Monday, May 30, 2011

A Demon's Child - Part 5

  Horror. The only word that Ellie could describe the incident that she had experienced. Mr. William’s body was being investigated by the CSI unit in the restroom. Truthfully, the CSI unit had never seen such a crime like this. It was totally a vicious one. It was almost dark. Dusk. Ellie was wrapped around a thick cotton blanket. She was sitting inside an ambulance with Flint. She had just finished her checkup. A medic told Flint that she didn’t suffer from any injuries; she was only in shock and needed some time to rest and clear her mind. Ellie was petrified. For her, this was the most traumatic experience that she ever had.
  “Ellie, the medic said that you have nothing to worry about,” said Flint.
  “… Can u feel it?”
  Flint couldn’t feel anything, and apparently, he was in shock too. But not as serious as Ellie.
  “Can you feel how inhuman it was?” asked Ellie again.
  “… Yes. I do,” answered Flint.
  “Am I next, Flint? Am I the next person to be murdered?” asked Ellie.
  Flint looked into her eyes. Her terrified eyes, marinated with her tears. He knew that she was so scared.
  “What do you mean by ‘next’?” said Flint confusedly.
  “I saw… I saw the monster… It stared me in the eyes. And I looked at it,” said Ellie.
  “No… You’re not next. Nobody is next. The monster is long gone. It will not be chasing you again,” Flint was trying to comfort Ellie. However, he knew that would be a difficult task. Even though he wasn’t the one who saw the monster, but he knew that the monster killed Mr.William. Ellie continued to cry. There was no other way, except to wrap his hands around Ellie to soothe her.

  Detective Stone saw his daughter was being embraced by a guy. He used to be protective, but seeing her being soothed by a guy, he knew that was the precise act to calm her down. He approached both of them to see what he could do as a father.
  “Ellie, how are you?” asked Det. Stone.
  “Dad, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t give much information about this. I didn’t know what to say,” said Ellie in tears.
  “It’s okay girl. You have to calm down. There is nothing to be afraid of,” he replied. Then, he talked to Flint. “You”
  “I’m Flint, sir. Flint Gordon,” introduced Flint.
  “Yeah, Flint. Take my daughter home and turn on some cartoons to calm her down. I’ve some cartoons in the drawer, but don’t say any words about this anymore. Alright, son?” said Det.Stone.
  “Yes, sir. Will do sir”
  “This is the key to the house. Take her home now. I don’t want her to be involved in this case anymore” he turned around and shouted at a policeman “Powell!” The policeman ran towards Det.Stone.
  “Yes, sir?” said Powell.
  “Give these guys a ride to my house, immediately.”
  “Yes, sir. Come on kids”
  Ellie and Flint followed the policeman to the patrol car. Less than a minute, Det. Stone watched the patrol car disappeared into the dark road. He sighed. “God, why are you doing this to my daughter,” whispered Det.Stone.

  At the porch of the house, Flint was choosing the correct key to enter the house. It was already dark, so he couldn’t see very well. Finally, he could open the door with a golden key. However, before they could enter the house, someone called Ellie in the dark. It was Judith. Ellie could recognize her ponytail.
  “Ellie!” yelled Judith.
  “Judith!” said Ellie with a sulky voice. She cried again.
  Judith hugged Ellie as tight as she could, trying to calm her down. She tapped her hand on Ellie’s head. “It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s over” said Judith. But before she could go on, Flint interrupted “Girls I think we should go inside now. It’s dark out here” Flint was right. It was totally dark outside, but visible because of the moonlight and the street lamp not far from there. Flint flicked on the light switch on the wall. The living room was quite huge, with an L-shaped sofa in front of the LCD plasma television, coffee table which made from 100% invulnerable glass, and there was a crystal-like chandelier above the finely made dining table. Ellie was rich, but the way she dressed,pink long-sleeved cotton shirt and black skirt, she didn't look like one. Maybe she didn't like to brag.

  Flint went to the wooden drawer under the TV to look for the cartoons. Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Spongebob Squarepants and other cartoons that he didn't recognize. Ellie was a fan of cartoon, he guessed. He pushed Spongebob Squarepants's DVD into the disc slot and as soon the TV was turned on, the show started.
  "It was awful, Judith! I saw it with my own eyes! It was vicious! It was cruel!" exclaimed Ellie.
  "I know, I know. It's over, don't you worry about it okay?" said Judith.
  Flint remembered about Det.Stone's warning. "Judith, can I talk to you?" said Flint. Judith looked at Flint, knowing that it was important by looking at his expression. "Yes, sure," replied Judith. Leaving Ellie alone to watch Spongebob, they went into the kitchen and talked about the warning.
  "Judith, Det.Stone said do not let Ellie talks about this incident. So please, I beg you, stop her before she tells about it," said Flint.
  "Yeah, I know. But I couldn't say 'no' if she wants to talk to me," said Judith.
  "I know it's hard. But try, okay? She's in terrible shock from seeing Mr.William body like that. It was horrible"
  "Hm.. I'll try"
  "Thanks. It's just..." he stopped and started to sniff. He smelled something. He couldn't remember where did he smell it before, but he recognize it.
  "Are you okay?" said Judith.
  "Yeah... It's just that... Do you smell something?" asked Flint.
  "No. What is it?"
  "I smell... Blood..."
  "I don't smell anything"
  He ended the conversation and went to the kitchen window and looked outside. However, there was nothing there. It was dark and he saw nothing but trees. He didn't feel good about the stench. "Let's go back to the living room. I don't feel good about this. Come on," said Flint. 

