Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 1

  She didn't know what she was doing. All she knew that her problems were behind her. Her name was Ellie. She had a rough time with her assignments last summer. But now, she was finally free from them, except for one assignment. She was in the school library, flicking every pages of her History text book. As far as she concerned, she never liked History lesson. Her only reasons were ; it was boring, her teacher was boring. Her friend was sitting in front her and she knew that Ellie had nothing to accomplish and was totally bored of History.
  "Ellie? If you don't feel like studying History, you can go now," said Judith.
  "What choices do I have? If Mr.Harvard finds out that I never done any of my assignment, I'll be dead by tomorrow," said Ellie.
  "I've been observing you since we got in here. You don't study at all"
  "Yeah, that's because I'm so bored and have nothing else to do! I mean, who cares about History anyway?"
  "I do"
  Ellie glared at Judith. She was upset and bored and annoyed by Judith. She was waiting for the bell eagerly. She could not wait for the recess bell to ring. Actually there was nothing interesting about the cafeteria. She just wanted to escape from learning History. She could do it later, in her bed while sipping lemonade and chatting on her Facebook.
  The bell finally rang. She could not describe how happy she was at that moment. No more History. History was history.
  "Huh! Finally! Want to grab something at the cafeteria?" she asked Judith.
  "Nah! You go ahead. I'll be in class after this. Meet me there, kay?"
  "Sure, cool. I'll meet you there."

  She was on the way to the cafeteria and suddenly she ran into a guy and forced her to drop all of her books. The books scattering on the floor. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" yelled Ellie. That guy quickly collected her books on the floor and gave it back to her. Suddenly, Ellie's intention to be mad at the guy was gone. She was amazed by the guy's looks and his chivalry.
  "I'm so sorry. I'm in a hurry," the guy spoke.
  "Th.. That's okay. Say, I never seen you before. Are you new here?" said Ellie.
  "Umm? Yeah. I was looking for the principal office. Can you show me where it is?"
  "Err.. I'm on my way to the cafeteria but I think I can spare some times for you"
  "Thanks a lot, err?"
  He seemed nice and Ellie started to like his politeness. He was introducing himself but Ellie was still amazed by his looks and left the guy to stare at Ellie. And then, she returned to Earth.
  "Oh! I'm Ellie, Ellie Stone"
  "I'm Flint Gordon"
  "Oh okay. Umm? Can we go now? 'cause I'm kind of rushing right now"
  "Sure, no problem"
  So Ellie lead Flint to the principal office. She wondered what was Flint's business to see the principal. She assumed that he wanted to get the principal's permission to join a classroom.

  And now there she was and Flint in front of the principal's desk. She thought of leaving Flint with the principal, alone but she was curious about Flint. So she stayed with him. The principal was black and fat. He looked like a man who watched football and ate chicken wings every night. His name was Mr.William. He looked at Flint pleasantly.
  "Ahh! Mr.Gordon! I was expecting your presence! Have you found the class you want to join?" said Mr.William.
  "Yes and I've met the class teacher for approval and he said that I must seek for your permission," explained Flint.
  "Very well then. Uh.." Mr.William stopped as he saw that Ellie was standing behind Flint and was doing absolutely nothing. She supposed to be in the cafeteria as he wondered. "Miss Stone, what is your business here?"
  "Oh! Umm? Nothing! Umm? He is new. So.. I'm his guide. So.. Yeah.." explained Ellie.
  Mr.William stared at Ellie, confusingly. Ellie turned her head away to evade any sudden questions from him.
  "Where were we?" asked Mr.William.
  "I was asking for your permission. You need to sign this," said Flint.
  "Oh yes! Hand me that paper please?" Mr.William examined the paper while holding his pen. "Class 10A. You are with Miss Stone here. Miss Stone?"
  "Mm? Yes sir?" said Ellie.
  "Did you or did you not influence Mr.Gordon to join you?"
  Why did he say that? Ellie was wondering if the principal thought that she was the one who dragged Flint to her classroom just to flirt with him. Usually, her principal thought that way.
  "No I didn't! I just met him and he was wandering around to search for your office and I didn't have a clue that he was going into my class," babbled Ellie.
  "Very well then. Mr.Gordon, welcome to McKinley High!" he signed on Flint's approval letter.

  At the hallway, Flint was still with Ellie. Ellie didn't understand her feeling. She felt happy that Flint was going into her class. For some reason, she felt that she knew Flint.
  "So Ellie, congratulation! You just got yourself a new classmate!" said Flint.
  "There's no need to congratulate me but I'm happy that you're going into my class," replied Ellie.
  "Hey, I thought you were rushing to the cafeteria?"
  "It's okay. It's not like I'm getting a new classmate everyday"
  "Haha! Well, it's true. Hey, I'm going to the teacher's lounge to give this to Mr.Harvard. I'll see you in class! Oh and tell Judith I said Hi, okay?"
  "Will do Flint! See you later!"
  Then, Ellie remembered something. Something that she never told Flint about. How did Flint know about Judith? She never told him about her. She turned around to search for Flint. However, Flint was no longer in sight. Rationally, Ellie thought that Flint and Judith had met before. Maybe Judith knew Flint before she did.

                                                          -TO BE CONTINUED-


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  2. LOL! i will but wait until I post the news on FB k? just keep waiting.. LOL! thnx again Janna! God Bless You!

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