Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 2

  Ellie saw Judith was playing with her pencil while digging her face into her opened book. She knew that Judith was tired. Judith was the most hardworking girl in her school. She used to study 24/7 and finished her assignments at the first day of summer. On top of that, she didn't really spend much time on summer. Her books were her life. Ellie knew that her friend never had time for shopping, gossiping, or chatting on Facebook. Once she coaxed her to do so, but Judith refused. Judith was not a boring girl. She made people wonder ; how did she live with all her books that she was carrying.
  Ellie sat next to Judith, waking her up because the class was almost starting. Then, Ellie found out that she wasn't sleeping at all. Judith was memorizing every point that she had read in that book. Quite an amazing girl.
  "Oh Ellie. Did you find anything at the cafeteria?" asked Judith.
  "Sorry, no. I was kind of busy with the principal," said Ellie.
  "Mr.William? What for?"
  "Nothing. It was not my business and either yours. I was guiding Flint to him"
  "Oh okay. Wait, who's this Flint?"
  Ellie was surprised by Judith's question. Then, how did Flint know about her?
  "Flint? Flint Gordon? Don't you know him?" explained Ellie.
  "No, I don't think so. Is he new here?"
  "Yeah, but? I thought you knew him. He said... Never mind"
  Ellie was confused. "Oh and tell Judith I said Hi, okay?" Flint's line was starting to confuse her. Or maybe Flint knew Judith from Facebook. After all, he did choose to join her class. But wait a second, Judith had NO Facebook.

  Suddenly, Mr.Harvard burst into the classroom and put his books onto his table. He was about to announce a news. However, Ellie was expecting that news. She knew what Mr.Harvard was going to tell the class. He looked pleased and calmer than before. Maybe he was happy that Flint was entering the class, so he could threw chalks at the new student. Maybe he was bored to throw chalks at the old students.
  "Good evening class. I have a news for all of you," announced Mr.Harvard.
  All students remained quiet and curious, wondering what was the wonderful news he was going to tell.
  "Today, we are welcoming a new student. His name is Flint Gordon. He is joining our class, so I hope you, students, can accept him here," continued Mr.Harvard. "Come in please, Mr.Gordon, and take your seat. Your seat is next to the globe"
  Flint was peeking his new classroom from outside. Then, shyly he entered the classroom and search for an empty seat next to the globe that Mr.Harvard was telling him about. Ellie then quickly told Judith that that was Flint she was talking about.
  "See? That's Flint Gordon I was telling you about," said Ellie.
  "I can see that," said Judith sarcastically.
  "Errh! Whatever!"

  At the end of the class, Ellie was heading to her locker. Suddenly, someone called her her by her name. She turned around and saw Flint running toward her. Was it so important until he had to run? He panted as he reached Ellie. Was it her or was there someone turning on 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift? His hair was fair and he had brown eyes and his face was flawless. She thought "Is this what people call 'Love at the first sight'?" She doubted it because she didn't know Flint so much.
  "Yes Flint?" she asked.
  "Err? I was wondering if you can go have a cup of coffee with me?" offered Flint.
  "Uh? Are you asking me out?"
  "Is it that obvious?"
  Ellie nodded. Was he for serious? Or maybe he just wanted to know her better. Or was it a date?
  "Um? I'm sorry if I startled you like this," said Flint shyly. "I'm sorry. I should go now," stuttered Flint.
  He was about to leave but Ellie grabbed his arm and stopped him from leaving her. He stopped and looked at his arm, being grabbed by Ellie. At first, he was shy. But then, he felt....
  "Wait. Maybe I can spend some times with you. I have nothing to do at home anyway," said Ellie.
  "Are you sure? It's okay if you don't feel comfortable about this. It's okay if you want to leave now," replied Flint.
  "No. It's okay. I'll be happy to"
  Flint smiled. Oh how excited Ellie was when she saw his smile. She felt her blood was pumping through her vein and she felt so relived. "Um? Can i have my hand back?" said Flint. Oh that was embarrassing! She didn't realize that she was still holding his hand. She let go of his hand, bashfully. "Um? I should go now. Meet me at 4 at Starbucks, okay?" said Flint again. Ellie nodded and she went away, leaving Flint behind.