  In the living room, Ellie was still watching the show. She looked cute when she was watching the cartoon, Flint thought. He was feeling happy to see that Ellie was recovering. He felt relieved. He came close to Ellie and put his hand around her. She smiled, meaning she had put those terrible memory behind her. He smiled too. Both of them were smiling and looking into each other's eyes. Ellie found out that Flint was absolutely innocent. He helped her. He was her hero. If it wasn't for him, she would be like Mr.William. She was so grateful that she had a friend like Flint. Was 'friend' the correct word? Was it beyond 'friendship'? She thought, it was time to upgrade their relationship.
  "Enjoying the show?" asked Flint.
  "Yeah," said Ellie. She remembered that she had something to do. Something important. "Flint. I'm really, terribly..." Before she could finish her saying. Flint interrupted.
  "Don't worry about it. I don't blame you at all. I forgive you," said Flint. He caressed Ellie's silky hair.
  Judith was watching them from the dining table. She felt like she was watching Titanic. She was so touched to see how Flint took care of Ellie. She thought, Flint was the best for Ellie. But wait, it was inappropriate for her to stay there. They probably wanted some privacy together.
  "Um? Guys? I should probably look for food in the refrigerator," lied Judith.
  "Uh? Okay. Um? Judith?" said Ellie.
  "Can you make me a peanut butter sandwich for me? I'm hungry," explained Ellie.
  "Yeah, sure. You guys have fun watching Spongebob okay?"
  Judith disappeared into the kitchen, leaving them alone in the living room.

  Smiling. That was their trademarks in this relationship. Somehow, right now, Ellie found that Flint's lips were irresistible. His smile really calmed her down. Flint looked so charming and she couldn't turn her head, even for a millisecond. Her heart beat was beating faster. Was she nervous? Or was she feeling confused?
  "Flint, thank you," said Ellie.
  "It was nothing Ellie. A friend helps his friend, right? It was my job to take care of you," replied Flint.
  "You risked your life... For me"
  "I will do anything for you Ellie. As long as you happy and safe"
  Their heads were approaching to each other. Closer and closer. Their lips were connecting, almost in contact. Just a bit more, a centimeter more.
  Glass shattering. They were astonished to hear that racket. They stood up quickly and Ellie held Flint's hand tightly, just like she did before. Their eyes went wild, observing cautiously. 
  It was Judith. Something was not right. Something went wrong in the kitchen. Flint couldn't just stand there like a fool. He must examine the kitchen and save Judith.
  "Judith!" screamed Ellie.
  "Ellie let me go! I have to save her!" said Flint bravely.
  "But what if..."
  "Hide yourself!"
  Ellie let go of Flint's hand. Flint, slowly, went into the kitchen to search for Judith. But as soon as he arrived at the kitchen, there was no one and nothing there. Except broken glasses. The kitchen window had been smashed by something. Suddenly, there was something hideous crept into the kitchen from the broken window. It was the monster that Ellie mentioned about. He stood there stationary, astonished. He couldn't move a single muscle because he was too scared. His eyes bulged to see the monster. The monster crept up to the ceiling while glaring at Flint. It let its long tongue out, hanging from its mouth, Its claws was covered in blood. From that moment, Flint knew that Judith was killed by the monster. "Flint!" screamed Ellie from the living room. "Run, Flint run!" If he stood there, the monster would easily kill him and probably kill Ellie, he thought. With nothing to lose, he ran towards Ellie and grabbed her hand and burst out from the house.

  They ran into the forest. Flint was still new at this place so he wasn't really sure where he was going. The forest was pitch dark and it was misty beneath them. "Keep running forward! There's a biker pub at the end of the forest! We can ask for their help. Here! Follow me!" said Ellie. Now she was the one leading Flint. They were sprinting as if they didn't understand the word exhausted. They weren't holding hands anymore. Whether they were confused or holding hands were slowing them down. They didn't care. As long as both of them would be safe. 

