, and quickly closed the door and locked it. Wait. Something was not right. Where was Flint? He was gone! There was no blood, no body, and the TV had silenced. She was confused. Where was she? Was she already in Hell? She didn't know what to do and she was absolutely confused. She wanted to cry but she knew it wasn't the right time. She must know where she was right now. Bravely, she peeked through the window and saw the street in front of her house. However, the monster had disappeared, no longer on her door step. She thought it would be the right moment to go out and search for help.

  She burst out of her house and went outside and suddenly, she realized that wasn't 'outside' at all. Well, it was 'outside' but not 'outside' that she knew and was expecting. She was at a graveyard. She saw a huge church in front of the graveyard but that didn't catch her attention at all. She saw a nun, praying on a grave and weeping. She walked toward her to ask question but suddenly something stopped her intention. A cry. Baby's cry. She turned around to search for the cry but she couldn't trace it. All of a sudden, she felt something was walking through her. It was the nun, searching for that dear cry. Was she dead? Someone could walk through her! Was she a spirit? 

  The nun gasped loudly. "Oh my Lord! Who could have done this? Such a beautiful baby!" she cried as soon as she held the baby. The baby was found inside a bush. The baby finally stopped crying as soon as the nun held him. "Oh, who could have a heart to throw you away like this? Poor little child" she said in tears. She then looked around for clues. She didn't expected to see a sign which had a name on it. 'Flint Road'. For her, it was a sign from God to name that child. "I know what to call you! Flint! A little knight who survived" she looked at the child merrily. The baby giggled when the nun touched his cheeks. "Flint. What a beautiful name for you" It was Flint Gordon when he was still a baby. She couldn't believe her eyes and she was so happy to see the nun was holding Flint. She dropped tears of joy to see him in the hand of a nice nun.

  "Mary Gordon" a voice startled her from behind. As soon as she turned around, she wasn't at the graveyard anymore. She was at a place more beautiful. She was at a garden. Flower garden. However, the sky was dark, covered with dark clouds. But the voice was coming from a man. Fair hair, flawless face and a pair of brown eyes. Flint Gordon was standing in front of her.
  "Mary Gordon was the one who saved me and adopted me. She was the one who raised me and gave her knowledge to me. I loved her," said Flint again.
  "Flint! You're alive!" said Ellie while running toward him. She hugged him as tight as she could and so was Flint. The sky became brighter and the sun was shining gallantly as soon as they hugged. Petals were floating in the air and the air was more rejuvenating than before.
  "Ellie. You're a strong girl. I know it. You can beat the demon yourself. Even though without me, Ellie," said Flint romantically.
  "Flint! What are you talking about? I was a weak person and you've made me strong! You were the one who saved me. You're my hero. I never met a person like you before. You are possessing my heart, Flint" replied Ellie.
  "Did you feel the same way when you looked at me? You've caught my eyes when we first met. I knew you are a special person. And now, I'm not regretting my thought. I was right. You are a special person. If I die, I want you to hold my hand for the last time. I love it when the first time you held my hand. Do you remember when was it?"
  "The first time that you asked me out. I remember Flint and always do. I know we just met. And I know it is too early for it, but Flint Gordon! Oh how much I love you!"
  "Mary Gordon once said, even how terrible the situation is, you'll find a beautiful part of it. She was right. I love you too Ellie Stone. You'll be forever my life"
  Once again, their heads were closing with each other. They felt the connection, eventhough they were at a place they didn't even know where it was. Their lips had sealed to each other. They kissed. For them, it was the most beautiful moment in their life. How did they find their true love. They were both 16, but somehow, love didn't care. Love works on any age. Love is mysterious. Love is beautiful. Love can be found, only with the person who is meant to be with you.

  Suddenly, a roar could be heard behind them. They found where did the roar come from. It was the monster, sticking out its long tongue. Ellie and Flint glared at it. They weren't feeling afraid anymore. It was time to finish the monster. Once and for all. "Ellie, listen to me. This demon can be weaken by calling out its name. If you know its name, you will defeat it. Say it out loud and that demon will return to its original form, which means the host that it's possessing. And Ellie, don't be afraid. I will fight with you 'til the end of it," said Flint bravely.

  Flint disappeared into thin air. However, Ellie wasn't afraid to fight with the demon. She knew that Flint would always be in her heart. "It's time to put an end here, bitch!" said Ellie.

  She woke up in a bed. There was a bandage on her forehead and on her hand. She was in patient's costumes. She knew that she was in a hospital. She saw her father was sleeping in a chair and woke up as soon as he found out that Ellie had regained her consciousness.
  "Ellie, my daughter!" said Det.Stone merrily. He rushed to Ellie and hugged her tightly.
  "Dad. I'm sorry I've burdened you dad," said Ellie in tears.
  "No! No! No! You never burden me, kid!" said Det.Stone.
  She remembered something. She knew it was a dream, but she had to find Flint. "Dad, where's Flint? I gotta talk to him"
  "Oh Flint! Yeah I was about to tell you that! He's in a ward next to yours," explained Det.Stone.
  "Dad I must see him"
  "Yeah sure, but be careful kid 'cause you're still weak"
  "No, I'm strong. I can do it"

  She walked out of her ward and went to next door. There, she saw Flint was still unconscious, with a bandage on his forehead, just like hers, and a sling to support his right hand. He must have a broken arm. Ellie went closer to him and smiled. She knew that Flint would never leave her alone. As soon as she reached Flint, she caressed his hair and held his left hand. She knew that that wasn't a dream at all. She met him at some place and it was real that she had kissed him and had told him how she felt about him. Flint Gordon. A name of a person that she loved very much. Suddenly, and slowly, Flint was opening his eyelids. Ellie couldn't be more happier!
  "Flint..." she whispered.
  Flint looked at her and smiled weakly. "Ellie..." said Flint.
  "I... I love you"
  "I love you too..."

                                                        -TO BE CONTINUED-

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