Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 4

  It was forbidden for a student to hold another student's profile. Because of her curiosity, she decided to make an acceptable excuse to get her hands on Flint's profile. She went into Mr.William's office to ask for Flint's profile. Mr.William was sitting in his seat while doing some paper works which were scrambled on his desk. Mr.William didn't look so pleased when he saw Ellie was in front of his door.
  "What is your business here, Ms.Stone?" asked Mr.William.
  "Sir, it is an emergency. I must possess Flint Gordon's profile to make a report about him," explained Ellie.
  "A report? About Mr.Gordon? What report?"
  "Damn it!" She said in her head. What should she tell him? A report about what? She was not the head student of the school. If she was, she could lie that Flint had broken a rule. She got an idea.
  "It is for my Social Studies report. I must make a report about Mr.Gordon's history," she said.
  "Um? Why don't you interview him? That is more easier than getting your hands on his file," said Mr.William.
  She was expecting that. "I could but his story wont be so detailed. So I need the file for a detailed one"
  Mr.William looked down for a second. He was thinking. "I'm sorry Ms.Stone. But student's profile is prohibited for a student to possess. Even teachers cannot ask for a file freely. They must have an acceptable excuse for getting one" explained Mr.William.
  "But sir!"
  "Good day Ms.Stone" he ended his explanation by continuing his paper works.
  Ellie was admitting her defeat. She couldn't do anything to get that file. She was a student for crying out loud! 

  However, it didn't mean that she was giving up. She would do anything to get that file. She had an idea. She called upon a pair of 14-year-old twins to work with her. She gave them $15 each for their payment. She whispered to them. And they smiled. They agreed.
  "Mr.William! Mr.William!" one of the twins burst into Mr.William's office. Seemed like he was in trouble.
  "Good Heaven! Haven't you heard of knocking?" exclaimed Mr.William.
  "Mr.William! My twin brother has fainted in the hallway! Please go check on him!"
  "What!? Please! Show me the way!"
  As soon as Mr.William had left his office, Ellie quickly sneaked into his office. Bursting ever files inside the drawers, searching for the name "Flint Gordon". But it was nowhere to be found. However, she never heard of the word 'giving up'. She kept on searching for Flint's file. And finally, she found it! "Aha! There you are!" She browsed every paper in that file. Adopted parents death report, foster house, his grandparents' house. And a couple of his pictures. Nothing was interesting, nothing could tell her anything about him. This was useless.

  Oh no! Mr.William was outside! She could hear him from the office. What to do? Jumped out from the window? Hide under his desk? She could hear her heart beat, beating louder and louder as Mr.William was twisting the door knob. She had no choice but to hide under the desk. The principal had finally arrived. "Man! Kids these days! So many problems!" he babbled. He returned to his seat, unaware that Ellie was just beneath him. Suddenly, the principal noticed that one of his drawers was widely opened. "What the? Who went into my office?" He suddenly stood up, and walk towards the door. Ellie was still under the table, holding her mouth with her hands. As soon as she heard that the door was being closed, she crawled out from under the table and stood up.
  "It was you..."
  "Waaarrrgghh!!! You scared the Hell out of me! Huh!" yelled Ellie in shock.
  "What are you doing with the file when I clearly told you that you are forbidden from possessing it!?" exclaimed Mr.William.
  "I need to know about him! I just need to!" said Ellie.
  "Well Mr.Gordon needs to know that you are violating his privacy!"
  He went to his desk and grabbed his microphone and announced "This is the principal. Mr Flint Gordon, you must report yourself to my office this instant"

  Flint was studying in the cafeteria and was startled to hear his name was summoned. "What did I do wrong?" he whispered to himself.