  Suddenly, Ellie felt like she was running alone. She was right as she looked back, Flint was gone. The mist was thick and she couldn't find Flint anywhere. "Ellie!" She heard Flint screaming her name. However, it sounded so far away. "Flint! I'm right here!" There was no answer. "Flint!" Silence. Wait. What was that noise? It sounded squishy and she could hear that it was above her. She kept on running, afraid that the monster would get her if she stayed so long. She suddenly felt tired and she leaned on a tree to catch her breath. She felt that her left shoulder was wet, soaked with slimy liquid. She touched it and it was sticky and stinky. It was coming from above. She looked up and there it was, crawling down the tree. She moved but didn't move far. The monster was very fast. And now, she was trapped between the big rocks. She was cornered. The monster crept closer and sticked its tongue out gallantly. "Please don't hurt me!" begged Ellie. The monster didn't care. It leaped at her, just like a hungry wolf. WHAAMM! Suddenly, the monster fell on the ground and lay still. It wasn't dead but it fell unconscious, giving her time to run. But why did the monster fall? It was Flint! He struck the monster's head with a piece of tree trunk. Ellie was so glee to see Flint. He saved her again! "Come on! We better hurry before that monster wakes up!" said Flint while offering his hand to Ellie. Ellie took his hand and stood up. They continued to flee away from the monster.

  Bikers were glaring at them in the pub. They didn't like to see anyone burst into their pub freely. They must be well known bikers or they would be casted out from the pub. However, it was strange to see dirty teenagers, panting at the door. "What are yer doing here kids?" said the bar tender. He was kind of fat with tattoos on his both arm. He had a long beard and long brown hair and a patched eye.
  "We need help! Our friend has been killed by a monster!" said Ellie.
  "Ey monster? Are yer trying to make fun of us kids?" said the bartender.
  "By monster she meant someone ya fool!" said one of the bikers.
  The bar tender grinned. "Yer think this is ey police station kids? We no helpers! But we do have guns if yer like," said the bartender grimly.
  "We just thought if we stay here, we will be safe. We need your help! Some maniac is after us! To kill us!" said Flint.
  "I'll see what I can do lad. But if yer willing to give the girl to me"
  Some of the bikers stood up while grinning at them. Flint knew that coming here was a very bad idea. He'd rather confront the monster than these 'monsters'.
  "Look guys. We are trying to find help. We don't want another problem," said Flint.
  "Are yer scared kids? You should be lad"
  While Flint was talking to them to protect Ellie, Ellie heard something outside. Just like the sound she heard in the woods. She turned her head, slowly. There was it again! Outside! It saw Ellie looking at it through the pub's door. It took its position to start leaping again. "Flint! Look out!" screamed Ellie while pushing Flint to the floor. The monster leapt while spreading its claws, It burst into the pub and clawed one of the bikers neck. It had decapitated one of the bikers. Blood sprayed on the bartender's face. "What the fuck is that!?" screamed the bartender. The monster leapt everywhere and killed anyone who got in its way. The pub had become a slaughter house. It was a total havoc. The bartender returned to the bar to get his shotgun. He shot continuously but none of it hit the monster. The monster was still out loose. The monster kept killing all the people in the bar. Decapitation, neck ravaging, impaling and more leaping. It was a massacre.

  Flint and Ellie were still on the floor, taking cover. Then, in the madness, Flint saw a key on the table. He stood up and quickly grabbed the key and ran out of there with Ellie. He tried the key on every bike that had parked outside the pub. Some didn't fit the keyhole. Some did fit but he couldn't turn the engine on. At last, the key worked on one of the bike, painted in black with flaming shape. "Hop on!" yelled Flint in hurry. The bike roared as he pressed the engine. They left without thinking about the bikers's safety.

  The road was dark, the only light that could assist them was the bike's light. "There! Go into the forest! You'll find a small road that will lead us to the police station! It's a shortcut!" explained Ellie. Flint did what she asked him to do. She was right. There was a small road in the forest. But he had to be careful. He might hit the trees. Suddenly, something jumped out of the darkness and stood proudly in front of them. Not again! It was the monster! Flint dodged the monster by turning the handle. And he rushed into the woods. He heard that Ellie was screaming from behind, worried that they might hit a tree. But they didn't expecting a huge log in front of them. "Look out!" Flint accidentally hit it and the bike's front tyre disintegrated. The bike was like a catapult, throwing Flint and Ellie into the air, Ellie fell hard on her back. She didn't know where Flint was now. Was she dying? Her vision was blurry. Everything was so unclear. She couldn't see very much. She couldn't move, or scream. She lay still on the cold ground, waiting for Death to come and take her. All of a sudden, but she wasn't really sure, an entity was right above her, looking at her. She knew it was the monster. She didn't want to feel the pain of her death. She closed her eyes, tightly and had given up. It was time to put an end here.

                                                               -TO BE CONTINUED-

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