Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 3

  The sky was dark, it was about to rain. But they didn't care. A news that had surprised everyone in McKinley High. All of the students, gathering around with their cameras to take pictures of Garrett's body. Ellie and Flint were there, watching Garrett's body was being carried away on a stretcher. His body had been covered by a black plastic. But his hand popped out from the cover. His hand was bloody as if had been dipped into a pool of blood. There were several medics shouting commands on each other. The atmosphere was quite uncomfortable for her. It was like watching a horror movie but more horrific than the movie itself.

  She saw a man standing outside the school's door while talking on his walkie-talkie. He had a slim body with a square face and quite a scary looking man. "Dad!" yelled Ellie. It was her father, Detective Stone.
  "Ellie! What in the world are you doing here?" said Det.Stone.
  "I heard the news and I rushed here. I can't believe he's gone!" exclaimed Ellie.
  "It was beyond outrageous! I've never seen such thing before!"
  "What happened?" asked Ellie curiously.
  "His neck has been bitten by something! I assumed it was a wolf. We had contacted the Animal Control. They will take it from here"
  "A wolf? There's a wolf on the loose in this town!?" exclaimed Ellie.
  "Shh! Shh! Don't scream it out loud! We don't know yet. We are just assuming that it is. If it is true, that wolf would be gone by now"
  Ellie thought that her father may be right. She turned around to look at Flint. But there was something on his face. Guilt. He was looking at the ambulance with a guilty look. Somehow it did look like he was satisfied. Was it her or she just saw that Flint was grinning? He was such a mysterious boy.

  "I am very sure that he was grinning! Ugh! Why is it so hard for you to believe me?" yelled Ellie on the telephone.
  "Ellie, look. He is new and he doesn't know anything or anyone in that school yet. How come he could be satisfied when he found out that Garrett is dead?" said Judith.
  "Judith! Ugh! I'm feeling like slapping you right now!"
  "It is relevant, isn't it? Ellie, don't be mad at me. I'm just thinking what is rational and what is preposterous. That's all"
  "... You're right. Maybe I shouldn't be too hard on him" Then, Ellie felt that her phone was vibrating. It was a call from Flint. She wondered what did he want at the time like this. "Hold on. I got a call," she said to Judith. She accepted the call.
  "Hey Flint," said Ellie.
  "Um? Hey Ellie. I'm going to ask you something," explained Flint.
  "Yes? Carry on"
  "Err? Um? Never mind. I'll see you at school" He hung up.
  That was strange. She was starting to feel that Flint was a very strange person. But her feelings toward Flint were still there. She always felt that talking to Flint could calm her down. And he mentioned that he liked it when she held his hand. This weird feeling... Was overwhelming Ellie... Was Flint a person who could be trusted? But he was innocent. He looked innocent. He acted innocent. Should she trust him? She didn't want a broken heart. Maybe Flint would do something that could wreck her heart. She didn't understand this feeling. This peculiar feeling...

  3 days after Garrett's death, everyone returned to their daily routine in school. Some maybe had forgotten about the incident. Some maybe not. It was raining outside. Ellie could see the raindrops hit the window like needles. She didn't pay attention what was the teacher was talking about. She saw Judith was jotting down every single word that came out from the teacher's mouth. She looked at Flint. He was flicking every page of his book, trying to be ensured that the teacher was speaking the truth. Seemed like it. "Huh?" she said. What was that? She was confused. Was that really what she thought it was? Yes. She saw a weird looking tattoo on Flint's deltoid. It looked like a star. A black star. How come she didn't realize it before? Suddenly, Flint turned his head around and looked at her. He smiled. However, this time she didn't feel what she felt when she saw his smile at the first time. It looked like a grin. The same grin she saw when Garrett's body was being carried away. She was praying to God that Flint wasn't the one who responsible for Garrett's death. But how could he? He was with her at Starbucks. He didn't have the time to return to school just to kill Garrett. "Oh God. Please tell me that I'm wrong about Flint. He's innocent. I know it. But somehow..." she whispered to herself.

  Flint was exchanging his book at his locker.  His locker was normal, nothing peculiar that would make people wonder. "Flint!" Suddenly, a voice called him. It was Ellie. He smiled again.
  "Ellie! What brings you here?" he asked.
  "Um? I just want to see what my friend is up to. So what are you up to?" asked Ellie.
  "I'm just exchanging my books for the next class. Hehe.. So do you have plan after school?"
  "No not really, I'm kinda...Oh!" she suddenly slapped on Flint's deltoid.
  "Argh! What was.."
  "There! Gotcha! It was a big ant. I was afraid it was going to bite you. Let me see if you got bitten or not"
  Ellie examined on his deltoid, just to search for that tattoo. Her eyes bulged as she couldn't find the tattoo on his deltoid. How could that possibly be? It was impossible! He couldn't remove it in a short time!
  "Is there any bite mark?" asked Flint.
  "... No... Nothing at all. There's nothing there"
  Flint could see the confusion in Ellie's face. He just couldn't understand why.
  "Ellie? Are you okay?" asked Flint.
  "Huh? Yeah! I'm okay. Just feeling a little bit dizzy"
  "Hey take it easy okay? Here.." he searched into his locker and produced a tablet of Paracetamol. "Take this. It will make you feel better"
  She grabbed it. "Thanks. I gotta go now"

  Leaving Flint behind, she was still thinking about the tattoo. "You're welcome!" yelled Flint from behind. That was too crazy! Or she was going crazy? That was insane! Or she was losing her sanity! That was out of her mind! Or she was losing her mind. She couldn't understand. Where did that tattoo go? She swore to God that she saw a tattoo on Flint. But now, it disappeared. Maybe she was imagining it? Or maybe she was too tired replying messages on her Facebook. No. She never felt that way. Her father always said that "The only thing that can make things straight, is to investigate about it" That was her plan. She was going to investigate about Flint Gordon. It was the time to get things straight.

                                                            -TO BE CONTINUED- 

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