  Unfortunately, Flint encountered with the bullies in the school when he was on the way to his locker. They were waiting for him in front of the restrooms. Leaning against their back on the wall, they were obviously up to no good. They confronted him, with a cynical expression.
  "So! This is the new student, huh?" said one of the bullies. His name was Garrett.
  "He looks like a son of a garbage trucker," said Jesse.
  With his bravery, Flint spoke "Look guys, I don't want any trouble. I just started here"
  "Well, well, well. Look who's talking? Newbies should know that we rule here. There's no one could bring us down"
  "The only one who rules this school is Mr.William! And it is degrading Mr.William if you said you are the one who rules the school!"
  Garrett, the big boss, grabbed him by the collar and warned him "You better watch your mouth! Black people shouldn't rule anything in America! It's me who rules this school and you better know it or else!"
  "Watch me!" said Flint bravely.
  Garrett threw him on the floor and stepped on Flint's neck. "You're brave. But not for long," Garrett warned him. They left Flint on the floor. Everyone looked at Flint, trying to help but too scared of Garrett. So they just continued with their routines. "Fuck you!" yelled Flint while punching the floor.

  Garrett was a captain of their school's basketball team. He wondered around the gym while waiting for his teammates. Unfortunately, he wasn't a patient boy. He loved to be waited not waiting for someone. It was quiet. Of course it was. The school session had ended. Suddenly, he heard someone was entering the gym. "Finally!" he yelled. However when he turned around, there was no one in sight. He was alone in the gym. Strange, he swore he heard someone walked through that door. "Hello?" he yelled. "Is anyone there?" But no one answered. But wait, there was someone under the bench. He was staring at Garrett under there. "Hey! Come out here and practice now!" However that guy didn't budge. He stayed under there. Garrett, angrily, strutted toward the bench. However, when he looked behind the bench, there was no one there. It was dark and dirty and dusty under there. "Shit! This guy is fooling around with me!" said Garrett angrily. But as he looked up, there was a monster, looking straight into his eyes. The monster was hideous! It had yellow eyes and a very long tongue! Its face was scabby and it had scruffy hair. Garrett was astonished to see the monster and he was about to run away. Unfortunately, it was too late. The monster had pounced on him and ripped off his flesh from his neck. Garrett was speechless, in agonizing pain. Blood had sprayed everywhere. He was dead, and couldn't give any alarm that he was under attack. His body was soaked with his own blood. The monster leaped away and disappeared.

  Jesse entered the gym while saying his sorry that he was late. He could think that Garrett will give him a flushy after this. But he didn't mind. At least Garrett wouldn't cast him away from the team. But...
  "Garrett, I'm so sorry dude! I have some problems with my girlfriend!" he said. But Garrett couldn't be found. Jesse spotted a pool of blood next to the bench and he was curious whose blood was it. So he went to examined. He was in shock when he saw Garrett's body drowned in his own blood, with his eyes bulged and his mouth widely opened. His neck was ravaged and there was blood everywhere. He was obviously dead. "Oh my God, Garrett!!"

  Ellie and Flint was talking inside Starbucks Cafe. They seemed to enjoy themselves, knowing each other. Flint loved to see Ellie's brunette hair and her hazel green eyes. She was totally a beautiful lady.
  "Flint! You're so funny! I can't believe you would make that kind of joke!" said Ellie.
  "You're not bad too, Ellie. I never met a girl like you. You're so different," said Flint.
  "Haha! I'm not who you think I am. Say, where was your previous school?"
  "This is my first time studying in a school. My adopted mother taught me. I lived in a countryside so it was hard to find a school. But thank God my adopted mom was highly educated."
  "Oh. You were adopted?"
  "Yeah. But my adopted parents died in a car accident when I was celebrating my 15th birthday"
  "Oh God! I'm so sorry! I didn't know"
  "It's okay, Ellie. I'm living with my adopted grandparents now. They said that I have to turn over a new leaf"
  "That's amazing!" she was curious. "Can I ask you something? If you don't want to answer it, then it's alright"
  "What is it? Just ask me anything"
  "Do you know your biological parents?"
  Flint's expression had changed. Whether he was uncomfortable with the question or he was sad to review his history.
  "I don't know. I never found them. My adopted parents said that I was found at a graveyard. No one knows who my parents are"
  "Oh. I'm sorry. That's so sad. But it's okay. I'll be your friend okay?" said Ellie while holding Flint's hand. Flint smiled once more and he was happy that he got a new friend, a friend who was as nice as Ellie.
  "I like it when you hold my hand," he said.
  Ellie laughed when she heard that. Suddenly, her phone rang loudly. It was a text message from Judith. She was in shock when she read the text. Flint saw her face and he wanted to know what was wrong.
  "Is there something wrong, Ellie?"
  "Oh my. Garrett is dead!"

                                                         -TO BE CONTINUED-

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