  Mr.William glared at Ellie fiercely. He was totally disappointed in her. "You should be ashamed of yourself! How could you have a gut to breaking and entering a principal's office!?" Ellie remained quiet as she was feeling guilty. She shouldn't have been so obsessed about knowing someone. She could ask him herself. Someone was knocking the door. It was Flint.
  "Yes sir? You called me sir?" asked Flint.
  "Yes Mr.Gordon. Both of you! Please have a seat," offered Mr.William.
  Flint realized that Ellie was standing by the book rack with her head bowed. "Ellie?" asked Flint. But Ellie remained quiet. However, she did what Mr.William asked her to. She sat down in front of Mr.William's desk.
  "Did u notice that there is a stalker who has been stalking you, Mr.Gordon?" said Mr.William.
  "Who? Ellie?" Flint was confused.
  "Yes, she has been caught while she was sneaking into my office and searching for your profile, Mr.Gordon"
  "What!? Ellie!?"
  "Yes, I believe she has read your file Mr.Gordon. But don't worry, she'll be punished for what she had done"
  "Ellie, what part of me that you want to know? Why didn't you just asked me?" asked Flint in disappointment.
  "Ms.Stone, you have received 3 days of detention and for breaking and entering, you have to clean my office after school session before your detention class," explained Mr.William.
  "Yes... Sir..." she had finally spoken.
  "Now off you go!" exclaimed Mr.William.

  Ellie went outside with Flint. Flint couldn't believe that Ellie would do such a thing. He couldn't be more disappointed. "Ellie!" he screeched. But Ellie kept on walking, ignoring Flint. "Ellie!" Flint had to grab her arm and forced her to look at him. He gripped both of Ellie's shoulders and shook her.
  "Why did you do that Ellie? What part of me that you're so eager to know?"
  "I'm... Sorry..." said Ellie. She had dropped a tear. She couldn't believe that she had crushed Flint's heart. But she couldn't look at Flint. She was scared.
  "Please! I've suffered enough! Why are you doing this to me? Is this how a friend should treat a friend?"
  Ellie had enough. She was tired of being the victim. Now, it was her turn.
  "Because! Because you are strange! I saw a tattoo on your back! But when I checked, it was gone! And you grinned when you saw Garrett's body was being taken away! You knew about Judith before I told you about her! Why do you think I did that for if it wasn't for you!" yelled Ellie while crying. "I've been wanting to know you more but the more I know something about you the more I know that you are a strange guy!"
  "So that's it? Just because I was acting a little strange? That tattoo you had seen on my back, it wasn't a tattoo at all! It was a bandage because my back was killing me! Why did my back was killing me? Because Garrett, that fucking bully threw me on the floor! And I was kind of satisfied when I knew that I don't have to meet him anymore! But yeah! I did feel guilty because I felt satisfied! And Judith? I met her in the library when she was borrowing a book. I was there because I was lost and I needed to find the teacher's lounge! She told her name to that librarian so I overheard her. And then, when she returned to her seat, I saw you sitting in front of her. I thought 'oh wow! That girl is cute! I'll find her after this.'. And then I met you so I thought 'what if I surprise her by mentioning her best friend's name'? So that's it! That's my story. And I'm really sorry that I made you to think that I was acting so strange. I wish that we were never met. So goodbye. I wont be seeing you anymore. So I'm hoping that you are happy because there's no strange guy in your life anymore," explained Flint.
  Listening to Flint's explanation, Ellie was defeated. She knew that she was wrong. She made the biggest mistake in her high school life. Oh she wished that she had never done such a foolish act!

  She thought about what Flint had said that morning. To think back, it was all her fault. Flint had nothing to do with Garrett's death and those weirds things that she had imagined. He was innocent. She remembered that she was praying to God so that God would show her that Flint was innocent. And now, He had granted her wish. She was cleaning the principal's office with the principal observing her.
  "I hope that you have learned your lesson Ms.Stone," said Mr.William.
  "I did Mr.William. And I promise to myself and God that I will never do that again. It was such an embarrassment," said Ellie.
  "It was indeed. Now finish your work. I'll be waiting for you in detention"
  Mr.William was gone, leaving Ellie alone in his office. As soon as she finished her spring cleaning, she went out from the office and walked to detention class. However, when she arrived at the class, there was nobody there. Mr.William was not there yet. Or he went to the restroom.

  Suddenly, she heard a thudding sound, echoing through the hallway. It was not so loud, but audible. She could swear that she heard a roar too. She went out to investigate. Where did that noise come from? "Hello? Mr.William?" There was no answer. It was kind of creepy when there was no one in the hallway. It was like a ghost town.
  There was it again! But this time it was a sound of scratching. What could be scratching the wall? It was coming from the Men's Restroom. Should she open the door? Maybe it was just Mr.William. She could get another strike if she found Mr.William in the restroom. But it was so quiet. Like there was no one else except her. She had to open the door. Before she could even reach the door, there was red liquid flowing out from beneath the door. She assumed that would be the disinfectant, but it didn't smell like disinfectant. It was blood. She was about to throw up but she held it and bravely, she opened the door. The door was opened, showing the corpse of Mr.William with his neck twisted and his eye balls popping out from the socket and his mouth was widely gaped. His intestines had been dug out from him and his ribcage was opened, showing his bloody lungs and his heart was on the floor, soaked in blood. "Aaaaarrgggghhhh!!!!!" screamed Ellie hysterically. Suddenly, a hand fell off from the ceiling. It was Mr.William's. That was not all. A monster was crawling on the ceiling, showing its long tongue, scabby skin and its freaky yellow eyes. It had sharp claws, three on each hands and its backbone was popping. It was indeed a scary monster. Without any further thinking, Ellie ran as fast as she could towards the exit. That monster was pursuing her from behind, leaping like a frog, from wall to wall, from ceiling to floor and crawling like a spider. She couldn't believe of what she had seen. But running was the best action before thinking in this situation.
  She had finally reached outdoor before the monster. Suddenly, she ran into someone that she knew. It was Flint. He was wearing his sports gear. "Woah! Woah! Ellie! Calm down!" said Flint. Ellie was shaking as if she had been staying in a freezer for too long. And she couldn't breathe normally. She was very scared.
  "Ellie! What happened in there!?" asked Flint.
  "Th.. Th.. Th.. There w.. w.. was a monster! It k.. ki.. killed Mr.William!" stuttered Ellie.
  "What? What are you saying?"
  "I... I... In th.. th.. there! M.. M... Monster!"
  "Okay you stay here, I'll go check"
  "No! No! It w.. will kill y.. you!"
  "Please let me go! I've gotta check if you said that Mr.William is in trouble!"
  "I.. I'll f.. follow! I'll follow! I'll follow you! I'll follow.. I'll follow"
  "Alright but stay calm. It's okay. There's nothing will hurt you"

  They entered the school to search for Mr.William. Ellie was embracing Flint's hand tightly and her eyes went wild. She was so scared to see that monster and she hoped she would never see it again.
  "Where is he again?" asked Flint.
  "In th.. the restroom. He's d.. dead. I s.. s.. saw him"
  "Okay, okay. Stay calm. We'll find him okay?" Flint thought she was imagining it. He thought that there was no monster in this world.
  They kept on walking to the restroom. Flint didn't believe that Mr.William was dead. He thought that Ellie was so tired so that she was hallucinating. But he started to believe her as he saw a pool of blood outside the restroom. "I.. In th.. th.. there!" said Ellie. They were getting closer to the door and Flint could smell the horrible stench of the flesh. "What could have done this?" whispered Flint. As soon as he opened the door, he saw the bloody corpse, which had been torn apart. This time, the lower torso was hanging on a sink. It had changed the body's position. Flint closed his mouth with his hand. Ellie was right. Mr.William was dead, brutally killed by something. A monster...

                                                           -TO BE CONTINUED-


  1. i want to red more! dang! you should make a book!

  2. Poor Mr. William...he shouldn't be murdered in that way..

  3. LOL! thanks for commenting guys!
    Janna : Yeah. I'm planning to do so..
    Helmi : Yeah. Tp nk wt cmne. A story must have a drama, so by hook or by crook. someone has to die. LOL!